In the UK Between 1992 and 2008? MasterCard Might Soon Owe You Money

It looks like a multi-billion-pound class action lawsuit against MasterCard in the UK is going ahead, and if it succeeds, pretty much all of us could be in for a payout. Read More >>

10m UK Apple Users Could Claim Against Google for Secret Snooping

Google's about to be hit by a huge privacy storm in the UK, thanks to a group legal case that claims it ignored privacy rules to track up to 10 million iPhone, iPad and Safari users. Read More >>

Facebook IPO Nosedive Gets Facebook IPO Class Action Lawsuit

It's been more and more apparent that there was some shady—though not necessarily illegal!—activity from Facebook's bank advisors in the lead-up to the company's IPO last week. And now, investors who got the shaft are trying to get their money back through the courts. Read More >>