Those Batman Rumours Pissed Off Robert Pattinson – Because He’d Been Gunning for the Part for a While

All the back and forth this summer over just who would actually be replacing Ben Affleck in the Batcowl was enough Hollywood drama to put our heads in a batarang-worthy spin. But for one of the subjects of that back and forth, Robert Pattinson, they were in part frustrating, because he thought he’d lost out on a part he’s been hoping to have for a while. Read More >>

A Jessica Jones Alum is Playing an Amazing Role on an Upcoming Legends of Tomorrow

Campy time-travelling versions of historical figures don’t get much better than this. Read More >>

Joker Is Powerful, Confused and Provocative, Just Like the Character

If Joker wasn’t called 'Joker' you’d never know it was a DC movie. Though there are characters with the last name 'Wayne' and it takes place in a city called 'Gotham', there’s little else that distinguishes Todd Phillips’ latest film as a comic book movie. It’s a solid, well-made film that, ultimately, has a bit of an identity crisis. Read More >>

DC’s Black Label Will Explore the Joker and the Question’s Inner Workings in 2 New Series

Though DC’s Joker and the Question aren’t exactly the most similar characters personality-wise, they’re both shrouded in mystery and live for their own single-minded pursuits of what they perceive to be the truth. While we’ve learned plenty about them during their exploits over the years, there are still depths to their inner workings that have yet to be explored. And we’re about to find out more. Read More >>

Supergirl’s Media Landscape is Getting More Intense With New Arrivals and a Major Exit in Season 5

During this weekend's Supergirl season five panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the cast and crew took to the stage to both debut the first trailer for the next leg of Kara’s adventure, and to shed a little light about some newcomers who are on their way to shake things up in National City. Read More >>

In a Cool Video, Shazam’s Director Talks the Art of Problem Solving in Film

Film is all about compromise: taking a massive amount of people, resources and time, and making it all harmonise into a single cohesive artistic product. Even if the way you got there was driven as much by circumstance as vision. Read More >>

The Justice Society of America Is Coming Back to Help Beat Up Lex Luthor

The DC Universe is setting up a climactic battle this year—one where a seriously messed up Lex Luthor (or rather, some version of him) will lead a villainous charge against a Justice League on the back foot. The League are attempting to manage both the potential end of the universe as they know it and the mother of all public opinion crises. They’re pretty screwed at the moment...but help is on the way. Read More >>

Report: So Robert Pattinson Is Definitely, Maybe Batman Now?

A few weeks ago, the internet was shaken by news that Robert Pattinson was the new Batman, replacing Ben Affleck under the comic book cowl. And then...maybe he wasn’t just yet? Maybe it was X-Men’s Nicholas Hoult? Who could say. Now, we have an update, and the update is...“maybe?” Read More >>

The Clock is Ticking in the First Official Teaser for Watchmen

Who watches the Watchmen? Well, it looks like we all will be soon. Read More >>

Shazam’s Greatest Message Is About Growing From Forgiveness

Billy Batson being an orphan is a central part of his heroic origin story, which factors into the inherent goodness that makes him worthy of becoming Shazam. Golden Age Captain Marvel comics established that even without a traditional nuclear family or the influence of adult role models in his life, Billy was ready to be, and capable of becoming, a powerful, self-sufficient person. Read More >>

Game of Thrones’ Iain Glen Has Been Cast as Bruce Wayne (on Titans)

After Westeros, Jorah Mormont is heading to Gotham City. Read More >>

The Shazam Sequel is Officially in the Works

Mere hours after Shazam handily won the box office on its opening weekend, news about a sequel has already started to break. Read More >>

DC Universe Confirms Superboy’s Casting on Titans

We already knew DC Universe’s Titans was getting a second season. And, if you watched the entire finale episode of season one, you already had a very good idea of at least one new character joining the ensemble. Now, it’s confirmed, with a casting announcement for Superboy. Read More >>