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The World’s First Pop-up EV Charging Points Are Being Trialled in Oxford

Cheltenham-based consultancy firm Duku and its sister company Albright IP have developed a pop-up EV charging point that's being tested in the real world in a pilot program taking place in Oxford. Read More >>

News of an Employee’s Death at a Tesla Facility Renews Focus on Company’s History of Safety Concerns

Tesla confirmed Tuesday that the body of one of its employees was found at the company’s Gigfactory last week and police are currently investigating the incident, Business Insider reported. Read More >>

electric vehicles
Soon you’ll be able to charge your EV at one of over 2,500 sites across the UK

To make the transition to a future of electric vehicles go as smoothly as possible, a new EV charging network is being set up across the UK to keep your car juiced up. It's a petrol station for your electric car, essentially. Read More >>

Tesla Posts Record Deliveries in Q2 2019, But Still Lost £327 Million

Electric car giant Tesla had its stock plunge over 10 per cent in after-hours trading after posting a $408 million (£327 million) loss in Q2 2019—despite shipping record numbers of cars, CNBC reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

The Boosted Scooter Is a Blast

Electric scooters are dangerous. It seems like you can’t go a day without seeing a scary story in the news reminding the world of this fact. People die riding these things. So it wasn’t surprising when Boosted emphasised safety in announcing its new e-scooter. The £1,600 Boosted Rev has three brakes, wide handlebars, fat tyres, and a bombproof frame. It also has a top speed of 24 miles per hour, which as I learned after two weeks riding the Rev, is as thrilling as it is terrifying. Read More >>

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The Government Is Considering Plans for All New Homes to Come With EV Chargers

The government is doubling down on its initiative to reduce emissions and stop people causing themselves a mischief when charging their electric cars at home with its plans to have all new builds come with an EV charger. Read More >>

Electric Cars Aren’t Enough to Solve the Growing Transport Problem Says a New Report

Even if everyone switches to electric cars, it won't solve the overarching transport issue, says a new report. Read More >>

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Electric Vehicles Aren’t Noisy Enough Says EU

Electric cars are quiet. Too quiet. And so the EU is enforcing a new regulation that will see all new electric vehicles fitted with a noisemaker that sounds like a traditional car engine. Read More >>

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Google Maps Now Shows Which Electric Car Chargers Are Free

Encouraging drivers to use electric cars over fossil fuels is good for us all, and Google has already done its bit to help by adding the locations of EV charging stations to Google Maps so they're easier to find. Now, though, it's going a step further by telling you whether those stations are in use or available. Read More >>

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Man Concludes ‘World’s Longest’ Trip in Electric Car

In an epic road trip spanning more than three years, 33 countries, and roughly 59,000 miles, on Sunday Dutchman Weibe Wakker set what is believed to be the record for the ‘world’s longest trip’ by an electric car. Read More >>

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Man Charged For Parking Non-Charging Car In A Charging Space With No Charger

A 72-year-old pensioner has received a fine for parking his non-electric car in an electric car charging space which didn't yet have a charger. Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Green Broadband Cabinets Could Become EV Charging Points

When it can take anything between 30 and 60 minutes to fast charge an electric car battery, it's fair to say we there's no such thing as too many charging points. The only issue is getting them installed quickly and efficiently in places where people can access them. Well Virgin Media may have a solution, and has decided to test the possibility of adding EV charging stations to its green broadband cabinets. Read More >>

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Harley-Davidson’s All-Electric LiveWire is Just Too Quiet

Owning a Harley-Davidson is a big deal. The iconic motorcycle conjures up a vision of freedom, the open road and, er, noise. Harley’s raucous louder-than-hell V-twin engines have been deafening the neighbours and blending bikers vital organs forever, but now the iconic American brand has its eyes on the electric market. To the shock and disgust of many who love the Milwaukee-headquartered company’s two-wheeled machines, Harley-Davidson used CES 2019 to show off the LiveWire, a bike that gets on down the road using future-friendly battery power. Read More >>

Uber Pledges £200m of Your Money to Clean Up London’s Air

Uber has unveiled plans to charge customers a new 'clean air fee' for every mile they travel, which will be used to fund cleaner cars for drivers. Read More >>

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This Entire Stadium Can Run On Car Batteries

Last Friday, the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam was descended upon by a frothy, screaming crowd of thousands, absolutely champing at the bit to see the new car battery tech that had just been installed inside. Read More >>