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Influential US Coalition With 15 Million Members Calls for Outright Ban on Facial Recognition

More than thirty US organisations on Thursday called for a nationwide ban in America against government use of face recognition calling the technology “unreliable, biased, and a threat to basic rights and safety.” Read More >>

Met Police Says It Did Supply Images for King’s Cross Facial Recognition Technology After All

After previously denying any involvement, London's Metropolitan Police Service has now revealed that it supplied image data used in the facial recognition technology employed by the developers of the King's Cross estate between May 2016 and March 2018. Read More >>

Facebook: Guess We’ll Disclose the Whole Face Recognition Thing (Since We Have To)

Facebook says it’s giving the axe to one face-scanning tool and introducing a wider rollout for another – this time by giving users a heads up about it first. Read More >>

Sweden’s First GDPR Fine Goes to a High School Piloting Facial Recognition Attendance

A school in northern Sweden experimented with facial recognition as a system to document student attendance, and the Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA) fined the municipality 200,000 SEK (about £16,800) for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s the first time the country has been fined for violating the digital privacy violation, which began enforcement in May of last year. Read More >>

Murder Suspect Caught After AI Detected Victim’s Face When Used to Apply for Online Loan

An online lending company tipped off police to a suspected murder after a man allegedly tried to scan his dead girlfriend’s face. Read More >>

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A Crackdown on the Use of Face Recognition Tech is Brewing in the EU: Report

European citizens may soon have protections most Americans lack: control over the use of their face recognition data. Read More >>

Amazon’s Face Recognition Tech Once Again Pegs Politicians as Criminals

Facial recognition systems are still far from accurate, and yet government agencies continue to push for their deployment. To illustrate the existing flaws of the tech, the ACLU conducted another test of Amazon’s Rekognition software, which inaccurately identified one in five lawmakers from the US state of California as matches to a mugshot database. Read More >>

Amazon Rekognition Can Now Identify the Emotion It Provokes in Rational People

Most people familiar with face-scanning software suite Amazon Rekognition, its place in the surveillance state, and its questionable efficacy are apt to fear what the consequences of such a technology might be when deployed against civilians. As the company was delighted to point out, fear is also the most recent emotion Rekognition is now able to detect. Read More >>

Facial Recognition System for Getting Drunk More Efficiently Is Coming

Facial recognition systems have, to date, proven to be biased, unjust, flawed, and deeply powerful. They’ve been deployed as tools of surveillance, oppression, and authoritarianism. And now one is going to track your drunk face at the bar. Read More >>

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Test of Amazon’s Face Recognition by US Police Ends as a Devastating Flop

The US city of Orlando, Florida has ended its pilot trial of Rekognition, Amazon’s face recognition system, with no current plans for future tests. But the city hasn’t suddenly had a change of heart due to ethical concerns about the technology—they reportedly just couldn’t get it to work. Read More >>

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A Group of MPs Is Calling for Regulation of Facial Recognition Tech Used by the Police

The flagrant misuse of facial recognition tech by the police is finally being criticised by MPs, with calls to put a stop to it until there are proper regulations in place, which seems like it should've been a no-brainer. Read More >>

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At Least You’ll Look Beautiful When They Turn Your Face Into Your Credit Card

A payment app in China is adding beauty filters to its facial recognition system to make its users “look even prettier” when they pay with their face. Read More >>

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Microsoft Quietly Pulls Its Database of 100,000 Faces Used By Chinese Surveillance Companies

Back in 2016, Microsoft built a database of more than 10 million images featuring roughly 100,000 people. Today, the Financial Times has reported Microsoft quietly deleted this database, dubbed MS Celeb, from the internet. Read More >>

This Week, Amazon Has a Chance to Prove It Can Do the Right Thing on Its Own

Today, during an Amazon shareholder meeting, investors will vote on proposals pushing for more oversight on the tech giant’s facial recognition efforts. But there are a number of caveats. Read More >>

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Police Facial Recognition Tech is Branding Citizens as Criminals 96 Per Cent of the Time

The controversy over the use of facial recognition technology – particularly by the police force – has been bolstered by the recent discovery that it has a rather pathetic four per cent success rate. Read More >>