Aston Martin Prepares James Bond’s Wife’s Car for Manufacture in Wales

That headline's not far from the truth for once, as Aston Martin's new DBX SUV was designed by the company with one particular ideal customer in mind -- a mother and business owner in her 40s, called Charlotte. "Ah, Mrs Bond," says the boss of the exclusive Kensington nursery on one morning in early September. "We've been expecting you. You can't park that there." Read More >>

Car Thieves Caught by Instagramming Poses With Their Stolen Rides

Police have apprehended a group of car thieves in Leeds, after the criminals made the enormous and hilariously modern error of posing with their stolen vehicles for boastful social media images. Read More >>

Elon Musk Says Brexit is Why a Battery Gigafactory is Coming to Germany, and Not the UK

Recently we heard from some of those expert types that the UK really needs a big factory to keep up with demand for electric car batteries - because right now we're not doing so well. As it turns out Tesla-superowner Elon Musk had considered building a battery gigafactory here, but Brexit meant he chose Germany instead. Read More >>

Why You’ll Be Sitting More Comfortably on Ford’s 3D Knitted Seats

You might think that many of today’s production cars are, well, a wee bit boring; just nondescript metal boxes with not much to set them apart. But, in the future, Ford thinks you might be able to personalise your motor to suit your taste, even if you don't actually have any. Thanks to increasingly innovative materials and improved manufacturing techniques the old school interior that we’ve been used to for the last few decades might be about to change. Cars might even become quirky again. Read More >>

Alt-Fuel Electric Cars Were Genuinely Popular in October Sales Data

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has reported new car sales numbers for October, and the numbers are pretty grim across the board for all but the electric segment of the market; which it would seem is finally seeing sales numbers that approximate the electric powertrain hype. Read More >>

Battery Specialists Say the UK Needs a £1.5bn Gigafactory to Cope With Future EV Demand

A think-tank composed of people who really, really like batteries has said the UK needs to rapidly up its ability to produce the massive banks of cells needed by electric cars, and ought to find as much as £1.5bn to build a local equivalent of US carmaker Tesla's "Gigafactory" battery-only manufacturing facility. Read More >>

electric vehicles
Virgin Media to Install 1,200 EV Charging Points Across the Country

Following a successful trial of transforming its broadband cabinets into EV charging points, Virgin has more on the way in the next 18 months. Read More >>

14-Year-Old Genius Solves Blind Spots

Using some relatively inexpensive and readily available technology you can find at any well-stocked electronics store, Alaina Gassler, a 14-year-old inventor from the US state of Pennsylvania, came up with a clever way to eliminate the blind spot created by the thick pillars on the side of a car’s windshield. Read More >>

Transport Department Notices Smartphones Exist and Plans Law Change

Someone important at the Department for Transport must've been upgraded to an iPhone recently, as the government department has belatedly decided it's time to change the law to better restrict the use of smartphones while in charge of a leasehold motorised vehicle. Read More >>

Bristol Wants to Ban All Diesels From the City Centre

Bristol Council's big idea for hitting pollution targets will be a UK first if the pen-pushers all tick the yes box, as it wants to bring in a complete ban on private diesel vehicles entering the city during the busiest part of the day. Read More >>

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Researchers Taught Autonomous Cars to See Around Corners

Researchers at MIT are helping autonomous cars deliver on the promise of safer roads with a new trick that lets driverless vehicles see around corners to pre-emptively spot other vehicles or moving hazards that human drivers would never see coming. Read More >>

Nissan Gets More From Less for the Next Season of Formula E

Nissan’s brand new Formula E car made no secret of its origins, with the unveiling of its kimono-themed livery in Yokohama this week. The red, black and white design has been created to underline its Japanese roots and highlight Nissan’s ongoing commitment to its Intelligent Mobility strategy. In the same week as the Tokyo Motor Show, where Nissan had other futuristic revelations on offer, the zingy new Formula E car added a much-needed touch of colour for the soggy, typhoon-weary folks who lined up to see it. Read More >>

First Full-Electric Black Cab Hits London Streets

An entirely electric black cab in an approximation of the traditional London vernacular has gone on sale, with any new entrants to the world of licensed urban taxi driving able to pick one of for just £47,995 when factoring in the full government EV grant break. Read More >>

Green Number Plates for EVs Are on the Way

The government's People in Charge of Transportation Issues are pushing ahead with a consultation on how to add more momentum to the UK's switch to electric cars, and has raised one boring old idea from its slumber – issuing green number plates for full-electric cars. Read More >>

My Brain Needs This Hack That Syncs Your Car’s Windshield Wipers to the Beat of Your Music

When driving in the pouring rain, I usually stick to talk radio — or turn the car’s stereo off completely because my brain gets really unhappy when the rhythmic motion of the windshield wipers doesn’t match the beat of a song. I guess I’m not alone, though, because Ian Charnas, who I’m declaring the greatest inventor of all time, hacked his car’s wipers to sync to the music blasting inside. Read More >>