Win Your Own Starfleet Badge in Our Star Trek Online Giveaway

For those of you who've been paying attention to all things Star Trek, it will be no surprise that this year marks the tenth anniversary of Star Trek: Online. For years it was our only way to continue the story of the mainstream canon, and to commemorate this milestone the game is launching a brand new update titled Legacy. Read More >>

Lego’s VIP Sweepstakes are Now Open, With a Rare ‘Shazam’ Minifig Up For Grabs

Lego has a nasty habit of producing stuff in limited quantities, and it ends up super-valuable as a result because people are scrambling to get one. San Diego Comic Con is one such event that gets all these Lego exclusives, including unique minifigures that would look good in anyone's collection. Read More >>

Lego Wants You to Recreate Epic Star Wars Battles for Mega Prizes

If you've always fancied yourself a bit of a Lego Master (and who hasn't), there's a new Lego Ideas competition you need to know about. Read More >>

This is the Amount of Work it Takes to Win a OnePlus Competition

OnePlus loves its competitions. Just recently they've had a £7,500 prize offering for an aspiring mobile filmmaker and a 5G app contest, for instance. Read More >>

OnePlus is Giving an Aspiring Mobile Filmmaker £7,500

It seems OnePlus is in competition mode at the moment. Not long after announcing a big contest to fund 5G app ideas, it's unveiled a new scheme for wannabe mobile filmmakers to get their big break. Read More >>

Now TV is Going to Pay Someone £35k to Watch Box Sets For a Year

Those 'win the best job ever' competitions are officially A Thing now, but we have to say Now TV has outdone a lot of them with its version. Read More >>

blue planet
AirBnB’s Latest Competition Gives You the Chance to Stay in the Blue Planet II Exploration Ship

There seem to be a lot of instances of booking sites giving ordinary people the chance to stay somewhere outlandish and spectacular. Laterooms did it with the iconic Coke Lorry just before Christmas, and AirBnB offered one lucky family the chance to stay in Denmark's Lego House. Read More >>

WIN: Do More Than A Spider Can By Winning This Spider-Man Drone

Spider-Man: Homecoming is out now in cinemas and features not just a new Peter Parker (Tom Holland), but also a new spider-suit too. And perhaps unsurprisingly - it has been given a little bit of an upgrade thanks to Tony Stark. Read More >>

Schoolgirl Roboticists Head to US Robot World Champs

Two girls aged 8 and 9 are heading to the US to wow attendees and competitors at the Robotics World Championships, after their creation Roy the Robot had a successful showing at the UK National Championship. Read More >>

Reminder: It’s Not Cool To Exploit Your Fanbase, Honor

Phone brands know how valuable their audiences are. The dedicated Apple fanbase has been a large part of the firm's success, and OnePlus's almost obsessive community has propelled the little-known brand to international success in record time. So it makes sense to keep fans in the loop and give them backstage access whenever possible, to top-up their enthusiasm and keep them on board. Read More >>

WIN! Five Bundles of Nintendo Vans Trainers and Swag Up for Grabs!

Mamma Mia! Have we got a competition for you, style-conscious Nintendo fans! Remember those gorgeous Nintendo-themed trainers from Vans? We'll we've teamed up with online fashion retailer Zalando to give away not one, not two, but FIVE PAIRS of Nintendo Vans trainers along with a bundle of other Mario-themed merch. Read More >>

Win More Than £470 Worth of Marvel Superhero Goodies

Captain America: Civil War is just about the best Marvel superhero film there's ever been, and to celebrate the summer blockbuster hitting cinemas, we're teaming up with the Disney Store to give away a whopping £474.24 worth of Marvel goodies. Read More >>

New XPrize Encourages Robotic Ocean Exploration

We know surprisingly little about our oceans. To help with this glaring blind spot, the XPrize has announced a new $7/£4.6 million contest to foster innovations in ocean exploration technology. Read More >>

Win a Ticket to the 2015 T3 Awards

Hey! You with the tux collecting dust! Yes, YOU. Want to win a ticket to the prestigious annual T3 Awards, otherwise known as the "Oscars of Tech"? Then enter our competition! Read More >>

Win a Ticket to the T3 Awards: Posh Nosh, Great Gadgets

The T3 Awards is the most glamorous and prestigious event in the UK technology industry calendar and we're bringing you the chance to attend the T3 Awards 2015 as a VIP guest of the T3 and Gizmodo UK editorial team. Read More >>