Google Security Research Found 11 High-Impact Flaws on the Galaxy S6 Edge

Google’s Project Zero security team recently turned its attention to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, and the results make for awkward reading: it found it found a total of “11 high-impact security issues” with the smartphone, with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software introducing new vulnerabilities. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Join Apple Watch On Sale to Kill Your Wallet

Today isn’t just the day you can pre-order an Apple Watch — it’s also the day two new flagship Android smartphones go on sale. Read our reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Then weep for your wallet. Read More >>

Apple Pushes Out iOS 8.3 Update and Beats Samsung to EE’s Wi-Fi Calling (Updated)

Apple's iOS 8.3 update has gone live to the iPhone and iPad masses from 6pm this evening. It rolls out CarPlay connectivity, more diverse emojis (check out those thumbs up top) and, most importantly, a slightly longer keyboard space bar, alongside the standard performance tweakages. Nice, but so far, so typical an OS update. Read More >>

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This Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test Looks Too Good to Be True

By the numbers, Gorilla Glass 4 is seriously tough, able to withstand a one-metre drop onto concrete. That's impressive on its own, but this video seems to show it withstanding something far more impressive. Read More >>

Where and When You Can Buy the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

The wait is over for all you Samsung fans out there, because the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are both very real and we know almost everything there is to know about both phones. But where will you be able to get one for yourself? Read More >>

How the HTC One M9, Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge Stack Up Against Their Toughest Competition

Well, would you look at that. Three brand-new flagship level phones all announced on the same day. We all knew plenty about them thanks to the tireless work of the rumour mill, but it certainly is nice to officially see what the One M9, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge have to offer. Seeing it is all well and good though, what we really need to know is how do they hold up against the competition? Read More >>

The S6 is Samsung’s Best Phone Yet, But Has it Lost What Made Galaxy Phones Special?

After more leaks than the men's toilet at half-time the Samsung Galaxy S6 has finally broken cover. With an all-new premium build and running a slicker version of TouchWiz, this is one of the most substantial changes to the Galaxy S range in a long time. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge is Awesomely Weird But Weirdly Awesome

For years, a smartphone's main selling points were faster processors and better screens. But we're knee deep in diminishing returns these days, and some makers are using out-of-the-box thinking to draw our eye. None more so than Samsung—and the new S6 Edge is the evidence. Read More >>

This Might Be Our Best Look Yet at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung's new flagship phone is due very very soon, at this year's Mobile World Congress, and we're increasingly seeing leaked images of what it might look like. Now, another leak shows what could be the new Galaxy S6 sat alongside what could also be its rather more radical, curved screen S6 Edge stablemate. Read More >>

Galaxy S6 Edge Will Reportedly Crash Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Party

Full-time Samsung fan site and part-time secret revealer Sammobile reckons it's rustled up another couple of Sammy exclusives. Read More >>