flying cars
I Will Still Literally Eat the Sun if This Flying Car is Released in 2017

Back in March of 2015, I wrote a blog post proclaiming that I would “literally eat the sun” if this AeroMobil flying car was released by 2017. Well, today, the company announced a new flying car that will be on display later this month. But I’m not grabbing my knife and fork just yet. Read More >>

Flying Cars Are Still Just Two Years Away, Now Brought to You by Uber™

Are flying cars just “one to three years” away? Probably not. But that’s the claim being made today by Uber’s latest hire—a man who promises that flying cars are just around the corner. Just two more years, guys! Read More >>

Engineers Rushing to Build Flying Car in Time For the 2020 Tokyo Games

Engineers in Tokyo are attempting to build a flying car that will help light the Olympic cauldron in 2020. And even though they still have a few years, it’s a race against time to achieve what so many other flying car designers have failed to do: Build a safe and reliable flying machine that can handle both the skies and the roads. Read More >>

Flying Car Crashes During Test Flight

A flying car crashed during a test flight in Slovakia on Friday. The Aeromobil car was piloted by Stefan Klein, a co-founder of the company. Klein was able to deploy a parachute for the vehicle, which is said to have helped ease the severity of the impact. Read More >>

A Proper Flying Car Might be Just Around the Corner

The flying car is something humankind has dreamed about since we started work on the earliest cars. Many attempts have been made throughout to create a practical working prototype, but none have been met with any major success. That might be about to change, though. Read More >>

This Flying Car From the ’50s Can Be Yours For Just Over £800k

Okay, screw RIM. Who needs their fancy private jets that can seat loads of people and costs a tonne of cash when we can get an even sweeter flying car for a fraction of the price? Read More >>