Scoop Out Baby Yoda’s Brains and Replace Them With Your Amazon Echo Dot

If you’re having trouble feeling connected to the smart speaker that’s emotionlessly listening in on every word you say, there is, of course, a Star Wars-themed product for that. This time around it’s a stand for your Amazon Echo Dot that makes it look like the adorable Child from The Mandalorian. Read More >>

Some Computers and Mobile Phones from the ’90s

Nostalgia for the ‘90s is rampant online. You can’t escape it. Old shows from the ‘90s are making their way back to streaming platforms. BuzzFeed has an entire tag dedicated to quizzes and listicles about how only ‘90s kids will remember stuff from 30 years ago. Apparently, chokers, bucket hats and claw clips are also back. But somewhere in all this fond reminiscing, some pandemic-denying hacks have forgotten that computers and mobile phones also existed in the ‘90s. Read More >>

This £16 Rainbow Card Turns Your Smartphone Into a Highly Accurate Colour Picker

Designers often rely on their smartphones for snapping a quick photo of something that inspires them, but Pantone has found a way to turn their smartphone into a genuine design tool. As part of a new online service, it’s created a small card that can be used to accurately sample real world colours by simply holding the card against an object and taking a photo. Read More >>

Planners Grant Huawei Permission for Massive UK Research Centre Newbuild

South Cambridgeshire District Council has decided it's all just fine to have Huawei build a brand new research centre in the area, and has granted permission for the Chinese tech kingpin to start work on a landmark £1bn custom campus. Read More >>

Pop-up Teeth Could Improve the Grip of Any Shoe

Boots with a thick tread are a must-have accessory for safely traversing ice and snow in the winter, but slipping hazards can exist anywhere, especially for people with mobility challenges. Researchers at MIT and Harvard University have developed a new material that could radically improve the grip on the bottom of a shoe – without making it bulky or heavy like a snow boot. Read More >>

This DIY Face Shield Gives You an Excuse to Stress-Eat Haribo

A quick peek at the news is probably all it takes to have you polishing off an entire bag of gummy bears, but a South Korean design studio has come up with a way to make you feel less guilt about all that stress-eating. It’s designed a 3D printed face shield that works with empty packaging to help protect you from exposure to viruses and germs. Read More >>

How to Use Your Extra Time at Home to Finally Learn Photoshop

A mastery of Adobe Photoshop can help streamline your workflow in all kinds of fields, from web design and online publishing to digital art and photography. The software dominates the image-editing space (though alternatives are available), and no matter what your level – from beginner to expert – there’s always more to learn about using the program on Windows or macOS. Read More >>

Samsung Redesigned its TV Boxes to be Easily Converted into Cat Houses and Entertainment Centres

Taking a cue from anyone under 10 years old who can come up with endless imaginative uses for an empty cardboard box, Samsung is now making it easy for anyone to recycle or upcycle its TV packaging into other useful household items like magazine racks and fancy cat houses. Read More >>

Adobe Releases a Free Colouring Book So You Can Colour Through It

Colouring books, which enjoyed a huge reconnaissance a few years ago before dying off again, are poised to take one last victory lap as the perfect stress reliever for quarantine life. A little creativity can go a long way toward improving mental health, so Adobe has created a free digital colouring book with the help of some talented artists and illustrators. Read More >>

Adorable Miniature Record Maker Teaches Kids Not to Take Spotify For Granted

Hand a kid raised on streaming music services a vinyl record and they’ll wonder why someone made a flat frisbee that can’t fly. Yuri Suzuki’s lo-fi Easy Record Maker will not only teach kids what a record is, but it will also show them how they’re created, and in the process ensure they never take streaming music services like Spotify for granted. Read More >>

This Building Block Waffle Maker is Like Eating Lego for Breakfast

Beating Lego to the punch, a clever inventor wants to turn breakfast into not only the most important meal of the day, but the most entertaining one as well with a waffle maker that makes fluffy, edible interlocking blocks for building syrup-soaked structures. Read More >>

OnePlus Changes a Font, Pretends it Has a Brand New Logo

OnePlus has sent out an email today, declaring that it has had gone and changed its logo - a huge monumental occasion because it's the first time this has happened since the company was founded. The only problem is that the new logo looks exactly the same as the old logo: Read More >>

Mattel Turned This Graphic Designer’s Minimalist UNO Deck Into a Game You Can Actually Buy

Occasionally, sharing a piece of work you’re proud of on the internet can lead to good things (not just other people stealing your creation) as Brazilian graphic designer Warleson Oliveira discovered when Mattel reached out to turn his gorgeous, minimalist UNO deck design into an actual product. Read More >>

A New Book About Sega Includes Incredibly Detailed Pop-up Paper Models of Its Iconic Arcade Games

With a Sonic the Hedgehog film setting records at the box office, now’s as good a time as any to reflect on Sega’s glory days in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But instead of focusing on consoles, a new book takes a deep dive on Sega’s iconic ride-on arcade machines and includes intricate pop-up paper models of six standouts. Read More >>

Northern Ireland’s Eden Project Comes With a Thatched Acorn Centrepiece

The Eden Project's expansion into an eco-getaway franchise continues, with the designer of the planned Eden Project Foyle site in Northern Ireland revealing what the environmental day out may look like if/when built. It won't be the same without Cornish pasties, though. Read More >>