Someone Created a MagSafe Connector For the Rest of the Plugs In Your Home

As much as USB-C is a vast improvement over the USB connectors of yesteryear, we’re still bummed that it replaced the MagSafe connector on the recent generation of Apple’s MacBooks. We’re not getting any less clumsy, but these magnetic breakaway plug adaptors look like they could ease the fear of tripping over our other power cables. Read More >>

Curl Up With This Chill Version of Twitter That a Swiss Designer Made

Zurich designer Florian Schulz has reimagined Twitter not as a mind-numbing torrent of breaking news, GIFs, and nazis, but as something else he calls a “social network.” We’re not too sure about this “social network” idea, but the results are pretty intriguing, at least in an experimental way. Read More >>

A Textbook That Turns Into a Lifesized Paper Skeleton Should be Standard at Med Schools

Human anatomy is something better learned by studying detailed models, or actual people. Mastering the ins and outs of the human body isn’t the easiest thing to learn from a textbook, although once you hit the last page of Taschen’s latest tome, you’ll have a pretty solid understanding of the human skeleton, having just built one. Read More >>

A New Campaign Wants to Fight Hostile Urban Design With Instagram

If you’ve even set foot in a big city, it’s almost definitely happened to you. Your feet are aching and you want to take a seat for just five minutes—maybe check your phone or finish off your coffee. But the only thing around are window sills with huge spikes jutting out of them, or a “leaning” bench that doesn’t take much pressure off your feet. Spikes and studs and leaning benches are all hallmarks of what artist Stuart Semple calls “hostile urban design,” a trend in urban design that is meant to stealthily discourage loitering, sleeping, or even simply existing in public spaces. Read More >>

Update Your Firefox Now: Mozilla Just Patched a ‘Critical’ Security Flaw

Firefox version 57, otherwise known as Firefox Quantum, has done wonderful things to help get Mozilla’s open-source web browser back in shape, but along the way, the company has made a few mistakes. One of the biggest of Mozilla’s recent flubs was an exploit hidden in Firefox’s user interface code that made it possible to for an attacker to run unsanitised HTML on a user’s computer. Read More >>

Did Design Really Cause Hawaii’s ‘BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT’ False Alarm?

When Hawaii accidentally terrified residents earlier this month with a push notification about an imminent “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT,” the Internet seemed to cry out in unison: Okay, who pushed the wrong button? Read More >>

London Says No to Public Thatcher Statue

People on a night out in London looking for something to vandalise are not going to get what they want, as Westminster Council has denied planning permission for a statue of Margaret Thatcher. Read More >>

These Post-It Notes Slowly Transform Into Beautiful 3D Art As You Use Them

Now this is the revolution in sticky notes we've all been waiting for. Once you've depleted your stack of post-its, all you're left with is a sad, plain backing card. That's no longer the case with Triad Inc.'s "Omoshiro Blocks", which, note-by-note, turn into amazing pieces of 3D art. Read More >>

Donald Trump’s Fake News Awards Website Looks Awful, Immediately Crashed

On Wednesday night, President Donald J. Trump finally made good on a promise, sort of—rolling out the media-bashing “Fake News Awards” he originally touted for January 8th and then pushed back to January 17th as it became clear no one, let alone him, had actually put any effort into executing the idea. Read More >>

Following Boris’s Channel Bridge Proposal, Here’s 9 More Bridges and Tunnels That Could Unite Countries and Continents

Boris Johnson is not a details-oriented politician. He's a man with a vision - and no matter how stupid that vision is, he has form for making it a reality: You only have to look at London's stupid cable car, or the super expensive new buses that actually reduce capacity compared to the bendy buses that came before, to see that. (And if you think the cable car is good, then I have a garden bridge to sell you.) Read More >>

I’d Actually Consider Going to a Spin Class If I Could Ride These Retro-Styled Exercise Bikes

When you think classic American design and cycling, you might think of the Schwinn bike, which looks like it was designed by an aerodynamics-obsessed automotive engineer. Schwinn has long since updated its bike designs, but the company pays homage to its past with an indoor bike that’s oozing with retro charm. Read More >>

Lego Ideas’ Latest Fan-Designed Set is This Lovely Ship in a Bottle

Lego Ideas is a great way for people who love Lego to try and get their designs built, even though a lot of incredible sets have to be put into the reject pile. Still most of the sets that do get made are pretty incredible, and the latest one to join their ranks is the Ship in a Bottle. Read More >>

5 Design Trends We’d Like to See More of This Year

Looking ahead to 2018, there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to design. From technology companies who are finally starting to own their responsibility, to the rest of us saying goodbye to boring hardware—here are five design trends we’d like to see more of this year. Read More >>

New Limited Edition 50p Celebrates a Century of Women Being Allowed to Vote

2018 is a big year for anniversaries. This year is 100 years since the first world war ended, the 25th anniversary of the foundation of the European single market, 50 years since the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, and other major historical events. It's also the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which granted UK women over the right to vote. Read More >>

star wars
Star Wars Meets High Fashion in These Sculptures Crafted Using Designer Bags

On his website, artist Gabriel Dishaw describes himself as an “upcycler/sculptor,” but looking at his work, it’s fair to assume he’s also a huge Star Wars fan, too. He has several series devoted to characters from the films, including a number of recent sculptures that cleverly repurpose Louis Vuitton handbags among their materials. Read More >>