Skoda Reckons You Can Craftily Charge Your Kids for Their Next Lift

Ever felt like it’s you, not your kids being taken for a ride when it comes to giving them lifts? Carmaker Skoda has come up with the Parent Taxi app, which aims to draw a line in the sand when it comes to running children around, especially during the holidays. Instead of being driven from A to B with no charge, Skoda thinks its app offers up a prime opportunity for you to claw back lost time from your own life by getting payment in chores. Read More >>

Security Researcher’s ‘NULL’ Personalised Number Plates Cause Glitch That Lands Him Nearly £10,000 in Parking Tickets

You can’t put a price tag on the value of sticking it to the man—specifically, trying to own an official surveillance system. Except maybe when you are owned right back. Read More >>

MPs Asked to Ban Hands-Free Mobile Use While Driving

People with cars clever enough to connect to their mobiles and intercept calls like you're piloting a starship Enterprise shuttle rather than a Skoda Octavia may end up not being able to do so in the future, as a safety-themed committee of MPs has recommended expanding the list of things you can't do with your phone while driving to include talking on it – even in hands-free mode. Read More >>

UK Electric Car Sales Rocket in Their Own Little Way

Car sales data for the month of July is predictably all over the place, with sales of diesel-engined models continuing to plummet and recording a 22 per cent year-on-year decline; but pure electric vehicles have exploded, sort of, and recorded a 158 per cent increase over 2018's new owner numbers. Read More >>

Telsa’s Dog Mode Hasn’t Been a Good Boy

Back in February Tesla introduced a Dog Mode to help owners safely leave their dogs in the car through temperature regulation and monitoring. Read More >>

News of an Employee’s Death at a Tesla Facility Renews Focus on Company’s History of Safety Concerns

Tesla confirmed Tuesday that the body of one of its employees was found at the company’s Gigfactory last week and police are currently investigating the incident, Business Insider reported. Read More >>

Electric Dream: The Red Hot Lotus Evija Hypercar That Costs a Cool £2 Million

Everything about the Lotus Evija is wild, from its outlandish styling through to its extortionate price tag. Only 130 will be built and each one will cost, er, £2,000,000 plus. That’s a lot of cash but, as you can see from the images, you get a lot of car too. Read More >>

What it Really Takes to Make Renault’s F1 Cars Go Fast

It’s hardly surprising Renault gave us a high-performance Megane 220 RS model so we could rock up at the Renault F1 team headquarters in deepest Oxfordshire. The car drives like a go-kart, and takes us through the sharp countryside curves like it’s on rails before spitting us out in the car park of Enstone. Read More >>

Man Jailed for Suspected Cheating on Driving Test

A man from Guildford has been jailed for the crime of wearing a Bluetooth earpiece while taking the theory element of his driving test. The inference being that the spoken parts of the test could be heard by an outsider, who'd then feed the examinee the correct answers. Jesus, just buy the bloody Highway Code book. Read More >>

Government Bungs Land Rover a £500m Promise to Guarantee EV Production

The government is vaguely state-aiding Jaguar Land Rover's ambitions to build its future EVs in the UK, and is to guarantee a loan of £500m in order to reassure investors and the buyers of its middle-aged-people-carriers that the carmaker is not going anywhere. Especially not down any drains or being sold to Sports Direct. Read More >>

This Time Next Year We’ll Be in a Crowd-Funded Three-Wheeler EV, Rodney

Electric car fans around the world are racing to back the latest quirky EV, say the makers of the Nobe 100, and that must be true as the crowd-funding campaign is currently sitting on a target of £64. Read More >>

Mini Electric Revealed Ahead of 2020 Launch

After years of concepts and design misdirection, BMW has finally revealed the final retail form of its pure electric Mini. And it's going to be called the Mini Electric with a corresponding yellow E hidden on the bodywork detailing, lest you forget and try to flood it with petrol in the Asda car park. Read More >>

At Least One (1) Car Company Agrees to Keep Manufacturing in the UK For a While

Jaguar Land Rover has a little bit of good news for the UK's besieged car manufacturing industry: it isn't abandoning the country. It will, to coin a phrase, remain. JLR is to build at least one of its future all-electric vehicles at its Castle Bromwich facility, safeguarding thousands of skilled jobs in the area. Read More >>

Kia Sells a Magic Pocket to Stop Your Car Getting Hacked Away

Kia thinks its owners are worried about having their wireless car keys hacked and their beloved Ceeds driven away while they sleep off the spaghetti and wine, and has launched its own branded take on the signal-blocking Faraday pouch. Read More >>