There’s a Chatbot That Will Waste the Time of Email Scammers

I've never really used chatbots for anything serious, just to test them out when my job demands it. Unless a customer service AI can deal with my problems better than the humans they hire to half arse the job, I'm not interested in talking to one. But I'm all for using them to talk to other people and waste their time, especially when those people are trying to steal my money. Read More >>

The BBC’s New Doctor Who Bot Lets You Play Companion

It seems that Skype chatbots are the new in thing in TV circles: not long after Heston Blumenthal got his own chefbot, the BBC has announced they've made one for Doctor Who. Read More >>

Heston Blumenthal Now Has His Own Chatbot

"Make a chatbot" is the new "make an app," with everyone getting on the bandwagon whether it's useful or not. But we're actually quite fond of the new Heston Bot on Skype, a way to talk to a sort of cloud-based Blumenthal. Read More >>

The BBC’s Brexit Chatbot Will Cheer You Up

Facebook Messenger chatbots are all the rage at the moment, ranging in quality from utterly pointless to utterly brilliant. In the latter category is the BBC's new Brexit bot, which uses bright illustrations and Boris Johnson gifs to make you feel better about the whole fandango. Read More >>

90% of Government Admins Could Be Replaced With Chatbots, Says Thinktank

In a damning indictment of the skills of Whitehall administrators, right-wing thinktank Reform says almost all of them could be replaced with AI chatbots. Read More >>

It Could be Tough to Work Out When Pornhub’s Chatbot Goes Rogue

Pornhub’s got a chatbot now, and we’re not entirely sure how the company would be able to tell if it ever happened to go the same way as Microsoft’s Tay. Poor Tay. Read More >>

There’s No Technology That Will Make Your Wife Believe You Love Her

Expressing love is one of the most difficult and important things you can do as a human being. There is no correct way to tell someone you love them, to truly express how much they mean to you. Messages get lost in translation. Wives and husbands feel taken for granted. Communicating clearly with your partner sometimes involves significant time and labour. How do we solve this complex problem of human expression and love? Microsoft engineer Guru Ranganathan wants to do so using, you guessed it, tech. Read more >> Read More >>

This Chatbot Is Like Having a Music Genius In Your Pocket

Finding a good chatbot in the current sea of mediocrity is nearly impossible. Most don’t work, and the ones that do are either too limiting or too annoying. But Record Bird’s new music-obsessed bot is something I would actually use. Read More >>

5 Things to Know About Facebook’s Event Today

Facebook spent most of its F8 developer keynote talking about the future of the company. Messenger, Oculus Rift, Zuck’s grey t-shirt, a Donald Trump reference—it was all there. But rather than forcing you to sit through an hour of “the power of global connection” overstatements, we did all the hard work for you, and compiled this complete list of Facebook’s greatest hits. Read More >>

How Facebook Will Make the Smartphone Smart Again

You probably only use three apps on your smartphone—and one of them is likely a messaging app. By some estimates, messengers are even more popular than social media. And now, Facebook is giving you even more reasons to send text messages. Read More >>

Google’s Neural Network Chatbot Can Discuss Philosophy and IT Troubles

Chatbots are notoriously difficult to make work well. But now Google’s developed a new conversational AI that uses neural networks to learn from movie dialogue. Somewhat incredibly, it can just about hold down conversations about ethics and VPN problems. Read More >>

How Big a Deal is That Turing Test Win?

Yesterday, a computer program successfully passed the Turing test for the first time. As is not uncommon for breakthroughs, it was a controversial victory, with plenty of detractors pointing out the various reasons that this wasn't that big a deal after all. What is one to think! Let's talk it out. Read More >>

The Best Chatbot in the World Is Still Awful

If you ever speak to Chip Vivant, you might find his conversation a little stilted. Incoherent, even. Because, despite being crowned the beast chatbot in the world, frankly, he still carries a conversation like like R2D2 with a head injury. Read More >>