Agents of SHIELD Had an Emotional Panel Hours After the End Was Announced

With the sixth season of Agents of SHIELD currently in full swing, one may have thought the show’s Comic-Con panel wouldn’t be that huge of a deal. Then, a few hours before the panel, it was confirmed that the next season of the show, season seven, would be its last. Read More >>

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All the Biggest and Best News From San Diego Comic Con 2019

It's that time of year again, the one weekend of the year where pop-culture and general geekery take over the news cycle and piss off just about everybody who has an active dislike for this sort of thing. San Diego Comic Con is back, with its impossible-to-buy tickets, exclusive swag, and never-before-seen footage that inevitably leaks online in atrocious quality. It's also the time when the entertainment industry shows off all the stuff it has planned for the near future. Read More >>

We Celebrated the Moon Landing Anniversary by Building the Lego Lunar Lander at NASA

As many people will already be aware, the year is 2019. 2019 is not only the last year of the 2010s, and the 50th anniversary of that time Bryan Adams got his first real six string, it also marks half a century since human beings first plonked their feet on the moon. 20th July 1969 was the day that happened, and we thought we'd do something special in the best way we could think of: with Lego. Read More >>

Pretend Milk is Rapidly Becoming the UK’s Normal Milk

The various white fluids sold under the umbrella description of "milk" are rocketing in popularity in the UK, as the nation stops diluting its teas and coffees with traditional milk-milk and instead watches some almond/rice/soya/coconut blend coagulate into lumps in their instant decaf. Read More >>

Another Google Pixel 4 Leak Spills the Beans on Specs

We're a couple of months out from the launch of Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, but it seems that the specs might just have leaked. Read More >>

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The 10 Most Exciting Panels Happening at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Warner Bros, Sony, and Universal might be sitting out San Diego Comic-Con 2019, but we’ve still got plenty of amazing panels to be excited about—especially in regards to new television shows. We’ll be covering all of it from San Diego next week, but for those prepping their must-see lists, we’re counting down the 10 most exciting panels happening at SDCC this year. Read More >>

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All the Best Tech Deals for the First Day of Amazon’s Prime Day 2019 Sale

So the big day is finally here. Not Black Friday, that's still a few months off yet, we're talking about Prime Day. That special holiday Amazon made up to sell a bunch of stuff at a discount, but only to people who buy a Prime membership first. Because you have to flog those Prime memberships somehow, just in case people think all the perks aren't enough. Read More >>

How Mysterio’s Mystery Was Crafted in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Mysterio. The name alone can give goosebumps to even the most basic comic book fan. He’s one of Spider-Man’s most devious, cunning, and visually stunning villains. And yet, it wasn’t until Spider-Man: Far From Home that he was brought to the big screen. Oh, and by the way, this time he’s not a villain, he’s a hero. Read More >>

The Switch Lite Seems Nice, But What I Really Want Is a Switch Pro

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally announced the long-rumoured Switch Lite and it looks good. Even though it doesn’t have support for the standard model’s docking feature, the Switch Lite seems like the natural upgrade for anyone still clinging to a 3DS, and a perfect handheld companion for long car rides or plane flights. Read More >>

The Lion King Is a Gorgeous But Completely Unnecessary Retelling

Just two months after releasing a colourful, if kooky, reboot of Aladdin, Disney plays it completely safe with The Lion King. Fearful of changing a single hair on Simba’s photorealistic head, director Jon Favreau tells audiences the exact same story they saw in 1994, making the most minor of concessions to avoid receiving Gus van Sant/Psycho-levels of criticism. Despite the rehash feeling, the astounding hyperrealism of the animals and locations, coupled with a comic pair that runs away with the show, helps The Lion King retain some freshness worth experiencing. Read More >>

E.ON Puts Everyone on a Renewable Tariff for Nothing

Electricity provider E.ON has switched all of its UK subscribers to a 100 per cent renewable tariff, leaving its 3.3 million customers happy in the knowledge that no coal was harmed in the charging of their smart devices. Read More >>

What Was Your First Amazon Purchase?

It’s been 25 whole years since Amazon burst onto the scene as an online bookseller in July of 1994. Now, it’s a giant, package-delivering behemoth that despite some unsavoury headlines, all of us probably use because it’s just so damn convenient. Read More >>

Vodafone’s 5G Network Goes Live Today With Unlimited Business and SIM Only Data Plans

A month after EE launched the UK's first 5G mobile network, Vodafone is the second network operator to follow suit with its 5G going live today. Read More >>

How ‘Sign in With Apple’ Improves on Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s Options

Amongst the reveals we saw at WWDC 2019 was a new technology for apps and the web: “Sign in with Apple.” It’s supposedly a more private way to sign into apps and services, according to the company. But if Apple’s version is more private, what are you actually giving away when you sign in with a competing sign-in option from Google, Facebook, or Twitter? And how does Apple plan to do things differently? Read More >>

When Will Quantum Computers Outperform Regular Computers?

Any day now, quantum computers will solve a problem too hard for a classical computer to take on. Or at least, that’s what we’ve been hoping. Scientists and companies are racing toward this computing milestone, dubbed quantum supremacy and seemingly just beyond our reach, and if you’ve been following the quantum computing story, you might wonder why we’re not there yet, given all the hype. Read More >>