Samsung Shares What It Plans to Do to Fix the Galaxy Fold

Samsung has elaborated on its plans to fix its bungled foldable phone that was plagued with issues when it was in the hands of reviewers. Reports of messed up screens were rife while the hinge had its own share of problems with a gap sizeable enough to let in all kinds of gubbins. It's a pretty big design flaw. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: Hands On With The First Foldable Phone

In the last few months of 2018 it seemed like the mobile world was dominated by the foldable arms race. Samsung was always at the forefront of the conversation, but there were other contenders who might get there first, including Huawei. Read More >>

Samsung’s Getting Ready to Unveil the Folding Phone

Now that they've been beaten to the folding phone punch by lesser-known brand Royole, it seems Samsung is gearing up to show us what they've been working on all this time. Read More >>

The World’s First Commercial Foldable Phone Will be Made by Royole, Not Samsung or the Others

For years we've heard plenty about how Samsung has been working on a foldable phone to bring to the market. Then more recently we've been hearing the same about other companies like Lenovo and Huawei. Well now we know which company will be the first to drop a foldable device into the hands of the consumer. It's Royole, a California-based company that doesn't command nearly the same amount of brand recognition. Read More >>