Valentine’s Day is Amazon’s Latest Excuse for Having a Sale

These days it feels as though Amazon will come up with any old reason to discount its own first-party gadgets, so it's hardly a surprise that it's also jumping on the Valentine's bandwagon to slash some prices. If you need a very last minute gift and forgot high street shops exist, or you just want to save yourself a few quid, here are all the deals you can exploit: Read More >>

Samsung’s Offering Free Gig Tickets to Anyone Who Buys a Galaxy 8 Phone or Tab S3

February starts tomorrow, which is the month Samsung has already confirmed will involve the unveiling of the Galaxy S9 smartphone. Clearly it wants to clear out some old stock before then, though, because its offering people free gig tickets if they go out and buy one right now. Read More >>

Here Are Some of Argos’s Best Christmas Deals on Tech and Games [UPDATED]

It is Christmas, which means many of you will already be sitting around with your family trying not to argue over stupid little things your grandma keeps bringing up. Well that's what I'm doing, and I just assume everyone has a grandma as irritating as mine. Read More >>

Amazon’s Echo Dot is Cheap Again, Back to £34.99

Amazon's Echo Dot Alexa gizmo has been discounted a lot this year, and now it's being discounted again. While the RRP is £50, Amazon is selling the Dot for just £34.99. That's a saving of £15 for those of you who can't do maths. Read More >>

The Best Lego Sets We Got in 2017

The year is coming to a close and everyone seems to be looking back at the state of things after the past 12 months. Rather than bore you with things like politics, Brexit negotiations, the price of smartphones, or the fact that everything is awful, we're looking at something good and wholesome. Lego. Read More >>

Amazon’s Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch Deal is Pretty Crazy

Despite the fact Nintendo said it wouldn't be discounting the Switch for Black Friday, some retailers have gone ahead and done it anyway. While there were some good deals last week on Black Friday, Amazon's Cyber Monday deal blows them out of the water. Read More >>

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Black Friday’s Winding Down, But Don’t Miss This Great Offer on the HTC Vive

With such a high entry price, decent PC-based virtual reality isn't very widespread. But the sales days are always ripe with opportunity to reduce the amount you have to spend, and HTC's Vive headset has one such deal Read More >>

Nintendo Has the SNES Classic Back in Stock for Black Friday

Nintendo's had a good year for sales, what with the Switch and the SNES Classic seemingly exceeding the company's expectations and proving to be insanely popular with the gaming public. The SNES Classic has been hard to get hold of for a while, but Nintendo's official store has some new stock - just in time for Black Friday. Read More >>

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Forget the Fire TV, NVIDIA’s Knocked 20% off the SHIELD

These days there's lots of talk about streaming devices. Legit stuff like the Apple TV, Chromecast, or Fire TV, along with the cheap Android boxes that a lot of people use to stream stuff illegally. But there's another that people tend to (unfairly) forget about if they're not tech-inclined, and that's NVIDIA's SHIELD. Read More >>

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FatFace Pulls Grumpy Face at Black Friday

FatFace, maker of clothes people we don't associate with buy, will not be joining in with Black Friday. It's boss is extremely down on the idea, and thinks all it does is shift customer spend from December into November. Read More >>

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Want a Nintendo Switch? Amazon’s Got the Best Black Friday Deal

Despite what Microsoft would like, 2017's best console is obviously the Nintendo Switch - that thing that's been so popular retailers struggled to keep it in stock for a while. Despite Nintendo saying it wouldn't be approving any Black Friday price drops, some retailers have put the hybrid console on sale anyway. But if you're looking for a deal, Amazon might have the best ones for you. Read More >>

Forget Black Friday, Buy Your Stuff in June or December

Oh, you'll never guess what's just been found out. They've found out that "Black Friday" is an artificially created scam of a day upon which products sell for the same as — or more than — they have at points during the previous year. Strike us down with a dodgy unofficial imported charger. Read More >>

Amazon Thinks Black Friday Has Started Already, so it’s Discounting Some of its Gadgets

Black Friday is no longer just a day in the calendar that's been forced onto us from America by retailers hungry for money and publicity. It's a series of deals, starting with pre-pre-pre-Black Friday discounts and ending with the Boxing Day sales. Nobody loves Black Friday more than Amazon, which is why it's kicking off festivities early. Read More >>

TalkTalk is Jumping the Gun on Black Friday With £25 a Month Fibre

Black Friday has been happening in this country for at least seven years, if I remember correctly, gaining more and more momentum with each passing November. While many retailers and companies are already gearing up for one of the year's biggest sales, TalkTalk has jumped the gun by over a month. Read More >>

Valve’s Steam Link is on Sale for a Ridiculously Low Price

Do you remember Valve's Steam Link? It's a little box you plug into your TV, letting you stream your PC games to the big screen in 1080p 60FPS with zero lag. Or at least it will in an ideal situation. Well if you don't have one you might want to take advantage of the fact Valve put it on sale. Read More >>