I Miss Polaroids

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “Aren’t Polaroids back?” And my answer is that the new wave of instant cameras might look similar and do similar things to an old-school Polaroid, but they are most definitely not the same. Read More >>

Sony Has Practically Perfected Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

With the release of the WH-1000XM2 headphones three years ago, Sony succeeded in besting the feature Bose’s headphones were best known for: noise-cancelling. A year after that, Sony’s WH-1000XM3 update included some welcome improvements when it came to comfort, and while the new WH-1000XM4 continue to refine the headphones’ ability to block the world from your ears, it’s actually a handful of usability upgrades that make the latest version of the best noise-cancelling headphones a tempting upgrade. Read More >>

The RG350P Is the Retro Portable You Should Buy

Just five months ago I called the original Retro Game 350 the best portable retro gaming machine you could buy. It’s still an excellent device, but if you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, the new RG350P includes a handful of subtle but excellent upgrades that make it a better handheld in every way, and well worth spending an extra £15 for. Read More >>

The ’80s Called, and They Want This PC Back

Manhattan, 2020: You step out of your taxi minutes after the rain stops. Your square and heavy roller briefcase plops down into a small puddle by the curb. Don’t worry, the leather doesn’t get too wet, and the awesome piece of high-tech equipment inside isn’t damaged at all. Read More >>

Millions of Android Phones Are at Risk Due to “Achilles” Flaw in Qualcomm Chips

When you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone, it’s likely that you’re focused on price, design, and features first – and probably not the silicon inside powering it. However, researchers have found that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, one of the most widely used in Android phones, has hundreds of bits of vulnerable code that leaves millions of Android users at risk. Read More >>

This Little AI-Powered Robot Pet Is So Cute It Hurts

I’m not sure if Moflin is supposed to be a robotic hamster, guinea pig, baby bunny, or some alternate take on a Tribble, but goddamn this robo-pet is cute. Read More >>

Choice Finally Comes to 5G Laptops as Mediatek Start Making Modems

Late last year, Intel sold off its smartphone modem business to Apple for around $1 billion (£766 million), but that still left Intel with the problem of figuring out how to add 5G connectivity to its laptop and PC business. So in an effort to support next-gen connectivity, Intel has teamed up with MediaTek to bring 5G to a wider range of laptops using MediaTek’s new T700 5G modem. Read More >>

The Echo Flex is Getting a New Clock Attachment

One of the things that people may like about the Echo Flex, aside from the fact it's a miniature Echo that plugs into the wall, is that there are attachments that can plug into it and offer a bit more functionality. So far we've had a motion sensor and nightlight, though Amazon has just announced a clock attachment is coming too. Read More >>

The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of Binoculars Sadly Contains No Knives

If you’ve ever thought to yourself: I could really use a pair of binoculars that could be separated into two monoculars and could then be combined into one telescope, well, you’re in luck. This week Ricoh announced the Pentax VD 4X20 WP – just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? – which is a 3-in-1 device that the company describes as the “Swiss Army knife” of binoculars. Read More >>

I Miss My Sharp Personal Organiser

I’ve yet to determine why exactly I gravitate to portable gadgets, but I can remember being obsessed with everything high-tech and pocketable since I was a kid. It started with obvious devices like the Game Boy which all of my friends had, but eventually included personal organisers: devices that tended to appeal more to corporate suits than 12 year olds. Read More >>

Roar! This Bronze T-Rex Clock Costs Over £20,000

When it comes to wacky clocks nobody can hold a candle to MB&F. The company, which makes watches worth tens of thousands of pounds alongside things like this wild mechanical T-rex thing, teamed up with movement maker L’Épée and design house Massena LAB to create a $27,000 (£20,648) desk trinket that looks like something out of Half-Life 2. Read More >>

The First Etch A Sketch That Lets You Draw Circles is the Perfect Fidget Toy

Unless you’re a savant born with unnatural abilities for using two knobs to create artistic masterpieces, the Etch A Sketch drawing toy gets less appealing the older you get. I was surprised to find that the new Etch A Sketch Revolution – arguably the first reimagining of the toy that now makes drawing smooth curves and circles a breeze – managed to hold my attention for a few hours, but like the original, it will probably appeal more to fidgeters than artists. Read More >>

So, Should You Buy the Apple Watch Series 3 Right Now?

The Series 3 is a good smartwatch. Some would even say the Apple Watch Series 3 was the first real smartwatch that was worth the expensive price tag. That said, it’s been three years since the Series 3 launched. Apple’s lowered the price of the watch to £200, and these days, you can find deals that bring that price down even lower. But with the expected arrival of the Series 6 this fall, is saving a few hundred quid on an older smartwatch worth risking obsolescence? Read More >>

Earbuds That Fit Inside a Smartphone Is Equal Parts Smart and Stupid

With phones like the MiMix Alpha and its mysterious tri-fold prototype, Xiaomi is no stranger when it comes to dreaming up far out concept devices. But in a recently discovered patent, Xiaomi may have come up with a novel smartphone idea that’s better left on paper. Read More >>

Just Buy a Damn Rice Cooker

It all started with a video dropped into our cooking Slack. Read More >>