Cards Against Humanity Gets a Family Friendly Edition for Free to Play During Lockdown

If the novelty of having the entire family at home is wearing a bit thin, help is at hand thanks to Cards Against Humanity that is releasing its family edition early and it's totally free. Read More >>

Black Friday
Exploding Kittens’ Bonkers Card Games Are On Offer for Black Friday

As you might expect from a company called Exploding Kittens LLC, there are some quite unusual card game ideas in this particular Black Friday sale. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
Why It Matters That Human Poker Pros Are Getting Trounced By an AI

We’re at the halfway point of the epic 20-day, 150,000-hand “Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence” Texas Hold’em Poker tournament, and a machine named Libratus is trouncing a quartet of professional human players. Should the machine maintain its substantial lead — currently at $701,242 (£560,000) — it will be considered a major milestone in the history of AI. Here’s why. Read More >>