4 Micro-Takes on the Cambridge Analytica Story

Yesterday the Observer got what appeared to be one hell of a scoop: Carole Cadwalladr revealed a whistleblower from inside controversial firm Cambridge Analytica, the company that it is claimed by some was at the heart of Trump’s success in the 2016 American election. 28 year old Christopher Wylie was revealed to have been one of the brains behind the firm’s micro-targeting and data collection technologies, which he referred to as “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindfuck tool”. Read More >>

The UK Declares WhatsApp Isn’t Allowed to Share User Data With Facebook

Back when Facebook paid a ludicrous amount of money for WhatsApp back in 2014 people started worrying about whether the messaging app's privacy stance would die off. Facebook promised that it wouldn't, but then changed its mind two years later. Now, after being told that this was against the law by various governments - including the UK, France, Germany, and EU - the Information Commissioner's office has made a ruling on the situation. Read More >>

EE is Giving Londoners 1GB of Free Data

There are many reasons one may want live inside London, or as far away from its broken housing market as humanly possible. People who live there will tell you all about the amazing things that make the overpriced London lifestyle worth living, and now they have an extra piece of ammo to add to their smug. EE is giving Londoners 1GB of data absolutely free - just as long as they're already an EE customer. Read More >>

All the Ways Your Smartphone and Its Apps Can Track You

The little pocket supercomputers we all constantly carry around with us aren’t just supplying us with useful information, they’re also collecting a host of data on us and our habits, all of the time. Here’s a guide to what gets collected by your smartphone and the apps running on it, and how you can take back some control. Read More >>

Google’s New App Stops Your Android Phone From Sucking Up Too Much Data

With all the streaming, Instagramming, and everything else people are doing on their phones, your monthly allotment of data just doesn’t last as long as it used to, especially if you’re on one of those family plans with a shared data pool. And while most phones have some rudimentary tools for tracking how much internet you’re downloading, Google thought it could do better, so it created Datally. Read More >>

Eager to Host More Classified Data, Amazon Launches New ‘Secret’ Cloud Region for US Intelligence

Amid the unparalleled classified leaks, global acts of cyberwarfare, and colossal data breaches dominating the daily news cycle, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has debuted an entirely new cloud region designed specifically to host classified US government secrets. Read More >>

Census Questionnaires Could Be Replaced With Mobile Phone Data

You know the drill about the census. Every decade the government sends round a paper form that you have to fill in with all sorts of personal information, and that way the powers that be get a picture of the population. Now it's looking for alternative methods of data collection, including the use of phone data to map where you live and work. Read More >>

Vodafone Passes Are a Dystopian Glimpse of a World Without Net Neutrality

The past few years there have been huge, huge arguments about the concept of net neutrality. The general idea that all internet data is the same and no company or website should be able to get preferential treatment - and they certainly shouldn't pay internet providers money in exchange for that preferential treatment. Read More >>

Facebook Can’t Stop Doing Too Many Things

If you’ve been wondering why you couldn’t order food without leaving Facebook, you’re in luck. Facebook just launched this very feature in the US and it sounds simply awful. Remember when Facebook was just a utility that helped you find your friends’ email addresses? We were such dorks back then. Read More >>

Facebook Claimed It Could Sell Ads to 10 Million More Millennials Than Actually Exist

Citing census data, an equity research analyst claims Facebook is once again inflating one of its key metrics, this time grossly over-reporting its ability to sell ads and effectively inventing millions more young Americans than actually exist. Read More >>

The Next Version Of USB Will Charge Faster And Transfer More Data

If you've been wondering when USB Type-C will take over the world, look around you — its slow and inexorable march is continuing. The latest update to the standard, USB 3.2, doubles the existing 10Gbps speed of USB 3.1, on the same cables. Read More >>

Australia Releases Trove of Scientific Data from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 Search

It can be hard to look for the bright side in a tragedy. But resolving tragedies often requires an immense amount of human effort, and that effort results in new knowledge. New genetic forensics techniques emerged from the identification of 9/11 victims, for example. Another tragedy, the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 three years ago, is starting to yield its own benefits to the scientific community. Read More >>

Twitter Doesn’t Count on Virgin Mobile Data Plans

Virgin's Mobile division has had an idea that might get you switching to one of its plans the next time it's time to sulk off from your current provider -- free data for some services. The latest thing to be added to its data-free whitelist is infinite-scrolling thing-to-do Twitter. Read More >>

UK 5G Tech Trials are Starting in Early 2018

A group of three UK universities says it'll have enough hardware cobbled together in order to run a small test of a potential 5G network tech in early 2018, with King's College London and Surrey and Bristol Universities hoping to demonstrate the data transmission protocols of the future rather soon. Read More >>

EU Roaming Fees Are Abolished From Today – But Will Brexit Bring Them Back?

Today's the day! After years of negotiations and planning, today is the day that going on holiday to Europe just got a little bit cheaper, as mobile roaming fees have officially been abolished inside the European Union. Read More >>