Scooter Crime Rates Fall After Moped Gang Jailed for a Wheelie Long Time

London police have rounded up a moped gang whose list of crimes paired with their all-black ensemble would have us rooting for them in some blockbuster film glamorising their elaborate heists. But this is the real world, and spraying the fuzz with fire extinguishers and leading them on a high-speed chase through the city isn't cool, kids. Read More >>

100 Amazon Seller Accounts Reportedly Phished, Breached, and Robbed

Last year, around 100 Amazon seller accounts were reportedly breached by cyber criminals, who funnelled money coming in from loans and purchases to their own accounts, according to Bloomberg’s telling of the previously unreported incident. Read More >>

Amazon Says ‘Extensive’ Fraud Allowed Cybercriminals to Siphon Cash From Seller Accounts

UK legal documents obtained by Bloomberg show that e-commerce titan Amazon fell prey to “extensive” fraud that allowed cybercriminals to obtain access to around 100 seller accounts and transfer cash into their bank accounts, with the company confirming to the news agency that it had completed an investigation into the incident. Read More >>

Travel Vlogger Finds Suitcase, Two Years Later Discovers It Probably Contained a Dead Body

In Sarah Funk’s YouTube video about Cyprus’ Mitsero Red Lake, her partner joked, “This is what murder episodes are made of.” He probably didn’t realise how spot-on he was. Read More >>

Apple, Google Remove Three Dating Apps That Could Expose Minors to Sexual Predators

The US Federal Trade Commission on Monday said that Apple and Google had removed three dating apps from their respective app stores after – yikes – the agency found they allowed children under the age of 13 to sign up, collected data on them in likely violation of federal law, and could allow sexual predators to contact children, CNBC reported. Read More >>

One of the Largest Dark Net Markets ‘of All Time’ Falls to Police

Police from around the world shut down the biggest active black market on the dark web this month, according to announcements from law enforcement agencies in the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands released on Friday. Read More >>

1p and 2p Coins are Here to Stay

After Philip Hammond floated a proposal in the 2018 Spring Statement that would scrap 1p and 2p coins for being too hard to store, the Treasury faced backlash from groups claiming that millions of people in the UK still relied on cash as their main spending method. Read More >>

Police Want Rape Survivors to Hand Over Their Phones

Survivors of sexual assault in England and Wales will now risk having their case dropped if they don’t hand over their electronic devices to police, giving law enforcement access to some of their most intimate personal data. Victims also risk being charged with entirely separate crimes if they choose to comply. Read More >>

Tell Your Mum Not to Send Jason Statham Any Money

There's a bizarre new scam going around the less cynical parts of the internet, where a man pretending to be Jason Statham is asking ladies for money. And they're only bloody giving it to him too, because the only internet the victims use is Facebook and they implicitly trust everything they see and hear there. Read More >>

Irritating Drone Owners Warned to Keep Their Toys Away From Trains Too

Drone owners have found a new way to annoy the rest of the population; bothering trains now too. This development is being talked about in serious voice fashion by Network Rail and British Transport Police, who say a rogue pilot endangered the timely running of a heritage service as it ran between Farnborough and Woking earlier this month. Read More >>

Local Dog Poo Wars Take Patriotic Turn

Activist members of the Waterside Action Group in the Lancashire town of Colne are raging about dog poo, as local activists are wont to be, and have taken to flagging up the animal deposits. Literally. Read More >>

Uber Launches New Safety Features as It’s Being Sued by Assault Victims

It’s one of those horrors that most men don’t think about but women regularly have to. Read More >>

Dorset Locals Rave Like it’s 1989

Locals in and around Wareham, Dorset, were kept awake by whatever throbbing music the kids listen to these days over the weekend, as the ancient ritual of the outdoor rave was resurrected on farmland. Read More >>

Hacker Gets Six Years in Jail for Blackmailing Porn Site Visitors

A former computer science student who used the moniker K!NG and made more than £700,000 scamming visitors to legal porn sites using ransomware has been sentenced to six years in jail, the BBC reports. Read More >>

Two Students Charged With Cheating Apple Out of £685K in Wild iPhone Counterfeit Scam

In a grift for the ages, two engineering students allegedly scammed Apple out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s hard to say if the students were very clever or if Apple is just really bad at preventing this kind of thing. Read More >>