Everything We’re Excited for at This Year’s Disney Mega Convention, D23

In the last few years, one thing has become abundantly clear in the world of entertainment. That world belongs to Disney and we’re just living in it. That becomes even more prevalent next weekend when the D23 Expo returns to Anaheim, California. Could it bring a certain Jedi Master with it? Read More >>

HP’s Omen X 2S is Proof Dual-Screen Laptops Can Be Awesome

I admit I might have a problem because no matter where I am or what I’m doing, one screen just isn’t enough. At my desk at home and work, I have dual monitors, and even when I’m sitting on my couch watching TV, I almost always have a phone or laptop open off to the side, checking emails, reading news, or playing a game. That said, based on figures that say an estimated 68 percent of Americans browse their phones while watching TV, it seems I’m not the only addicted to screens. Read More >>

Buttplug Hacker Talks Security, Consent, and Why He Hacked a Buttplug

Voting machines weren’t the only thing getting penetrated at DEF CON this year. Read More >>

How the Invention of Spreadsheet Software Unleashed Wall Street on the World

In 2010, a pair of researchers published a controversial economics paper. It was cited by British MPs to justify austerity measures that sparked economic and employment crises, and anti-austerity protests—measures that the UN later called “punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous” inflicting “great misery.” In 2013, however, this widely influential paper was found to have been substantially off in its estimates, thanks in part to a simple spreadsheet error: specifically, “a few rows left out of an equation to average the values in a column,” the Guardian wrote at the time. Read More >>

I Turned My Flat Into a Surveillance State With These Petcube Cameras

All pet owners wonder what their furry little babies get up to while the humans are gone. That’s been especially true for me lately. While my partner’s sassy cat Pablo and my derpy, elderly Yorkshire Terrier Daisy mostly ignore each other, they do get into the occasional tiff. Recently, Daisy’s taken to hiding under the bed – a habit I noticed she picked up only when we leave for work and she’s left alone with Pablo for hours at a time. I couldn’t say for certain Pablo was bullying her, but that’s where the Petcube Bites 2 and Petcube Play 2 come in. Read More >>

Finally, A Proper AirPods Competitor

The first time I picked up the Jaybird Vista truly wireless earbuds, a thought started looping through my head: These things are impossibly tiny and light. Even the case is pocket-sized. The sheer portability reminded me of AirPods, but there’s an essential distinction. The new Jaybird earbuds are practically bombproof. You can get them wet or bury them in dirt, and they’ll keep working. Functionally, the Vistas are probably the best fitness-focused earbuds I’ve tested. And did I mention—they’re so light! Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Eisenhorn, the Peculiar Star of the Live-Action Warhammer 40K TV Series

The fact that it’s somehow taken until 2019 for Games Workshop to attempt to bring the rich, ridiculous fiction of its grimdark Warhammer 40,000 universe to live-action is peculiar enough. That Gregor Eisenhorn is the face of that long-awaited push, even more so. Need a quick trip to the Black Library to brush up on him? We’ve got you covered. Read More >>

Adobe’s New Painting App Is a Tantalising Sneak Peek at the iPad’s Future

First announced last October, Adobe Fresco is the company’s next-generation painting and illustration app for tablets that harnesses AI smarts to allow artists to work with digital tools that behave and feel like traditional brushes and paints. We got an early look at the app before its release later this year, and while it’s missing a few key features, it’s still an exciting look at the next big evolution of mobile devices like the iPad. Read More >>

The Complete Guide to SSDs in 2019

The solid-state drive or SSD has evolved from an expensive luxury available only to the professional power user to standard issue for anyone picking up a laptop. At the same time, many more standards and technologies have developed around SSDs, meaning picking one isn’t as straightforward as it once was—but we’re going to bring you right up to speed here. Read More >>

star wars
The Lightsabers of Star Wars, Ranked

When you think of Star Wars, you think of lightsabers. Sure, you think of spaceships and the Force and stuff like that too but, in terms of iconic visuals, few things in science fiction at large, let alone Star Wars, are as iconic as the lightsaber. Read More >>

Mauna Kea’s Thirty Metre Telescope Is the Latest Front in the New Fight for Indigenous Sovereignty

Kealoha Pisciotta used to journey up Mauna Kea in Hawaii for work. A Native Hawaiian (or Kanaka Maoli), Pisciotta worked at the Joint Astronomy Centre for some 12 years helping tune and care for the telescope instruments. She liked her job and aspired to become a cosmologist someday, studying the galaxies for a living. Then, everything changed. Read More >>

Karls Urban, Ranked

Karl-Heinz Urban is good. His sneers are excellent, his range extends from grandiose to gritty, his look is fine and his appearances in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys are numerous. But which version of Karl Urban is the best Karl Urban? Who among the Karls Urban is supreme? Read More >>

This Bottle of Vodka Was Made From Grain Grown Inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Grains and water from Chernobyl’s dreaded exclusion zone have been used to produce a single bottle of vodka. Called ATOMIK, the vodka could revolutionise the way land is reclaimed in the radioactive region surrounding the beleaguered nuclear power plant. Read More >>

The Writers of Avengers: Endgame on Why All Those Deleted Scenes Didn’t Make It Into the Movie

Deleted scenes allow fans to make a movie they love even longer. Sure, most of the time those scenes were deleted for very specific reasons, but seeing them is always like getting a few extra presents on your birthday. They make what was already good, even better. This goes doubly for a film as massive as Avengers: Endgame. Read More >>

This Futuristic Blood Pressure Cuff Suggested All My Coworkers Are Dying

High blood pressure: According to Blood Pressure UK, one in three British adults has it. A Google search will tell you it’s the silent killer and can lead to strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, and kidney disease. It’s also not the most convenient thing to keep track of outside the doctor’s office. Manual kits require you to stuff your arm into a cuff and use a stethoscope and your fallible human ears to determine your systolic and diastolic readings. Electronic cuffs are handier, but require you to write down your readings. The Withings BPM Core is a sleek, automatic cuff that’s meant to simplify the home blood pressure monitoring process via a handy app, while also letting you check in on your ECG and valvular health, and it’s pretty sure my coworkers are dying. Read More >>