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Christopher Eccleston to Return as the Ninth Doctor in a New Series of Audio Dramas

Christopher Eccleston was the actor who brought the Doctor into the modern era, but his tenure was short and (to many) controversial, and it wouldn’t have been surprising to see him never reprise his role. Fortunately, that won’t be the case. Read More >>

Doctor Who’s Huge New Event Nearly Got Scrapped by the Coronavirus

Move over, Daleks: you’re now officially less likely to scrap the Doctor’s plans than actual respiratory viruses. Read More >>

Watch Sarah Jane Smith’s Final Doctor Who Adventure, Cut Down to Just 30 Minutes

While Doctor Who might be fine with telling adventures over the course of a single, 50-odd-minute episode these days, back in its classic iteration, serials could run twice as long or even longer, broken up into 30-minute chunks over the course of several weeks. But it seems like the BBC’s official YouTube channel is experimenting with making some classics even more digestible. Read More >>

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River Song and Her Original ‘Sweetie’ Are Back Together in a New Doctor Who Audio Drama

We’re gonna need a bigger TARDIS. After over a decade apart, and several Doctors in between, Big Finish has announced that David Tennant and Alex Kingston are returning as the Tenth Doctor and River Song in a new Doctor Who audio series. Read More >>

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Watch David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker Judge a Doctor Who Cosplay Contest

Only one catch: the cosplays were made in a day, with only household items. I guess that’s two catches. Read More >>

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The Timey-Wimey History of Doctor Who’s Time War

The Last Great Time War. Those five words have hung over Doctor Who ever since it was revived in 2005: an earth-shattering conflict that saw the Doctor’s people, the Time Lords, pitted against the Daleks. It’s been started, ended, revived, and discussed across Who media for years, and will be explored once more this year in the Time Lord Victorious project. But what, when, why, and how was the Time War? Read More >>

Rebecca Root Talks Being the First Transgender Companion in Doctor Who

It’s a pretty harrowing being a trans person in the world right now, what with American policymakers taking away our rights and influential people using their platforms to decry our existence in so many terms. So any move to represent our experiences and just our sheer normalcy right now feels important. Meet Rebecca Root: a British actress, she’ll be playing Tania Bell, a new companion of the Doctor’s to be featured in an upcoming audio adventure via Big Finish. She’ll be the Doctor’s first trans companion, and the first canonically trans character in the series. Read More >>

Doctor Who’s Next Audio Series Is All About Arthur Darvill’s Auton Centurion

Rory’s back! But this time, he’s alone. Because he’s meant be guarding a giant prison box for thousands of years, but in Big Finish’s new Doctor Who audio series, the hapless husband of Amy Pond (and one time Roman Centurion/Secret Plastic Alien Warrior) has only gone and misplaced it. Read More >>

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Of Course Paul McGann’s Fighting Daleks on Audio for Doctor Who’s New Event

I’m just saying, we shouldn’t be surprised. Doctor Who announced a new transmedia story event that involves audio dramas from Big Finish? Of course the Doctor defined by his history in the medium is going to be there. He’ll probably blow up a Dalek or six while he’s at it. Read More >>

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Tom Baker and David Tennant Will Team Up For a New Doctor Who Adventure

The crossover of a Doctor Who lifetime is finally, properly happening, thanks to our Time Lord’s enduring audio adventures. Read More >>

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Big Finish Is Relaunching Its Doctor Who Audio Adventures in 2022

The world of Doctor Who audio adventures is getting some very interesting changes...especially if you’re more of a fan of the modern era of the show. Read More >>

10 Aliens That Can Just Go Ahead and Abduct Us Right Now

Ever get the urge to just flee the planet? Especially lately? These days we’re thinking that suddenly jetting away from Earth wouldn’t be so bad. In fact, it could rule – especially if any of these 10 aliens are willing to handle the travel plans. Read More >>

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Doctor Who’s Big New Event is All About Cheating Death (and That Arsehole-ish Tenth Doctor)

Remember that hot five minutes the Tenth Doctor was like “I’m the last of the Time Lords, I can do whatever the damn hell I want” before everything went bad for him and he went “oh crap ctrl+z ctrl+z!!!”? Well, looks like he’s back. And this time he’s trying to stop literal dispensers of death? Read More >>