Church of Sheeran Approved by Local Council

Nice little Ed Sheeran isn't jizzing his money away on Teslas and jetpacks and whatnot, and is instead building a lovely little non-denominational church-type thing on the grounds of his home in Suffolk, for all his global friends of various religions to come and have a rest in, and thank their favourite god for making them mates with Ed and bestowing upon them his profitable guest vocalist appearances. Read More >>

Why You’ll Be Sitting More Comfortably on Ford’s 3D Knitted Seats

You might think that many of today’s production cars are, well, a wee bit boring; just nondescript metal boxes with not much to set them apart. But, in the future, Ford thinks you might be able to personalise your motor to suit your taste, even if you don't actually have any. Thanks to increasingly innovative materials and improved manufacturing techniques the old school interior that we’ve been used to for the last few decades might be about to change. Cars might even become quirky again. Read More >>

A Psychedelic Art Installation Is Trying to Get People Talking About Climate Solutions

Roughly a third of the Netherlands lies below sea level. Even when water isn’t physically present, the spectre of it is. Read More >>

York Fish & Chip Shop’s Chinese Branch Opens for Business

Well they weren't joking about it and have actually gone and done it: there's a brand new branch of York chip shop Scotts open for business in Chengdu, China. Read More >>

The Potential of Green Urban Planning for Mental Health

There is no single solution to the world-wide epidemic of poor mental health; addressing its root causes – like poverty-triggered stress and social isolation – and choosing effective treatment for sufferers remains paramount. One way to potentially partly buffer against the effects of poor mental health is through contact with nature, including the green spaces within metropolises. Read More >>

Tech Man Shows Solidarity With Greta Thunberg Via Creation of Font

A graphic designer is doing what he can to save the world in his own special shut-in way; by creating and releasing a free typeface that clones the handwriting of young climate activist Greta Thunberg. Read More >>

In the Middle of the Night You Will Definitely Trip Over This Chair Covered in the Blackest Black Paint

It doesn’t take your eyes long to adjust to the dark of night – or at least adjust enough so you can safely stumble your way to a midnight loo break. That is, unless you’ve put Death by Modernism’s Supervoid S-Chair somewhere in your path. It’s painted with some of the blackest paint available so it barely reflects light even in the day. In the middle of the night, it’s a guaranteed tripping hazard. Read More >>

Rutland Doesn’t Want a McDonald’s

The small county of Rutland – which we spent about 30 years thinking was a joke place invented for a sitcom – is raging against the possibility of a branch of McDonald's opening within its boundaries for the first time. Read More >>

Repair Nerds Suitably Impressed With the Very Repairable Fairphone 3

In terms of building a more ethical smartphone that meets even the high bar set by repair nerds, Fairphone fits the bill. And with the third generation of its modular device, the Dutch company is living up to its promise of a truly and easily repairable device. Read More >>

How US Schools Are Being Designed to Minimise the Number of Deaths During a Mass Shooting

Across the Atlantic, lockdown drills have become the norm as schools all over the US are forced to grapple with the threat of potential mass shootings every single day. But these schools are also being designed in new ways to minimise the number of deaths during a mass shooting. And this segment from NBC News shows just how strange things have gotten. Read More >>

Welsh Council’s Anti-Sex Toilet Declared a Mistake

The bizarre plan to take toilet sex off the menu from a holiday in Porthcawl is over, as the town council has said that a scheme to install onerous security measures within a new public toilet building were somehow attached to the planning documentation in error. The toilets will be normal toilets and you will be able to spend longer than usual in a cubicle with a German motorcycle tourist should you arrange to do so via a mobile phone app. Read More >>

This Inflatable Curtain Turned a Bath Tub Into the Most Spacious Shower in My Home

If you live in a tiny flat, it’s doubtful you have the luxury of a walk-in shower. A cramped bath probably does double-duty for all your bath time needs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The Aircurv is an expanding inflatable curtain that lets you move around and stretch out without rubbing up against a wall of wet plastic. Read More >>

‘We Need Responsible Consumerism’: Designer Tracy Reese Speaks on Sustainable Fashion

Designer Tracy Reese has been a leader in the fashion industry. Long before diversity and inclusion were moves designers made for clicks, Reese was making it happen. In the early 2000s, she featured black women of all complexions on the runway. That’s no surprise: She was one of the first black women to truly make it in the world of design. Read More >>

Google Sticks Another Knife in Flash’s Corpse

The killing blow to multimedia software Flash made contact with its skull in 2017, when maker Adobe announced that it would begin Flash’s “end-of-life” phase and stop updating and distributing it by the end of 2020. Flash – which nerds of a certain age cohort may remember from sites like Newgrounds or files like “annoying.swf” – has been riddled with security holes that allowed malware delivery since way before the Flash brand was officially retired in 2015, and it’s long been replaced in all but niche uses by successors like the open-source HTML5. Read More >>

Gambling Regulator Says FIFA and the Loot Box Crowd Are Just Fine

Those hoping the gambling regulator might step in and eliminate the shameful virtual loot box market have been presented with a metaphorical box containing the words "shit out of luck" and an animating crying face emoji, as the head of the Gambling Commission says FIFA and the many other imaginary-free-stuff trading titles do not come under his remit. Read More >>