Politicians Paying Influencers for Memes Doesn’t Count as Political Advertising, says Facebook

Facebook has been very busy trying to present itself as a blameless arbiter of truth and fairness for the past couple of years, and one of its initiatives to try to correct the way it has arguably ruined society is to publicly list ads paid for by political parties and candidates, because transparency. Read More >>

Facebook Stealthily Launched a Pinterest-Esque App Called Hobbi

Facebook’s at it again. While everybody knows the company for its eponymous app, it also regularly plays around with launching new ones on the down-low. Remember Lasso? How about Whale, Bump, or Aux? Well, the latest experimental app from Facebook is a Pinterest-like app called Hobbi. Read More >>

Data Protection Police Save us From the Horrors of Facebook Dating

Irish data protection regulators have forced Facebook to postpone the launch of its Facebook Dating tool across the EU, meaning we'll have to make it through another Valentine's Day only being able to send worrying messages to people we've silently stalked for 13 years and since before they had kids through the usual communications channels. Read More >>

Would Facebook Save Your Life If It Could?

If you were on trial for a murder you didn’t commit, it’s possible that Facebook has evidence that could set you free. But it is extraordinarily unlikely that Facebook would hand it over. Facebook would not only refuse to help you, but it will pay exorbitant legal fees to fight your subpoenas through appeals courts as you languish in jail for years. It will ignore your attorneys and judges. It will do so in the name of protecting your privacy. And based on current laws, Facebook’s not entirely wrong to hang you out to dry while it gives law enforcement all the information it desires. Read More >>

Facebook and Twitter Refuse to Take Down Donald Trump’s Edited Nancy Pelosi Speech Ripping Video

Facebook and Twitter declined to take down a modified video posted to President Donald Trump’s accounts on both platforms that creates a questionable mash-up of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s viral speech-ripping moment during the State of the Union address. The dispute with the social networks was made public by Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, who accused the platforms of caring more about their stakeholders’ interests than the public’s interests. Read More >>

Facebook’s Anti-Vaxxer Problem Under Fire Following 4-Year-Old’s Death From Flu

Facebook – a company notorious for its bizarre defence of allowing rampant misinformation to spread like wildfire on its platform – has found itself under fire again after a mother whose 4-year-old son reportedly died of the flu this week turned to an anti-vaxxer group on the site for treatment recommendations for her children, a practice that is somehow still permitted on Facebook despite these groups often spreading information that is dangerous and potentially deadly. Read More >>

Facebook’s Twitter Account Just Got Hijacked (For Like 2 Seconds)

Facebook’s twitter account was temporarily taken over Friday night by a group of hackers that, according to mostly rumour, may be Saudi teens. Read More >>

Instagram’s Made it Easier to Ditch Those Accounts You Don’t Know Why You Follow

Cleaning up your feed just became a little less daunting thanks to a new Instagram update that singles out accounts you forgot you ever followed in the first place. Read More >>

Two Women Allegedly Made Over £63,000 Running Raffle Racket on Facebook

Two women with a very solid plan to make money and perhaps a shaky grasp of local gambling laws were foiled last month in a glorious but short-lived Facebook raffle scheme. Recently-filed criminal complaints estimate that admins Brittany Winings, 32, and Tiffany Dupas, 26, both residents of the US state of Pennsylvania, made a collective $81,507.40 (£63046.79) in PayPal bids over the course of two months last summer via their group “BID WIN SAVE.” Needless to say, the duo possibly did not anticipate the googling capabilities of the Pennsylvania State Police. The investigation was brief, and the two admitted to administering the page late last year. Read More >>

‘The First Thing That Comes Up on Google’: The Nightmare of Facebook Listing Your Butthole as a Place

Samantha Rae Anna Jespersen never expected to be asked for articles of incorporation for her butthole. But that’s the kind of cold-stupid question she would come to expect over the years in a nightmarish search for a human being in the gears and cogs of the Facebook Support apparatus. Read More >>

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How Online Platforms Are Tackling Coronavirus Misinformation

As the deadly coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in China and around the world, several social media kingpins are fighting the outbreak on a different front: by curbing the spread of misinformation and fake claims online amid a public health emergency. Read More >>

Apple and Other Tech Companies Begin Taking Measures to Deal With Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple chief Tim Cook this week said the company is preparing for its production to be affected by an ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and the company is limiting employee travel to the region. Apple joins other tech companies in keeping China travel to only crucial business functions as US health officials warn against non-essential travel in response to the deadly virus. Read More >>

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Mark Zuckerberg to Somehow Become Even More Unlikable in the 2020s, Mark Zuckerberg Says

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has an ominous message for the rest of us: You may not like me, but you will understand me. Read More >>

Facebook’s ‘Clear History’ Tool Doesn’t Clear Shit

When we talk about Facebook’s myriad foibles and fuckups, we’re usually laying the blame on things that happen within the Big Blue App, or, increasingly, the social network’s CEO. What’s less discussed are the company’s ties to the potentially millions of sites and services using its software – but now, thankfully, we can get a window into that for ourselves. But don’t get too excited. Read More >>

Facebook Gives Unintelligible Response to Jeff Bezos Hack, Deciding to Blame iOS

The news that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman personally sent malware to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, which led to the compromise of massive amounts of data from Bezos’ phone, has taken the tech world by storm. While the spotlight has been focused on the plot’s outlandishness, in recent days the attention has shifted to WhatsApp, the app used to send the malware, and its parent company, Facebook. Read More >>