Popularity of Online Food Shopping Doubles Year-on-Year

Coronavirus lockdown has helped internet food shopping hit new highs, with online supermarket grocery sales for the four week period ending May 16 very nearly doubling to take 13 per cent of all our shopping spend; up from the same period of last year's seven per cent. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Reopening All of Its UK Drive-Thrus by Next Week

Prepare for the end times, as droves of people descend upon the golden arches for some takeaway fries and a burger, taking over roads and leaving carnage in their wake. Read More >>

Amazon Pantry is Being Shut Down in the UK on 30th June

At times it feels as though Amazon sells just about everything, and for several years you've been able to order food, drinks, and other products you'd normally have to trek to the supermarket for. Amazon Pantry could be quite useful at times, but after 30th of June it'll stop being of any use to anyone. Because that's the day it's being shut down in the UK. Read More >>

A Cheeky Nando’s is Back on the Menu

One of the UK's fast food staples is opening up its doors in a handful of locations, so you can once again confuse the Americans with suggesting a socially distanced cheeky Nando's. It doesn't take much. Read More >>

It Pains Me to Report This Hot Dog Toaster Is a Piece of Shit

God, I love hot dogs. My parents used to reward me with the cheap and oh-so-delicious hot dogs from Costco for making it through a Sunday afternoon shopping session, so that’s probably why I love them so much. The reward centre of my brain lights up every time I see or smell them. So when I came across a hot dog toaster that toasts both hot dogs and hot dog buns at the same time, I had to have it. Call it a completely irrational quarantine splurge, but I convinced myself I would love this toaster, which I found on sale for the low, low cost of £15. If you could put a price tag on happiness, £15 is well worth it. Read More >>

This Lickable Screen Can Recreate Almost Any Taste or Flavour Without Eating Food

No matter how they may make you feel, licking your gadgets and electronics is never recommended. Unless you’re a researcher from Meiji University in Japan who’s invented what’s being described as a taste display that can artificially recreate any flavour by triggering the five different tastes on a user’s tongue. Read More >>

Papa John’s Breakfast Pizza is Back This Bank Holiday Weekend Only

Earlier this month, we were exposed to the monstrosity/ inexplicable genius of Papa John's All Day Breakfast pizza that made its debut for the May Bank Holiday weekend before disappearing forever. Well it's back again this weekend, so if you missed out a few weeks ago, you're in luck. Read More >>

McDonald’s Reopening Sees Backed Up Roads and Hour-Long Waits Because People are Crazy

I don't know what it is about people and fast food, but if you're rocking up to recently-opened burger joint, see a massive line of cars, and think to yourself "this is fine. I'd love to join this line of traffic and sit for hours in my car to get some french fries", you're not part of the problem: you are the problem. Read More >>

The Human Is an Animal That Schemes

Why apply the word “murder” to “murder hornets”? This is a question that The New Yorker asked on Wednesday. “A murder requires premeditation. We don’t speak of bears or tigers murdering people,” the author explained while laying out their thought process. They suspect that the moniker is a mangled translation of the Japanese “satsujin bachi,” or, “killer hornet.” Read More >>

KFC Celebrates Reopening 500 Stores With a Video Montage of Your Sad Fried Chicken Efforts

KFC has announced the reopening of 500 of its restaurants, meaning you can get your finger lickin' chicken delivered straight to your door and stop trying to crack the Colonel's recipe. Your attempts suck anyway, and KFC knows it. Read More >>

Aldi Trials 30-Minute Delivery Service With Deliveroo

Delivery refusenik Aldi has pivoted to suddenly being all about the extremely prompt delivering of shopping, as it's started a trial with Deliveroo to offer a few lucky hotspots delivery of their groceries within 30 minutes. Read More >>

O2 Saves You a Tenner off Your Uber Eats Order Every Friday Night for the Next Month

If you're an O2 customer who likes to splash out on a takeaway on a Friday night, start browsing Uber Eats in preparation for tomorrow because O2 is giving 10,000 customers £10 off. Read More >>

A Small Group of MPs is Still Banging on About Chlorinated Chicken

The war on chlorinated chicken and hormone-enhanced beef products is raging on, with a cross-party group of MPs demanding that both products are banned from entering the country for good – and not used as leverage in any future UK-US trade deal. Read More >>

Morrisons Rolls Out ‘Speedy Shopping’ Service So You’re Not Stuck Behind 10 People With Trolleys

In a shock display of common sense, a supermarket has actually made provisions for shoppers who aren't careening around the aisles with a overflowing trolley, and actually just want to get in and out with a basket of essentials. Read More >>

Subway is Reopening 600 of its Stores Starting This Week for All Your Sandwich Needs

Subway has announced that it'll be reopening 25 per cent of its stores across the UK starting this week for takeaway and delivery only. Read More >>