2020 London Marathon Closed to Casuals Who May Only Compete Virtually

The 45,000 people dressed as post boxes, video game characters, turkeys, Laurel & Hardy and so on are out of luck this year, as the delayed 2020 London Marathon has now been cancelled altogether for club and charitable runners. Only the elites will take part, on a 1.5-mile closed loop around Buckingham Palace. Read More >>

sdcc 2020
Funko Is Auctioning Off Ultra Rare Pops for Charity During SDCC

Without San Diego Comic-Con as a place for Funko collectors to meet this year, the company decided to do something extra special. The tiny toy favourite dug deep into its vault and came out with well over 100 super rare items, including multiple prototypes, which will be auctioned off on eBay with all proceeds going to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. And Gizmodo has your first look. Read More >>

Lego is Replacing All the Stolen Brick Sets Intended for Sick Children

Earlier this week, we reported that some heartless bastards had stolen a "huge quantity" of Lego sets intended to be given to seriously ill children by the charity Fairy Bricks. Read More >>

The Big Issue Sellers Are Back, in Full Double-Masked Dystopian Style

One small bit of life is now back to normal although not really if you analyse it, as the Big Issue sellers have been given the nod to get out there and start politely pestering us to buy the latest issue once more. But now they're fully double-masked and will be wafting the heady smell of anti-bacterial gel all down the high street, in a reminder that 2020 is now the background of a post-apocalyptic video game, and you're down to your last bit of health. Read More >>

Netflix Donates £500,000 to Help UK Theatre Staff

Netflix has added some money of its own to the UK's bailout of the creative industries, putting £500,000 into a theatre artist fund designed to help those who don't qualify for any government assistance. Read More >>

Vodafone Great British Tech Appeal Will Redistribute 10k Phones and Tablets to Those in ‘Digital Poverty’

Vodafone is has announced that it's partnering with Barnardo's for the Great British Tech Appeal, to get 10,000 phones and tablets to the people that need them most. Read More >>

Candle Shop Has “Scents Of Normality” Candles for £45

We've just had to delete 220 scathing, expletive-laden, legally troubling words about selling £45 mail order novelty candles for poshos in the midst of a global pandemic, because having read all the way to the end we found out they're... for charity. So we have to be nice. Bloody charity. Read More >>

Aldi is Auctioning off Kevin the Carrot Toys on eBay Tonight to Support the NHS

Get yourself a bottle of wine and stretch that clicking finger - you're going to need it when Aldi kicks off the auction for a limited number of Kevin the Carrot toys on eBay at 8pm. Read More >>

Red Cross Has Dispersed Just 25% of Money Raised For Australian Bushfire Victims

The Red Cross in Australia is coming under fire from at least one local politician for dispersing just a quarter of the money collected for bushfire victims who have lost their homes. About AUD$30 million of AUD$115 million (about £15.6 million of £60 million) recently donated by the public to Red Cross Australia has been given to people affected by the bushfire crisis so far. And some people say that isn’t enough. Read More >>

Red Poppy Will Now Represent Civilians Killed in Acts of Terror Too

The iconic red poppy is getting a refresh to expand the symbolism to encompass victims of terrorism. Read More >>

Model Railway Vandals Basically Get the Naughty Step For a Year

The perpetrators of one of the UK's worst rail tragedies (model) in recent years have had their day in court, with the judge doing little more than grassing the vandalous teens up to their parents and forcing them to attend some meetings to hear about how bad they have been and to make various promises about it not happening again. Read More >>

Pets Can Donate Blood, Too

You know that donating blood is one of the most impactful things you can do for others on an individual level. But you probably don’t know that dogs and cats can donate blood, too. According to a new study out Tuesday, most pet owners have no idea that their good boy or girl could be helping other animals in this way. Read More >>

Queen’s Reject Toilet Rolls Embraced by Croydon School

A batch of German toilet roll rejected by the Queen – or the Queen's official toilet roll softness tester at least – has found a welcoming home in the cubicles of a school. Read More >>

This Raspberry Pi-Powered Claw Machine is a Fun Way to Do Some Charity Work This Christmas

People get charitable around Christmas, and there are companies out there that like to get in on the action. Some release products designed to raise money for charities, while others launch stunts for a variety of reasons. This connected claw machine from Liberty Games is definitely the latter, but it's quite a fun way to help donate some money to homelessness charity Crisis - all without having to put much effort in. Read More >>

Toyota’s Made Hideous Charity Wrapping Paper For Car Fans

It's always good to see companies with lots of money choosing to help out charity, but we're not sure Toyota's latest stunt is the way to go about it. Read More >>