Trees are Getting Shorter and Younger

The world’s collective forests have become shorter and younger overall in the past 50 years, according to a study published in the journal Science on Friday. This means that forests have less capacity to remove carbon from the atmosphere and are less hospitable to the many species that rely on them for shelter. Oh, and it’s going to get worse. Read More >>

The Climate Case for the Four-Day Work Week

Jacinda Ardern has won a lot of rightful praise for New Zealand’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The nation has stood as an outlier with cases that have stayed low, and the country is beginning to reopen in what it hopes is a safe way. So maybe we should also be paying attention to what their ideas are for a recovery plan. Read More >>

The Worst Types of Cyclones are Becoming More Likely

India and Bangladesh are currently reeling from Cyclone Amphan. The cyclone made landfall on Wednesday, forcing millions into shelters. Read More >>

US Scientists Are Flying Research Missions During Lockdowns to Improve Climate Models

In the past week alone, Xinrong Ren has taken four flights. He’s not actually headed anywhere, though. Ren is a senior research scientist at the University of Maryland’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. He’s been taking to the skies since February as part of a federal research project with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to measure how much air pollution has declined in the northeastern United States amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read More >>

‘A New Pandemic’: Coronavirus Threatens Indigenous People in the Amazon as Fire Season Nears

When the Amazon Rainforest burns, illegal loggers and miners are typically to blame. In the past, indigenous communities would patrol their lands every week or fortnight to find criminals looking to loot the forest. These patrols – usually made up of two to six men – deterred illegal land-grabbers from deforesting indigenous territories, which may cover as much as 9 million acres. Read More >>

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Looming Landslide in Alaska Could Trigger Enormous Tsunami at Any Moment, Scientists Warn

The collapse of an unstable mountain slope in the US state of Alaska could trigger a catastrophic tsunami in Harriman Fjord. A retreating glacier is producing this precarious situation, highlighting yet another type of hazard caused by climate change. Read More >>

Australia’s Wildlife Just Can’t Catch a Break

When flames engulfed the Australian countryside last summer, Thelma Johnson was grateful the winds didn’t send the fires her way. She helped found the Southern Highlands Koala Sanctuary, located in Canyonleigh, New South Wales, which was spared by the monstrous bushfires that affected more than 12 million acres in the state. Read More >>

An Oil Spill and the Coronavirus Are Creating a Crisis in Ecuador’s Amazon

Imagine being told to shelter at home due to a global pandemic, only to have your home, drinking water, and food stores destroyed. It would be a nightmare, but that is exactly what happened for indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon after a massive oil spill polluted two major rivers. Read More >>

An Ancient Type of El Nino Could Awaken Because of Climate Change

El Niño is one of the most familiar climate patterns on Earth. Pools of water in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean become abnormal warm, triggering changes in global weather patterns. Read More >>

Ban Cruises

Some of the most horrifying coronavirus outbreaks have been on holiday cruises. Hundreds of cruise goers have gotten sick and dozens have died as ships acted like petri dishes for the disease. The industry was forced to shutter amid the pandemic, but touting new health protocols, it’s already planning its big comeback. Read More >>

The Seafloor Is Absolutely Littered in Microplastic

Plastic garbage floating on the ocean may draw the most outrage, but it accounts for just 1 per cent of the 10 million tonnes of plastic that get into the world’s oceans every year. The rest of it ends up in the deep ocean, and new research has revealed where it’s accumulating. Read More >>

EasyJet Rumbled Begging the Government Not to Introduce Environmental Taxes

EasyJet ruffled a few feathers when it was handed an unconditional £600m government loan package to stop it financially exploding in the wake of the coronavirus restrictions on travel, prompting environmental investigators to examine communications for embarrassing emails. And they have found a few. Read More >>

If the Ancient Romans Could Recycle, Then So Can You

A team of researchers at Pompeii recently discovered evidence that Romans were avid recyclers, according to a weekend Guardian report. It figures that the same society that brought us urban planning, indoor heating, and concrete was also ahead of its time with going green too. Read More >>

Look at All This Oil

Some truly bananas footage from the U.S. Coast Guard shows dozens of oil tankers anchored off of the coast of California, from Long Beach to the San Francisco Bay, stuck without anywhere to unload. Read More >>