After Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Disaster, Huawei Is Delaying Its Foldable Phone, Too

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was originally supposed to go on sale on 26 April, but after some early struggles and concerns about durability, Samsung postponed the Galaxy Fold’s launch in an attempt to fix those issues. But now, the Fold’s biggest bendy competitor—the Huawei Mate X—has been delayed, and somehow, it’s Samsung’s fault. Read More >>

Apple Could Be Working on a Foldable Phone Along With Almost Everyone Else

Apple is future-proofing itself in the face of foldables and has had its patent approved for foldy things for its range of iDevices, namely a bendy display and cover layer. Read More >>

Sony is Reportedly Launching a Foldable Phone Next Year and We’re as Excited as You’d Expect

Sony really isn't letting go of its smartphone business. It's like a dog with a tiny bone that's picked clean and is on the verge of shattering into a million pieces. The company is reportedly working on a foldable phone, because that seems like a worthwhile resource investment when you've made an operating loss of £698.1m in the smartphone market. Chinese website CMNO seems to think that the Sony Xperia F - for foldable - is coming to customers in the remaining four territories that the company will be catering to going forwards with its phone business in 2020. Read More >>

Forget Foldable Phones, Lenovo’s Prototype Bendy Screen Laptop Looks Brilliant

We’ve already seen the arrival of flexible phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, and while the excitement around these gadgets may have been dulled somewhat by concerns about durability, that isn’t stopping Lenovo from taking bendy screen tech and applying it to something bigger. Read More >>

Foldy Phone Maker Royole May Also Be Making Weird-Looking Foldy Wearables

Chinese manufacturer Royole, creator of the world's first commercial foldable phone, could be dipping its toe into foldable wearbles according to patents discovered by LetsGoDigital. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a Flawed Start to Something Amazing

In a lot of ways, doing a traditional review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is pointless. Anyone who buys one isn’t doing so because it’s a good value or a sound purchasing decision. It’s not. They’re buying one because it’s new, innovative, and exciting. Besides, pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold have already sold out, so even if you want one, it’s probably too late. And yet, for a product with many flaws, even in its current state, the Galaxy Fold presents a vision that makes a ton of sense, and it’s one of only a handful of gadgets that you can call a game changer and mean it. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Our Closest Look Yet at the Next Generation of Phones

People have been talking about the idea of flexible phones for years now, but with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold on 26th April, we’re staring that future in the face. Read More >>

Leaked Video Shows the Samsung Galaxy Fold Up Close, and it’s Not Great

Samsung has been pretty cagey about letting anyone get hands-on time with the upcoming Galaxy Fold, and a new leaked video might well show us why. Read More >>

Google’s Folding Phone Looks Like a Wallet

Everyone wants a piece of the emerging folding phone market, and unsurprisingly the Powers That G are also getting on the bendy bandwagon. Read More >>

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Research Proves We Do Want Flexible Phones

The smartphone manufacturers are clearly convinced that folding phones are the next big thing, but reaction from the public has been pretty mixed, with lots of cynicism and naysaying. Read More >>

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The New Motorola Razr Foldable Phone Won’t Have Great Specs

A bit more information has emerged about the upcoming Motorola Razr folding phone, and it's not great news for anyone who was hoping for a clamshell flagship. Read More >>

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ZTE Has Another Foldable Phone on the Way

Remember ZTE's folding phone? Not many people do, but it was one of the very first foldables on the market – although admittedly because it was made up of two screens with a hinge, rather than an actual flexible display. Read More >>

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Motorola’s Foldable Phone is Indeed a Razr-Like Clamshell

We hoped, we prayed, and it seems the universe listened (for once). Read More >>

Inward-Folding Foldables are Better than Outward-Folding Foldables, Says Samsung

Despite there being lots of foldable phones on the way from various brands, Samsung and Huawei are the biggest names in foldables right now. And it seems the two companies are squaring up for a fold-off. Read More >>

Samsung Has Two More Foldable Phones on the Way

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been divisive since its launch last month, with some people finding it a smart solution to the folding challenge and others bemoaning its large front bezels and small primary screen. Read More >>