The Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gets a Shot at Going on Sale Again

Thanks to the Apple vs. Samsung patent war, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been off the market in the States due to an injunction awarded a month ahead of the big showdown. Now, a U.S. appeals court has ruled that it's time to reconsider that ban. Read More >>

The Best Display Under Bright Light: It’s Not Your iPhone

Brightness ratings and contrast ratio make for lovely tech spec reading when you're shopping for a new device. But neither tells you how usable a display will actually be in everyday ambient light situations. So DisplayMate put some of the more popular options to the test. Read More >>

Samsung Fixes Botched Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 3.2 Update

Samsung's been slaving to get its Wi-Fi killing Android 3.2 update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 fixed. The fixed update is now live for both over-the-air updating, and via a desktop app for those whose Wi-Fi has already been crippled. [The Verge] Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 3.2 Update Cripples Wi-Fi and Gets Pulled

Poor Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners, you've been waiting patiently for your delayed Android 3.2 update and when it comes, it takes out your Wi-Fi. Samsung's aware of the issue, has pulled the update and is 'looking into it'. Read More >>