Cards Against Humanity Gets a Family Friendly Edition for Free to Play During Lockdown

If the novelty of having the entire family at home is wearing a bit thin, help is at hand thanks to Cards Against Humanity that is releasing its family edition early and it's totally free. Read More >>

Cards Against Humanity Just Bought Satirical News Site Clickhole

Cards Against Humanity is one of the better known adult/humour card games, and with that fame they've been able to spend money on some truly random stuff over the years. Pieces of the US/Mexico border (plus lawyers) to try and fight Trump's border wall, an island in Maine that was renamed 'Hawaii 2', and so on. And now it's gone and bought Clickhole, a satirical news website that was founded to be The Onion's take on clickbait-centric websites. Read More >>

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10 of the Best Card Games for Adults

It's your turn to host games night, and you've already exhausted our entire list of the best party videogames. Time for something a little more analogue, a little more old-school, and in some cases, a lot more obscene. Read More >>

Cards Against Humanity Writers Fight Computer AI For Their Jobs

The Cards Against Humanity team are known for their Black Friday stunts. In the past they have dug a hole to nowhere and sold new products every 10 minutes. They even went after Trump's border wall once. Read More >>

black friday
Cards Against Humanity’s Black Friday Sale Has 99% Off Cars, Holidays, Toilets…

If there's one company guaranteed to do something off-the-wall for Black Friday, it's those pranksters at 'the party game for horrible people', Cards Against Humanity. Read More >>

Tired of Your Day Job? You Could Earn £££ Working from Home With Cards Against Humanity

As someone who is able to work from home, it is a pretty sweet deal. I can roll out of bed five minutes before I'm supposed to start work, pop to the shops whenever I need to, and not physically interact with another human being for days at a time. Not everyone has that luxury, but the lovably offensive makers of Cards Against Humanity could make it a reality for you. As long as you're good at writing CAH cards. Read More >>

Cards Against Humanity Sells Out Promotion to Screw Up Donald Trump’s Border Wall in First Day

Cards Against Humanity, the nerd-beloved party game which asks players to respond to a variety of Mad Lib-style prompts with extremely offensive words and phrases, is famous for promotions like selling unsuspecting fans boxes of literal shit. This year, it’s upping the ante (and paying for goodwill with well-meaning liberals who might otherwise feel bad about playing it) with a six-part, $15 holiday promotion claiming to earn participants a role in the #Resistance. Read More >>

Card Against Humanity Had the Best Black Friday Rip Off [Updated]

Black Friday is a day where supermarkets and retail chains do their damnedest to make you swarm through the doors to spend money on stuff you don't need. But no matter what retailers did, their tactics have got nothing on Cards Against Humanity. Read More >>

You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity Online With Anyone, Free

When Cards Against Humanity was first released to the world, it was made available under a Creative Commons license that meant that anyone could simply print our their own copy of the game. Or, as designer Dawson Whitfield did, turn it into an online browser-based web app so that anyone can play it against their friends using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Read More >>