Google Wants It Both Ways

Google is facing a flurry of backlash after announcing plans to protect user privacy by continuing to allow cookies in Chrome in a proposal it calls the Privacy Sandbox. This felt like a surprise, since the company suggested in May that it would “update how cookies are handled in Chrome.” Since Apple, Mozilla, and Microsoft are all moving away from tracking users through cookies, it seemed like Google would do the same. But nah. Cookies are good for advertisers, and Google makes a tonne of money selling ads. Read More >>

You Can Check Out a Beta of the New Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge Right Now

Today, Microsoft is releasing a stable beta of the new Chromium-based version of Edge, its first-party browser intended to rival Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Developer and Canary builds of the browser have been available for months, but we’re told this beta is a more a polished version intended for wider release. Read More >>

Which Browser Engine Powers Your Web Browsing – And Why Does It Matter?

As you might have heard, Microsoft is rebuilding Edge from the ground up, this time using the Chromium code that also underpins Google Chrome. Essentially it’s a switch to a different browser rendering engine – but what exactly is such an engine? And how does it affect your browsing experience? We’ll guide you through the details here. Read More >>

Rumours That Microsoft Will Embrace Chromium for a Future Browser Are Very Encouraging

Microsoft is purportedly planning a major change to its Edge browser. A report from Windows Central suggests Microsoft plans to ditch its proprietary EdgeHTML back end for Chromium—which could spell a more pleasant browser experience for Edge users. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Edge Browser Could Soon Be Harder to Ignore in Windows 10

It’s time for a look at the latest Insider Preview build of Windows 10. There are some small but welcome improvements, like the addition of HEIF (high efficiency file format) that lets you more easily save and view photos and videos from across the web, along with a safer removal process for people using external GPUs. OK, cool. Read More >>

Both Samsung Galaxy S8 Models Might be Curvilicious

Samsung's made a thing in recent years out of offering two versions of its Galaxy S series; one with the usual flat screen and a curved option for people who enjoy spending a bit more money on having extra features they probably won't use. Read More >>

It’s Windows Patch Time – Critical Fixes Rolled Out

It was a substantial update, but the Windows 10 Anniversary update was never going to ring the end for patches and fixes on Microsoft's OS. Windows users will do well to update their machines, after Microsoft rolled out a series of tweaks to tidy up security issues (some critical) on the platform. Read More >>

Netflix is Better to Watch on Microsoft Edge Than Other Browsers

Microsoft this week said that its own browser was better than the all the rest when it comes to streaming Netflix shows. As it would. Read More >>

Microsoft Edge to “Pause” (AKA Kill All) Flash Ads in Latest Update

Adobe's Flash format death clock has ticked one second nearer midnight, with Microsoft the latest to brand much of its animating nonsense "peripheral" and nonessential to the being-on-the-internet process. Read More >>

Microsoft Edge is Finally Becoming a Real Browser

I know, Microsoft Edge is basically a rebranded Internet Explorer, and for that reason alone most people stay a full barge-pole length away from Window’s new default browser. But thanks to some upcoming changes, it might stop sucking so bad. Read More >>

Your Browser’s Private Mode Isn’t as Secret as You Think

Your browser’s private or incognito mode can be useful for many reasons, but you should always know what it is – and more importantly isn’t – hiding. Here’s exactly what’s happening when you launch a private window. Read More >>

People Are Finally Ditching Internet Explorer For Chrome

In the land of browsers, Internet Explorer is king—but not for long. The most-used browser in the world is swiftly losing its prestigious ground to up-and-coming web browser, Google Chrome. Computerworld released a report that predicts if Internet Explorer continues its user base free fall, Chrome could become the new browser champ as early as May 2016. Read More >>

windows 10
Apple’s September Event Opened Up to Microsoft Users

You’ll be able to watch Apple’s September 9th event on a Windows 10 PC. Traditionally, Apple has limited the livestream to its own Safari browser on iOS and OS X but this time you can officially watch it in the new Microsoft Edge browser. Read More >>

Write and Draw on Web Pages With Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 brings with it a brand new browser called Microsoft Edge (though Internet Explorer is still hanging around like an awkward kid in the background). Here’s how to get started with one of its most interesting features—annotating websites. Read More >>

Latest Windows 10 Preview Build Comes With the Edge Browser

The latest preview build of Windows 10 for PCs comes complete with a version of Microsoft’s new Edge web browser so you can try it out before the official launch on July 29th. Read More >>