The Coronavirus Is Forcing the Climate Movement to Reimagine Itself

Earth Day was supposed to be part of a week of mass mobilisations in late April. Protestors were going to rally in the streets. Students were going to gather on their university campuses to demand they divest from fossil fuels. Those too young to vote were planning to knock on doors and educate voters about the reality that their future was at stake at the ballot box in November. Read More >>

Thanks, Greta: ‘Climate Strike’ Is a Word of the Year

2019 is about to wrap, which means dictionaries are choosing their words of the year. For Collins Dictionary, “climate strike” took the prize. Read More >>

Massive Climate Strikes Erupt Worldwide for the Second Week in a Row

On September 20, an estimated 4 million people turned out for a global climate strike. This Friday, millions more were at it again. Read More >>

Amazon’s Sweeping Climate Plan Is Full of Gaping Holes

On Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he was committing the world’s largest online retailer to meeting the terms of what he christened “The Climate Pledge.” Broadly outlined, signing the pledge, which Bezos hopes others will do as well, commits a company to meeting the emission reduction targets set forth in the Paris Agreement a decade early – in other words, becoming carbon neutral by 2040 – and regularly reporting its own greenhouse gas output. Read More >>

Kids Strike Around the World to Raise the Alarm on Climate Change

More than a million young people were expected to walk the streets on Friday in an international protest demanding action on climate change. The latest climate strike went live, with hundreds of thousands of students having walked out of school in places like New Zealand, India, South Africa, Nigeria and throughout Europe, reports CNN. Next was the U.S. Read More >>

The Climate Strike Movement Has Officially Gone Global

On Friday, students around the world woke up knowing that sometime between math, English, biology or some other rote class, they would stand up and walk out. From the tiny island of Vanuatu to Europe to the U.S., the climate strike movement is officially a global phenomenon. Up to a million students in 123 countries are expected to strike on Friday. Read More >>