Dyson Might Have Three Electric Cars in the Works

Electric cars are big business, especially in a world increasingly aware of the impact pollution from car emissions can have on the environment. Now a slightly unlikely name is reportedly hoping to make a transition into the industry: Dyson, a company best known for making vacuum cleaners and those weird hand dryers. Read More >>

Transport for London Has New Rules for Uber and Other Ride-Sharing Services

Transport for London has just released a brand new policy statement for ride-sharing services operating in the city, including Uber. A lot of the stuff in the six-page document is just a rehash of old regulations, but some of it will mean some changes might be needed - including things like better driver conditions, better accessibility for passengers, and an option for women-only rides with UberPool and other similar services. Read More >>

Land Rover Charges £6,230 for Recycled Bottle Seat Covers

The Venn diagram that shows people who own high-end Land Rovers and people who care about their impact on environment is pretty low on space in the middle intersection of the seemingly disparate circles, but for those fortunate few there's a new, massively expensive conscience-easer on sale -- recycled plastic seat covers. For your Range Rover. For an extra six grand. Read More >>

Kids Not Allowed to Drive are Being Banned From Driving

Analysis of the number of driving bans handed out in the UK last year has revealed that a huge number of kids are getting caught behind the wheels of cars, then finding themselves banned from doing something they're not supposed to be doing anyway. Read More >>

Uber Rolls Out Feature That Limit Drivers to Breezy, Pleasant 12-Hour Shifts

Uber has implemented a mandate that its drivers must take at least six hours of time off every time they work at least 12 consecutive hours, the Washington Post reported on Monday, as part of an initiative to crack down on drowsy driving that might result in potentially deadly crashes. Read More >>

Jeremy Clarkson and The Grand Tour Admit Many Nice Things About the Tesla Model X

Last week was a big week for Elon Musk, and his electric car company. Not just because they blasted one of the cars into space with The Stig in tow, but also because the Model X got reviewed on The Grand Tour. It's been ten years since Jeremy Clarkson reviewed a Tesla car, and it may surprise some people to note that he had many a nice thing to say about it. Read More >>

If You Could Bring Elon Musk’s Tesla Back From Space, Would it Still Work?

Yesterday's SpaceX launch was spectacular, making the Falcon Heavy the most powerful rocket in the world and wowing us with the synchronised landings of the side boosters. Yadda yadda, historic space stuff. But the payload was Musk’s own Tesla roadster with a spacesuit-wearing dummy in the driver’s seat. Read More >>

France Could Fine Smartphone Use While Driving, Even if You’re Parked Up

Apparently France is having an issue with car accidents at the moment, so it's taken to blaming everyone's favourite scapegoats. No, not millennials, the smartphone. A French court has declared it's illegal use a smartphone while you're sitting in the drivers's seat of a car, even if you've pulled over somewhere safe. Read More >>

Airbus Has Finished the First Test of Vahana, its Autonomous Air Taxi

The idea of the flying car has been thrown around for as long as cars have been around, but no one's been able to make it work. Recently attempts have shifted towards using giant autonomous drones as a flying vehicle of sorts, and Airbus has just finished its first successful test. Read More >>

New Driverless Car Trial Will Involve a 200-Mile Trip Across the UK

The government wants driverless cars on British roads by 2021, which is only three years away (blimey). So everyone needs to get a move on if they want to make that happen, and a new driverless car trial seems to be the next step. It'll involve a 200-mile journey across the UK, with cars self-navigating a range of driving conditions including high-speed roundabouts, motorways, and country roads. Read More >>

Now BP is Adding EV Chargers to its Petrol Stations

Adoption of electric cars is on the rise, and as expected the petrol companies are capitalising on it by installing charging points at their petrol stations. So they can earn money from fossil fuel absconders, naturally, and also because the government might force them to. Read More >>

The Department of Transport Wants to Let Road Users Report Accidents Online

As things are at the moment, any road accidents need to be reported to the police. Serious accidents require you to call 999, and less serious bumps mean you need to head to a police station within 24 hours. The Department of Transport wants to change that, however, with a new consultation looking into the prospect of letting road users report their accidents online. Read More >>

Highways Agency Wants to Ban Cyclists From Popular Bit of Road

The Highways Agency is currently running a consultation with locals about what to do with a complicated road problem. The problem being a 10-mile stretch of the A63, where cyclists come to its smooth surface and gentle undulations to attack time trial records while cars whizz past at 70mph. Read More >>

Teens Abandon Car Ownership Fantasy

Stats looking at the numbers of driving licences held by young people appear to suggest that the roads of the future might start magically emptying of traffic all by themselves, with 40 per cent fewer teenagers holding a driving licence now than 20 years ago. Read More >>

Scientists Carbon-Shame Your Meat Sandwich

Researchers at the University of Manchester have some more bad news for you and that soggy assembly of low-grade meats you're about to consume -- it's bad for the environment as well as your insides. Read More >>