One London Street Solves EV Charging Dilemma

This is a bit of a PR stunt and is in no way happening anywhere other than along one privileged road right now, but it does at least show it's possible to charge electric cars when they're all nose-to-tail down a residential road, as occupants of London's Sutherland Avenue have all been sorted with an entire street's worth of lamppost electric charging hardware. Trip hazards be-mostly-gone. Read More >>

National Express Promises a Full Zero Emission Bus Fleet by 2030

Bus and coach specialist National Express has said it will stop buying diesel buses and coaches from literally right now, as it foresees a time in the near-ish future when every bus and coach it operates is full electric, or hydrogen, or pedalled by people down below paying £1 to transit between our major cities. Read More >>

Ofgem Wants Four Times the Wind Power and 10m EVs on the Roads by 2030

The UK's energy regulator thinks we should lay off congratulating ourselves about renewables, as it foresees a four-fold increase in offshore electricity generation coming by 2030 – a move that's essential as it also imagines 10 million electric cars will be dangling off charge points by then too. Read More >>

UK-Based Electric Van Maker Suddenly Needs to Actually Make 10,000 of Them

The geniuses behind electric vehicle startup Arrival have pulled off an almighty win, managing to convince delivery giant UPS to order 10,000 of the (potential future) carmaker's all-electric delivery vans – despite Arrival having not yet built anything at all. Read More >>

The High-Tech Honda e is Your New Home From Home

The Honda e isn't just another car release. Oh no, this electric car is special, real special. From the outside it’s got looks that set it apart from everything else. Yup, we think the Honda e is pretty darn unique with the odd whiff of Honda’s heritage (think old-school Civic) combined with bang-up-to-date features and functionality. That includes digital door mirrors and flush-fit door handles no less. It’s a super-cool bit of kit. Read More >>

Aston Martin Abandons Production of Full Electric Rapide

Or the Aston Martin Rapide E to give it its proper attribution, what was to be the carmaker's first entry into the EV market. Production is said to have been cancelled, due to Aston's financial woes and a need to get all (Welsh) hands to the machines to churn out an SUV to save the day. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: Sony Just Made Tesla Look Like The Boring Company

One of the biggest surprises of CES 2020 was Sony unveiling an electric concept car in a mic drop power move. Read More >>

Motorway Service Stations Say the Grid Can’t Cope With EV Charger Demand

The boss of the RoadChef network, which operates such food and fuel destinations of last resort as Norton Canes on the M4 and Sedgemoor South on the M5, says the electricity grid is in no way prepared for the mass of incoming electric cars and their required charging points. Read More >>

Tesla’s Model 3 Becomes the Best Selling EV in the UK

Stats counting car registrations for the year to the end of September 2019 have declared Tesla's Model 3 the best selling of the all-electric car models on sale in the UK, with enough pent-up demand for Elon Musk's entry level model to beat established rivals Nissan's Leaf or the BMW i3. Read More >>

Electric Car Users May Have Found a Use for Google Assistant

The thing on your phone you only ever open by accident may soon become a thing you occasionally open on purpose, should you be the owner or potential owner of an electric car. This is thanks to EV charge point specialist Zap-Map adding access to most of its database of chargers via the "OK Google" voice search, making it straightforward to find a charge location without getting done or publically shamed for looking at your phone while driving. Read More >>

100 Tescos Start Offering Free Charging for EVs

100 Tescos – or 100 individual branches of Tesco, to make it known that I do not refer to Tesco as "Tescos" – are to start offering free charging for EVs as you load up with processed delights, in a deal probably paid for by Volkswagen as it's an e-Golf and an ID.3 seen charging up in the promotional photography. Read More >>

Jeremy Clarkson is Still Pretending He Can’t Find an EV Charging Point

The ageing car enthusiast has once again done his joke about not being able to find a public electric vehicle charging point, with Jeremy Clarkson's review of the Mercedes-Benz EQC pure-electric EV sticking it to the entire concept of electric vehicles because he can't update his brain with the locations of electric rather than petroleum fuelling locations. Read More >>

Elon Musk Says Brexit is Why a Battery Gigafactory is Coming to Germany, and Not the UK

Recently we heard from some of those expert types that the UK really needs a big factory to keep up with demand for electric car batteries - because right now we're not doing so well. As it turns out Tesla-superowner Elon Musk had considered building a battery gigafactory here, but Brexit meant he chose Germany instead. Read More >>

Alt-Fuel Electric Cars Were Genuinely Popular in October Sales Data

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has reported new car sales numbers for October, and the numbers are pretty grim across the board for all but the electric segment of the market; which it would seem is finally seeing sales numbers that approximate the electric powertrain hype. Read More >>

First Full-Electric Black Cab Hits London Streets

An entirely electric black cab in an approximation of the traditional London vernacular has gone on sale, with any new entrants to the world of licensed urban taxi driving able to pick one of for just £47,995 when factoring in the full government EV grant break. Read More >>