Morrisons Will Let You Reverse-Vend Your Way to Riches

The thrilling opportunity to use a reverse-vend machine and see your plastic bottles magically sucked away is coming to Morrisons, with the supermarket launching a trial of the bottle-eating machines in a handful of branches. Read More >>

Pea Consortium Warns of Looming Shortages

The people in charge of getting peas from farms to our plates via lorries and exotic freezing systems are worried. They say that this dry spell is wreaking havoc with the pea farming and production process, so much so that there might be shortages – and the imported frozen ones are already suffering from listeria panic issues. Read More >>

Don’t Cool Down by Eating Frozen Supermarket Vegetables

The latest food scandal to hit the UK involves supposed nutritional good guys the vegetables, who, instead of being nice and giving us vitamins and fibre, are currently also delivering potentially fatal listeria infections to our overwhelmed freezer compartments. Read More >>

YouGov is Handling the Heatwave by Working Out Britain’s Favourite Ice Lolly

It's hot. Too hot. Especially inside where we don't have the luxury of air conditioning. What's the best and most delicious way to cool off? With an ice lolly, naturally. The problem is deciding which one to have, since there are so many and everyone has their own opinion on which one is best. If you'd rather go with the flow, you may want to pay attention to YouGov's latest poll which worked out which lollies are the most popular. Read More >>

Creme Egg’s Easter Bunny Ads Banned for Targeting Children

A joint promotional push by Cadbury and the Scottish National Trust to encourage children to join in with various local easter egg hunts has been banned – retrospectively and therefore pointlessly – due to new guidelines that want to stop unhealthy food being marketed in the direction of children. Read More >>

GMO Labels Actually Make People Less Afraid of GMOs, Study Finds

A new study seems to provide an interesting wrinkle in the debate over whether foods containing genetically engineered ingredients (otherwise known as either GE or GMO foods) should be labelled as such. It turns out that people living in Vermont, US actually became less distrustful of GMOs following a temporary state law that mandated a simple labelling system, especially when compared to people living in the rest of the country, according to a paper published Wednesday in Science Advances. Read More >>

Cadbury is Giving the Public the Chance to Develop a New Kind of Dairy Milk

I don't know how many different versions of Dairy Milk there are out there. Lots. At least two of them are made with Oreos and another two have nuts in, plus all those other amalgamations that include different Cadbury chocolate bars. Well now the chocolatiers must be out of ideas, because they're asking members of the general public to try and design their own. Read More >>

Poorer Areas More Likely to be Filled With Junk Food Shops

Data analysing the spread of junk food shops around the UK has found that they're much more likely to be concentrated in the poorer and more deprived parts of the country, making it harder for the less well off and their kids to avoid the tempting aromas of bread and potatoes being fried up. Read More >>

Meat, Cakes and Ready Meals Added to CO2 Shortage At-Risk List

The least interesting food scandal of the year continues to worsen, with trade body the Food and Drink Federation warning that supermarket shelves might soon start running low on some foods soon, thanks to the weird shortage of CO2 that's disrupting the producers. Read More >>

McDonald’s Has Teamed Up With Mumsnet to Make Happy Meals Healthier

Nobody goes to McDonald's to be healthy, and that's part of the reason people like eating there. It's reasonably priced, tasty, and horrendously bad for you. Still, the fast food chain has been trying to ditch that image in recent years, and seem more appealing to the health conscious customer. The latest move has involved it teaming up with Mumsnet to make Happy Meals healthier, and in the process slightly less happy. Read More >>

Take a Tupperware to Morrisons and You’ll be Handsomely* Rewarded

Last month Morrisons announced that it was going to start asking customers to bring reusable tubs for meat and fish, in an effort to cut down on plastic waste. Now it's announced it's offering an incentive to do so, much like the government did with the plastic bag charge. But rather than charging extra for plastic-wrapped food, Morrisons will be offering rewards. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Launching 59p Mini McFlurries

Have you ever gone to McDonald's, ordered a McFlurry and gone "I love these, I just wish I could eat slightly less ice cream after my 1,000 calorie meal"? Well you are in luck! Because McDonald's has decided to offer smaller, cheaper versions of the McFlurry. Read More >>

Deliveroo Will Now Partner With Restaurants That Already Have Their Own Delivery People

Deliveroo has been great from a certain perspective, since it allows restaurants without their own delivery network to offer their menu to customer who don't want to leave the house. Likewise for some customers it means you can order that 1,000 calorie burger from Burger King without having to put on trousers to pick it up yourself. But what about the places that already have delivery people? Well Deliveroo has just announced they can join in too. Read More >>

Fake Stews: Sainsbury’s to Sell Vegan Meats Alongside the Animal Originals

Vegans are going to have more than the usual two things to choose from in the near future, as supermarket Sainsbury's is preparing to flood the food feeds of the UK with a new range of fake meats designed to be nearer to the taste and feel of the real thing. Read More >>

The Experiment That Made Chinese Takeaway Healthier

As anyone who’s made a habit of ordering late-night delivery well knows, these meals typically aren’t too healthy. And when it comes to heaping amounts of salt in these foods, there’s perhaps no greater culprit than Chinese takeaway. But a new study published last week in Public Health Reports details a strategy that helped Chinese restaurant owners and chefs in the US city of Philadelphia cut back on sodium without sacrificing taste. Read More >>