The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is Here, and Here are all the Best UK Deals

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is out today, at long last. Sure the phone has been available to pre-order for a while, but now you can go online and get one delivered to your house as soon as possible. 5G may not be widely available yet, but if you plan on taking advantage you probably want a nice shiny phone that can tap into the new networks. Read More >>

eBay Celebrates Festival Season With 20-75% off Festival-Centric Tech

The weather outside my window is currently torrential rain, which seems about right for festival season. And to think, this time last year we were at the start of a heatwave that killed off nearly all the plants in my overgrown back yard. But if you're planning on sitting in a muddy tent for at least one weekend of the summer, you should get yourself kitted out with the right equipment, and to help out eBay has another sale on. Read More >>

Leak Claims Amazon Prime Day Will Happen on 15th July

If you've paid attention to Amazon the past few years you'll know that it's never content with sticking to the regular sales. Black Friday, Easter, Boxing Day, and all those other 'discount' periods are great, but clearly not as great as having its own special day of deals. Which is why Prime Day exists, and according to a new leak it's set to kick off on Monday 15th July this year. Read More >>

The OnePlus 7 is Out Today: Here’s Where You Can Buy One in the UK

The OnePlus 7 Pro has been out for a few weeks now, so its time for its little brother/sister to make its way into the world. The OnePlus 7 is more like an incremental upgrade to the OnePlus 6T, meaning it doesn't have all the big flashy features that come with the Pro. That said that doesn't mean it's a bad phone, and with prices starting at £499 it's a lot more enticing for people with stricter budget. But unlike the OnePlus 6T it's not available absolutely everywhere, so lets run you through who has the phone on sale. Read More >>

EE’s 5G Network Goes Live Today, and Here are all the Best 5G Deals on Offer

It feels like half a lifetime since networks started announcing their plans for 5G coverage, which three of the big four networks have decided isn't worth making people wait until next year. And today is the day the first one goes live, now that EE has launched its 5G network in a few important locations across the UK. Six places to be exact: Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, and London. Read More >>

Tesco’s Upcoming Double Data Deals Include the Newest Smartphones From Apple and Samsung

Tesco Mobile is getting in on the summertime deals action by letting you double up on data when you pick up a new phone from Apple or Samsung this June. Which is only a couple of days away, so get cracking! You can choose from the iPhone XR, XS, 7, 7 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S10, 10 Plus, and 10e. There's even a couple of SIM only deals for those of you who aren't ready to part with your favourite handset just yet. Read More >>

Vodafone is Offering Some Great Deals on Smartphones From Samsung, Google, Apple, and Huawei

If you're in the market for a new phone, Vodafone's puntastic "spring into smartphone savings" sale has kicked off, although it's barely visible on the Vodafone website. Rather than announcing the discounts for visitors, you'll have to keep an eye out for the purple banner that denotes which handsets are getting their prices slashed. It's about as helpful as it sounds. Read More >>

deal of the day
Get Half Price Xbox Live Gold For Your Bank Holiday Bonanza Deal of the Day

Amazon will use any old excuse to flog us some tat for less than RRP. Today's excuse is that it's a bank holiday, which if you ask us is a pretty reasonable excuse. We're not at work, so we have nothing better to do that laze idly on the sofa in our underpants, exercising our index finger by scrolling through shopping websites mindlessly on our phone's browser, occasionally clicking "add to basket". Read More >>

Hamleys’ Half Term Sale is Knocking 20% off Lego and Other Toys

We love our Lego here at Giz UK, as many regular readers will be aware, and we definitely love not having to pay full price for our sets. So We're pretty happy that Hamleys has announced the start of its half term sale, which includes 20% off our favourite Danish construction toy. Read More >>

eBay’s Latest Flash Sale is Knocking 15% Off All Tech

It's nearly the weekend, and it's a bank holiday weekend at that, so there are lots of sales about. After all this is the last bank holiday until sometime in August, so we better do what we can to enjoy this day off work. eBay's decided to celebrate with another flash sale, this time knocking 15% off all tech products. Read More >>

For Today Only You Can Save £170 on the Netgear’s Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi Network

Amazon is in the middle of a Bank Holiday sale that's actually quite disappointing, but sometimes the daily deals still throw out something good. The prospect of not being able to get WiFi in all corner of your house is annoying, but if you get an order in before midnight you can grab yourself a £170 saving on Netgear's Whole Home Orbi mesh networking kit. Read More >>

Save Money on Lego and Other Toys With Amazon’s Latest Voucher Deal

It's always nice to save money, especially when you're having to buy something expensive anyway. Toys, for instance, have a tendency to seem overpriced, especially where popular brick-building brands are concerned. The good news is that you can save yourself some money on Lego and other toys over at Amazon, thanks to the company matching a competing voucher deal. Read More >>

deal of the day
Fancy a New Echo Dot? They Only Cost £30 Today, or £50 if You Buy Two

There are a lot of reasons why you might want an Echo Dot. Something small and reasonably discrete to power your Alexa-compatible smart home devices perhaps. Something cheap to ask random questions when you can't be bothered Googling them. Or maybe you just like Amazon sticking a microphone in your living room. Whatever your thinking, today might be the perfect day to grab yourself the new third-generation Echo Dot. Or two, if you feel like splurging. Read More >>

deals of the day
Celebrate ‘National Streaming Day’ With £15 off the Roku Streaming Stick+

These days it seems as though every day is some sort of special day, thanks to marketing departments and advertisers deciding this is the new best way to try and sell things. Today that day is apparently 'National Streaming Day', which means absolutely nothing to most of the population, but for us it means there is some money to be saved on streaming hardware. Specifically streaming hardware made by Roku, who have a vested interest in making people buy its products. Read More >>

Argos is Selling the Google Pixel 3a for Under a Fiver to Just 50 Lucky Ducks

The limited time deal will have you sign up on Argos's website for the chance to get the £399 handset at a 99 per cent discount. That's £3.99 for a brand new phone. Read More >>