To Pet Owners, a Dog’s Whimpering Sounds Just as Sad as an Infant’s Cry

Devoted pet owners are often said to treat their furry friends like children. A new study out Thursday seems to show that’s not too far from the truth. The study found, among other things, that pet owners rated the sounds of a dog whimpering to be sad as cries coming from a human baby. Read More >>

Telsa’s Dog Mode Hasn’t Been a Good Boy

Back in February Tesla introduced a Dog Mode to help owners safely leave their dogs in the car through temperature regulation and monitoring. Read More >>

Remote Control Dogs Are Now a Reality Thanks to This Haptic Vest

You know how you instinctively reach for your pocket every time you feel your phone vibrating with a notification? Researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel have harnessed that same reflex to create what is essentially a remote control dog that receives silent commands and signals through a vibrating vest. Read More >>

More Dogs Caught Attacking Postmen

Lots of bad boys around the nation have been consistently ignoring the order to get down, as Royal Mail is warning that numbers of dog attacks on its posties are on the rise. Read More >>

Sniffer Dog Evades Bounty Hunters to Win Trading Standards Hero Award

This adorable substance-sniffing little scamp (centre, front) was so good at detecting the hidden goods of smugglers that a bounty of £25,000 was put on his fluffy little head – but he survived, sniffing out a career-record of £6 million worth of illegally trafficked tobacco. Read More >>

I Found the Perfect Pet Cam to Launch Treats at My Dog

One of the worst parts about having a pet is when you have to leave them alone at home. They’re stuck in the house and you’re out in the world! Pet cameras are ostensibly a great way to watch and interact with pets even when you’re away from home. While they used to feel like a kludgy gimmick that can’t rival a real security camera, pet cameras have improved dramatically in the last three years, so we grabbed the top three to see how well they hold up against a popular security camera and to figure out what the best camera for your pet monitoring needs is. Read More >>

Vets Say They Saved a Dog’s Life Using an Experimental Fish Skin Graft

Here’s a feel-good story to carry you through the bank holiday weekend. Veterinarians at Michigan State University in the U.S. say they were able to save the life of a one-year-old Rottweiler named Stella who had been horrifically burned, thanks in part to an innovative technology that uses fish skin to help the body heal itself. Read More >>

A Newly Discovered Mutation May Explain Why Some Dogs Can’t Breathe Well

As wonderfully cute as dog breeds like the French Bulldog look (for some people at least), it’s long been thought that these dogs’ distinctively compact skulls also make them very vulnerable to severe health and breathing issues. But new research out of Europe suggests that smushy faces are only part of the problem for some breeds – an unrelated genetic mutation that’s also found in dogs without these skulls may also be to blame. Read More >>

Puppy Farming Ban Snuffles Adorably into Parliament

A ban on the "farming" of puppies has taken a big, lolloping step forward today, as potentially tougher rules on the managing of young pups heads to Parliament for what is hopefully a brief spell of agreeing and aye-ing and a passing into law. Read More >>

This Quiz Tells You Which Very Good Boy is the Dog For You

Five million people a year take on a pet without doing any research at all, and that is shameful. Read More >>

DC Universe Confirms Superboy’s Casting on Titans

We already knew DC Universe’s Titans was getting a second season. And, if you watched the entire finale episode of season one, you already had a very good idea of at least one new character joining the ensemble. Now, it’s confirmed, with a casting announcement for Superboy. Read More >>

Do Dogs Get Headaches?

From the outside a dog’s life can seem close to ideal, at least at those moments when your desire to do nothing runs up against the imperatives of being alive (going to work, doing dishes, buying food for the dog, etc.). Plus, dogs generally don’t require fistfuls of paracetamol just to make it through the day. But would they, if they understood the concept of medicine, and could somehow unscrew those childproof caps with their paws? Put otherwise: do dogs get headaches? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of experts in canine medicine and behaviour to find out. Read More >>

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Pixar’s Emotional New Short Will Make a Pet Lover Out of You

Those of us who have them know that pets are basically like best friends who are guaranteed to never desert you, and will always do their best to make you feel better when times are rough. That’s a big part of what makes it difficult to see people who abuse animals. Read More >>

The Dogs That Stopped an 18th Century Crime Wave

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, but it wasn't until the 18th century that they truly secured that honour. All by doing one of the things dogs do best: stopping burglars and saving their owners a fortune. Read More >>

Stop Letting Your Dogs Freeze to Death, You Slithering Ghouls

The polar vortex may be chilling much of the midwest United States to the bone this week, but it’s cold as hell elsewhere too. And a dog’s place during these frigid winter months is huddled up inside with their people where it’s toasty warm. But during the last few weeks, multiple reports have surfaced of dogs freezing to death after being left outside amid record-low temperatures. Read More >>