The Former Flash Directors Make a Saving Throw for the Dungeons & Dragons Movie

The D&D movie rolls for initiative once more, but this time a new Dungeon Master is in charge. Well, Dungeon Masters. Read More >>

Dungeons & Dragons Is Celebrating 5 Years of the 5th Edition With a Gorgeous Return to Its First Adventure

When Dungeons & Dragons rebooted its ruleset for its 5th official edition back in 2014, alongside the rules, Wizards of the Coast offered an epic battle against Tiamat herself as the first adventure for new heroes to deal with. Now, five years on, they’re revisiting it for a special, and rather fabulous looking treat. Read More >>

Dungeons & Dragons’ Next Magic: The Gathering Mashup Is a Trip to Ravnica

For the past couple of years, the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering have been getting closer and closer. Here and there, D&D has crept into the cards of Magic, while the worlds of the card game have slowly wormed their way into Dungeons & Dragons rulesets. But now they’re closer than ever, thanks to a new rulebook. Read More >>

3d printing
These Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Just Convinced Me to Buy a 3D Printer

3D printers? Who needs ‘em!? I don’t want a bunch of crappy plastic trinkets filling up my apartme — OH MY GOD there’s an artist designing printable D&D monsters. So, how much are 3D printers going for nowadays? Read More >>

Somehow Ice-T Has Unwittingly Recorded a Dungeons & Dragons Audiobook

"Pegasus....Pegasi. That's horses with wings. This shit is crazy." Read More >>