Hundreds of Protestors Block Work Crews Ahead of Thirty Meter Telescope Construction in Hawaii

Construction preparation for what is supposed to be one of the world’s biggest and most powerful telescopes was set to begin Monday in the US state of Hawaii, but opponents aren’t making it easy. Read More >>

Another Thing Killing Coral Reefs: Our Poo

It’s no secret that corals are dying at an alarming rate. While climate change heating up the oceans is understood to be screwing over corals, a new study points fingers at a different culprit: pollution. Read More >>

Government Pressured to Further Cut Our Petrol With Ethanol

A group of MPs who get together to push the case for the British bioethanol industry over a nice glass or two of ethanol is asking the government to double the amount of the product that's mixed into our fuel, as both a short-term quick-fix to reduce carbon the output of our transport system and to protect thousands of jobs. Read More >>

Mountaineers Declare Small and Polite War on Banana Skins

People overseeing the enjoyment of our little mountain ranges are getting angry about banana skins being dumped all over the place by casual hillwalkers, and not because climbers are slipping on them and sliding all the way to the bottom then having to start their ascents again. Read More >>

‘Ghost’ Fishing Gear Is a Bigger Threat to Sharks Than We Realised

Not even the oceans’ top predators can escape the ruinous embrace of humanity’s plastic waste, suggests new research. The study indicates that over recent decades, many hundreds of sharks have been reported falling victim to entanglement in fishing gear and other marine plastic debris. Read More >>

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Your Binge-Watching of Netflix and Porn Is Contributing to Millions of Tonnes of Emissions a Year

Most days when I get home from work, I kick off my shoes and cosy up with some Netflix. Video streaming is kind of my go-to when I want to relax—and I’m far from alone. Each year, our collective video streaming results in carbon emissions equivalent to the entire country of Spain, a new report has found. Read More >>

A Common Household Chemical May Cause Thyroid Problems for Cats

Many older cats suffer from health problems caused by a hyperactive thyroid, and while there’s no single cause of the condition, hormone-disturbing chemicals in the environment are thought to be an important factor. A new study involving some furry volunteers suggests that these chemicals include fire retardants commonly found in homes. Read More >>

How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Wrecking the Planet

Summertime is officially here, baby. You know what that means: long days, beach tans and wild energy bills. Keeping cool doesn’t come cheap – not for your pocket and definitely not for the planet. Read More >>

Calculation Shows We Could Add a US-Sized Forest to the Planet to Fight Climate Change

Trees are good for all sorts of things, like providing shade for picnics and habitat for animals. But they’re also a huge part of the efforts to combat climate change by sucking carbon dioxide out of the air. Read More >>

Looks Like You’ll be Buried on a Brownfield Site or Along a Motorway

Being an island of limited space and with a long history of dead people means we're running out of space to put everyone when they die, resulting in full graveyards the land over. One solution to this could be creating new, modern burial sites on public land and beside roads, perhaps putting grandad to rest beside his favourite stretch of the A303. Read More >>

Meet the People Risking Their Lives to Study Our Dying Mountain Glaciers

When geoscientist and mountaineer John All started studying the impacts of climate change on the world’s highest mountain glaciers over a decade ago, he said it was like monitoring a sick patient. Now, it’s more like doing an autopsy. Read More >>

Cod Heads Back to the “Do Not Eat” List

Scientists almost certainly wearing lovely jumpers while advising the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea have warned on North Sea cod stocks, saying that the poor fish is yo-yoing back down in numbers towards another population crash that'll have us told not to catch it or eat it for a few years. Read More >>

Get Ahead of the Wet Wipes Ban by Cleaning Your Bum With This Gel

Despite clear labelling about not flushing baby wipes and their ilk down our loos, people are still doing it, and to avoid another fatberg, one company is offering an alternative when it comes to cleaning bums - be it your baby's or your own. Read More >>

Scientists Find Dozens of Lakes Buried Far Below Greenland’s Ice

For decades, scientists working in Antarctica have been documenting subglacial lakes, bodies of water buried miles beneath the ice. They’ve spotted more than 400 of them, and even drilled into a few and found evidence for both living and long-dead lifeforms. But despite their ubiquity at the bottom of the world, no one had really looked to see if subglacial lakes were widespread beneath the Greenland ice sheet as well. Until now. Read More >>

France Just Obliterated Its All-Time Heat Record

France has never been hotter. The intense dome of high pressure sitting over Europe has shattered heat records across the continent. At least five countries set June heat records on Thursday and on Friday, France smashed its all-time temperature record at at least a dozen weather stations. Read More >>