Sydney Choked in Smoke as Wildfires Rage in New South Wales

The city of Sydney – Australia’s most populous and the capital of New South Wales (NSW) state – was swathed in thick smoke on Tuesday morning amid more than 50 bushfires on the state’s east coast, the Guardian reported. Read More >>

Climate Change Is Even Ruining Pokemon Now

It’s not enough for humans to screw up our planet. Apparently, we’ve screwed up Earth in the Pokemon universe as well. Read More >>

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Some Arctic Sea Ice Is Acting Like It’s Mid-Summer

Winter has extended its grip on the Arctic, dropping a curtain of darkness on the top of the world. But at least one part of the Arctic is resisting its grasp. Read More >>

Why We Need to Consider the Human Toll of Conserving Half the Earth

Humanity has pushed Earth to the brink with more than a million species threatened with extinction. There are a number of ideas for how to stop the collapse of nature, but among the most radical is the idea of conserving half the planet. Read More >>

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What Will Be Missing at Next Month’s Climate Talks

The world order was further roiled this week when a Evo Morales stepped down as Bolivia’s leader amidst a military-led coup. Jeanine Áñez Chavez, a right-wing senator, usurped the presidency on Monday. And though she vowed to hold elections, it’s under her leadership that Bolivia will enter next month’s climate negotiations in Madrid. Read More >>

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Venice Regional Council Floods After It Kills Measures to Combat Climate Change

Venice is reeling from some of the worst flooding in 50 years, driven in part by sea level rise. The high water has put the city under a state of emergency and, in theory, should be a huge wakeup call that it’s all hands on deck to combat climate change. But the regional council, controlled by a president from Italy’s far-right League party, rejected a host of climate measures on Wednesday. Immediately after the vote, the council chambers flooded. Read More >>

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Venice Under a State of Emergency as Historic High Tide Floods City

The City of Canals has become a city underwater as the worst flooding to hit Venice in 50 years engulfed 85 per cent of the city this week. Read More >>

Climate Change Is Already Making Us Sick

The fossil fuels driving climate change make people sick, and so do impacts like extreme heat, wildfires, and more extreme storms, according to research published on Wednesday. In short, the climate crisis is a public health crisis. Read More >>

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‘It’s Where People Die’: Australia Faces Unprecedented ‘Catastrophic’ Bush Fire Weather

Wildfires have left a trail of scorched earth around the globe this year from the Arctic to America. Now it’s Australia’s turn to burn. Read More >>

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Climate Change Has Claimed A Major Glacier As Its Next Victim

NASA has released satellite photos showing the world's thickest glacier, once thought to be impervious to global warming, has retreated. Read More >>

Australia’s Terrifying Bushfires Remind Us Climate Change Is Here

Bushfires are raging through southeastern Australia and have possibly killed hundreds of koalas at one nature reserve. This comes as firefighters finally contain the Kincade Fire in the US state of California and as today marks the first anniversary of the deadly Camp Fire, also in California. Climate change is affecting all parts of the globe, and it appears to be the culprit for Australia’s early fire season this year. Read More >>

We May Have Been Thinking About a Carbon Price All Wrong

Putting a price on carbon is a key element of climate policy. The idea is simple: Carbon pollution is making the Earth uninhabitable, but companies have no incentive to stop polluting because they’re sociopathic. So slap a fee on every tonne emitted, and it should (in theory) cause companies to find other, less polluting ways of producing widgets, sprockets, and whatnot. Read More >>

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The Police Can’t Stop London’s Fearless Climate Protestors

Londoners better get ready, because Extinction Rebellion is back in business, baby. The High Court of Justice ruled today that a ban the Metropolitan Police Service implemented in London last month was illegal. That means the climate activist group can sue them for trying to restrict their right to protest nonviolently. Read More >>

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Breaking: Earth Hot

October is a time for pumpkin spice lattes, scarves – and record-breaking heat. Yup, October 2019 was the hottest October ever documented, but c’mon, does that surprise anyone anymore? Read More >>

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The Paris Agreement Isn’t Enough to Stop the Seas From Devouring Our Coasts

A new study shows us that the Paris Agreement won’t be enough to stave off rising sea levels – even if world leaders actually step up to the task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Read More >>