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Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr Are Under Investigation For Allowing Minors

Online dating is a hellscape, but the US House Oversight and Reform subcommittee is fed up with just how shitty apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr have been with regard to their users’ safety and privacy. Yesterday, it launched a new investigation into dating apps for doing an inadequate job of screening for minors, and inappropriately selling or sharing personal data. Read More >>

Tinder Is Getting a Panic Button Specifically Tailored to Dating

Tinder today has announced it’s rolling out new features to help better protect users both on and off the platform, including by releasing a kind of “panic button” for real-world meetups. Read More >>

70,000 Tinder Photos of Women Just Got Dumped on a Cyber-Crime Forum

More than 70,000 photos of Tinder users are being shared by members of an internet cyber-crime forum, Gizmodo has learned, raising concerns about the potential for abusive use of the photos. Ominously, only women appear to have been targeted. Read More >>

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Sharon Stone Was Blocked From Bumble, Just Like Us

Proles were enthralled to discover yesterday morning that Sharon Stone is on Bumble, the dating app where ~ladies~ make the first move. Around 6 AM GMT on Monday, she tweeted a screenshot showing that her account had been disabled; after what must have been a furious few hours for the Bumble customer service team roused from their beds, editorial director Clare O’Connor announced that the account had been reinstated. (Bumble has a seven-day window for users to verify their accounts with photos if they’re reported as imitators but can shut down accounts without warning if they get multiple user reports.) Read More >>

Dicks Are the Only Thing Standing Between Chatroulette and Love

It appears that Chatroulette, which is alive and well and abundant with dicks at 9 AM EST (long may internet anonymity live), has been tamed by a new company into a more manageable dating app form. On Blindlee, which launched in October, you may now fish for potential mates over three-minute video chats, with varying degrees of blurriness. The app bills itself as more woman-friendly, allowing woman users to sharpen the image, in four increments, at any point in the conversation if the man agrees. (Based on the limited mandatory selections, this is only for heterosexual gender-conforming userbase; co-founder Sacha Nasan tells Gizmodo that they’re shooting to update that by January.) Read More >>

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Jeffrey Epstein-Funded Geneticist Is Building a Dating App That Only a Eugenicist Could Love

Renowned Harvard Medical School geneticist George Church has focused his work on reversing the effects of ageing, helping humans become immune to viruses, and eradicating genetic diseases. He’s hoping to come closer to accomplishing at least one of those goals with a disturbing dating app that swipes right on eugenics. Read More >>

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Dating App The League Will Start Making Its Users Face-Time Each Other

The League dating app – which filters users to make sure they’re in the right league – has decided to mess around with video speed dating. Read More >>

Owner of Gay Dating App Jack’d to Pay Out for Leaving Nudes and Private Photos Exposed

The attorney general of the US state of New York announced last week a settlement with the parent company of Jack’d, a dating app for gay and bisexual men, over negligence around a security issue that exposed nude and otherwise “private” photos of the platform’s users. Read More >>

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42 Million Dating App Records Exposed Online, Leaking User IP Addresses and Location Data

A database containing records of tens of millions of users of various dating apps has been found publicly accessible, according to a researcher who says it remains unclear who amassed the data. Read More >>

Apple, Google Remove Three Dating Apps That Could Expose Minors to Sexual Predators

The US Federal Trade Commission on Monday said that Apple and Google had removed three dating apps from their respective app stores after – yikes – the agency found they allowed children under the age of 13 to sign up, collected data on them in likely violation of federal law, and could allow sexual predators to contact children, CNBC reported. Read More >>

Facebook Wants to Know Which Friends You Want to Bang

Remember back in ye olde days when you would poke that cute friend of yours on Facebook? Well, at its yearly F8 conference today, Facebook announced it’s bringing that weird fuck-y energy back to the platform with a new feature called Secret Crush. Read More >>

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Mixing Chatroulette with Tinder is the Horrifying Future of Online Dating

Dating platforms in China are starting to experiment with livestream chatting features, and we need to accept that it’s only a matter of time before U.S. apps start making you face-time with potential hookups. Read More >>

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Tinder, Grindr, and Other Dating Services Failed to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation

Dating apps including Tinder and Grindr have failed to prevent child sexual exploitation on their platforms, in part due to weak age verification measures, according to a new report by the Sunday Times. Read More >>

Tinder and Its Owner Match Group Had a Very, Very Horny 2018

Unstoppable online dating giant Match Group, a subsidiary of holding company InterActiveCorp, has acquired so many dating sites that some critics have wondered why it isn’t facing antitrust concerns. But the prize jewel in its empire is the Tinder app, which last year added 1.2 million subscribers and pulled in nearly as much money as its other subsidiaries including and OkCupid combined, according to Q4 2018 earnings reports released Wednesday. Read More >>

New Dating App Lets Women Be Anonymous, But Not Men

Anyone who's ever tried online dating, especially while female, is no doubt aware of what a giant bin fire it can be. Lots of apps have tried to fix the disconnect between men's and women's experiences (men tend not to get many messages, while women get horrible sleazy ones and dick pics), with apps like Bumble having women make the first move and similar. But a new app's gone even further, making women completely anonymous while men have profiles. Read More >>