Nissan Gets More From Less for the Next Season of Formula E

Nissan’s brand new Formula E car made no secret of its origins, with the unveiling of its kimono-themed livery in Yokohama this week. The red, black and white design has been created to underline its Japanese roots and highlight Nissan’s ongoing commitment to its Intelligent Mobility strategy. In the same week as the Tokyo Motor Show, where Nissan had other futuristic revelations on offer, the zingy new Formula E car added a much-needed touch of colour for the soggy, typhoon-weary folks who lined up to see it. Read More >>

Birmingham to Host Formula E Street Race in 2019

The maligned city of Birmingham might be in for a good few years of positive international PR, as the host of the 2022 Commonwealth Games is also in the final stages of negotiating the arrival another global event – a Formula E street race. Read More >>

First Self-Driving Car Race On a Pro Track Ends With a Crash

Those in attendance at the Formula E Buenos Aires ePrix witnessed history yesterday. Roborace debuted what’s being billed as the first competitive race between self-driving cars on a professional Formula E track. How’d it go? Great! Or, it was at least great for the winning car. Read More >>

London May Lose Next Season’s Formula E Races

Event organisers, council officials and even judges are still working out if this summer's scheduled London Formula E weekender can go ahead in July, with one bargaining chip said to be a promise that it won't come back again next year if it's okayed for this. Read More >>

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Watch Fearless Stuntman Do a Blind Backflip Over a Speeding Race Car

Besides a bit of YouTube fame, it’s hard to say why British stuntman Damien Walters challenged himself to perform a daring backflip over a speeding Formula E race car, a speeding vehicle which he couldn’t actually see coming. It’s a stunt more impressive than anything you’ll see in a Hollywood movie because there are no wires, and no computer graphics. Read More >>

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Ride Along With 360-Degree Highlights of the Long Beach Formula E Race

Formula E is F1's less noisey, more obscure cousin. But one place it really shines is the video highlights, which let you ride on board with the drivers as they somehow avoid crashing. Read More >>

Catch Your First Glimpse of Formula E Electric Car Racing This Weekend for Free

Formula E, the electric car racing series first launched in 2014, may still be in the shadow of petrol-powered F1, but that doesn't mean that auto enthusiasts aren't starting to take an interest in it. Read More >>

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Formula E is Even More Captivating in 360 Degrees

Formula E isn’t just different from its conventional sibling in what’s under the hood. Up top, there’s power boost activated by tweets, a vibrant whirr instead of the iconic roar, and now 360-degree cameras riding on top. Read More >>

Here’s a Good Look at How All-Electric Race Cars Work

Formula E is the most exciting race series that you’ve barely heard of: it’s much like Formula One, but driven in all-electric vehicles on street circuits completely free of random rules and politicking. If you want to know more about how the cars work, this video is a great primer. Read More >>

Speedy Autonomous Electric Cars Will Soon Compete in the ROBORACE Championship

A little while back, we heard about a potentially huge competitive event of the future, dubbed the Robo-Olympics, and this one's cut from the very same cloth. Formula E has teamed up with Kinetik, and the two firms are set to launch a racing series for autonomous electric cars. It’ll be called ROBORACE (complete with shouty caps). Read More >>

Forza 6 Will Let You Race Formula E Cars (But Will Anyone Want To?)

The developer of Forza 6 has announced that the forthcoming Xbox One racer will feature ten new cars, drawn from the teams that take part in Formula E. Read More >>

How to Watch Formula E London ePrix Live in the UK

This weekend sees the finale of the inaugural season of Formula E - the motor racing sport which uses entirely electric cars to pit drivers against each other based on skill alone. Brilliantly, the final race is taking place in Britain too - here's how to watch Formula E as it hits the UK. Read More >>

Formula E Racers to Electro-Whine Around Battersea Park This Summer

Wandsworth Council members have approved plans to allow racing cars to smash around Battersea Park, with the London ePrix set for go-go-go this June. Read More >>

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Formula E Car Engines Sound Like Tie Fighters Taking Off

Those that feared the new Formula E electric sportscar motor class wouldn't have the same aural appeal as Formula One can rest easy: these cars sound like starships. This clip was taken during the first round of testing at the UK's Donnington race track, ahead of the season opener in Beijing in September. Read More >>

You Can Watch the First Formula E UK Test Drives for Free from July 3rd

England's Donington Park will play host to the first round of test drives in the UK for this year's inaugural Formula E electric race season. The Spark-Renault SRT_01E Formula E cars of each of the sport's ten teams will tear up the tarmac for five days from July 3rd, with admission for spectators at Donington absolutely free. Read More >>