Facing Antitrust Pressure, Google Starts Spinning Its Own Too Big to Fail Argument

While billboards go up in Silicon Valley calling for the break-up of big tech, executives at Google and Facebook continue to argue that the massive scale of their companies is a key asset in the emerging tech cold war between the United States and China. Read More >>

Facebook Will Now Rank Your Comments

Facebook is a disease, but it’s still trying to be “more meaningful.” Read More >>

Visa, Uber, and PayPal Are Reportedly Backing Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

After months of rumours, it appears a Facebook cryptocurrency is imminent. Reports last week said its planned launch is slated for June 18, and now it appears that the cryptocurrency, Libra, has some legit backers, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Facebook Is Betting People Are Still Hungry For Another Heaping Ladle of Portal

Facebook isn’t done with its spiffy new Portal video phones. You know, the ones which got largely favourable reviews, but are virtually impossible to fully trust, given they came out after months (years, really) of massive privacy scandals for the globe-spanning social media giant and are totally capable of spying on their owners for advertising purposes. Read More >>

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Facebook Worried About Mark Zuckerberg’s Old Emails in Privacy Probe

Employees within Facebook have dug up “emails that appear to connect Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to potentially problematic privacy practices” in the course of responding to a Federal Trade Commission investigation, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing “people familiar with the matter.” Read More >>

Meet the Deepfake Zuckerberg, Same as the Flesh Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg may be famed for looking and acting like a (slightly damp) synthetic being trying to infiltrate human society, but a team of artists working with advertising company Canny appears to built a software version of the Facebook CEO that could one day threaten to make hardware Zuckerberg obsolete. Read More >>

G20 Countries Agree on Approach to Shut Down Big Tech’s Tax Loopholes

The group of 20 finance ministers meeting in Fukuoka, Japan reached a tentative agreement on Saturday to “compile common rules to close loopholes used by global tech giants” such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, Reuters reported—with a particular focus on reducing the practice by some companies of routing profits through countries that offer rock-bottom corporate tax rates, like Ireland and Luxembourg. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Upcoming Cryptocurrency

In case you hadn’t heard, Facebook’s working on a cryptocurrency. There have been plenty of rumours floating around on the secretive project, codenamed Libra, for a while now, but this week we saw the floodgates open with reports of a likely official launch on June 18. Read More >>

‘It’s a Travesty’: Mark Zuckerberg Gets What He Wants in Hawaii Land Grab

Līhuʻe, Kauai — On Tuesday, after years of struggle, a man Mark Zuckerberg supports secured a series of disputed properties that lie within the bounds of Zuckerberg’s vast estate in the northeast corner of Kauai in Hawaii. Carlos Andrade, a retired Hawaiian studies professor, won the four properties, totalling 2.2 acres, at auction for more than $2 million (£1.57m). He was bidding against his distant cousin Wayne James Rapozo, who represents a collection of family members who’ve been fighting to keep their ancestral property out of Zuckerberg’s control. Read More >>

YouTube Bravely Bans Nazis Hours After Throwing LGBT Users Under the Bigot Bus

The best place online to lead us unsuspecting sheep from an innocent recipe video to either a defence of racialist pseudoscience or pushes paedophiles towards videos of kids has decided maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t want to be known for those things anymore. So it’s taking the most obvious step there is: banning blatantly pro-Nazi content. Read More >>

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Head of Security Accused of Sexual Harassment and Other Misconduct by Two Former Staff

Two employees who previously worked as personal staff for Mark Zuckerberg have levelled alarming allegations of misconduct against the head of Zuckerberg’s security detail, including sexual harassment and racist, transphobic, and homophobic comments. Read More >>

Facebook Screws Up a Critical Piece of Its Anti-Revenge Porn Tech

At the end of 2017, Facebook announced a pilot program that lets users send the company their intimate photos and videos that they don’t want to be shared on its main platform as well as Instagram. Facebook said in March that it is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect that content, and in the event that someone nonconsensually tries to post it, they will be reviewed and removed. But the company isn’t informing users when someone attempts to upload revenge porn of them, a threat they should have the option of knowing about. Read More >>

Average User Still Spending 38 More Minutes On Facebook Per Day Than They Should

Facebook, a company so heinous that it was cited by the United Nations as being complicit in genocide, is still the most popular social network in the world. But people are at least spending less time on the site these days. Read More >>