Two New Virtual Reality Arcades Have Arrived in the UK, Courtesy of Bandai Namco

If you've been to Japan, or paid attention to the state of VR in the country, you'll know that the virtual reality arcade is a thing that exists - a thing with a pretty self-explanatory purpose. Now two of those VR-cades are coming to the UK, courtesy of games publisher Bandai Namco. Read More >>

Hot Wheels Made a Real-Life Version of Rocket League With Tiny RC Cars

With Rocket League having already arrived on the Nintendo Switch, Psyonix and Mattel have teamed up to create the second most portable version of the game. The Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals set brings Rocket League into the real world with a pair of tiny RC cars you use to knock a giant ball into your opponent’s net. Read More >>

AMD’s Newest Processors Are so Good You Can Skip the Graphics Card

In the past year, graphics cards have gone from the reasonably priced computer part you pick up on Amazon or Newegg to something bordering on as precious as gold. If you happen to find one being sold at its MSRP, you can easily snatch it up and sell it on Amazon for twice the price. The market has gotten so cutthroat in the face of a GPU shortage that vendors like Microcenter have limited the number of GPUs you can buy and will only sell at the original MSRP if you can prove you’re buying it for personal use. And into this fierce market enters AMD with a new CPU with an integrated graphics card so good you can leave the other GPUs to the cryptominers. Read More >>

Why Buy A Nintendo Switch When You Can Make Your Own With A Raspberry Pi?

First answer: it's easier to buy one. And that's cool. But there are people who, given a Raspberry Pi, a 3D printer and a stick of chewing gum, are going to build their own facsimile running emulation software so they can play whatever they like. Christopher Foote is one such person. The fruits of his labour: the "PiSwitch". Read More >>

Which Publisher Has The Best Games?

In previous articles we’ve looked at which of the platform holders is the most consistent, the rip-roaring momentum of Switch, which games are the most controversial, and which have produced the largest gulf between critics and players. There was one more question burning in our minds: which of the big third-party publishers is the best? Read More >>

This Upgraded Super Nintendo Clone Rekindled My Love of 16-Bit Gaming

A couple of years ago we reviewed a souped-up NES clone called the Analogue Nt with a prohibitively expensive, £380 aluminium housing. It was a beautiful piece of hardware, but ultimately it only served to remind my coworker Adam Clark Estes of just how basic and boring 8-bit NES games are. Nostalgia really needs a ‘your results may vary’ warning, because my trip down memory lane with the Super Nt, a souped up $190/£137 SNES clone that works on modern HD TVs, instead reminded me how much I still love 16-bit gaming. Read More >>

Google’s Rumoured ‘Yeti’ Project Could Be Big For Game Streaming

Companies like Sony and Nvidia have tried to make game streaming a thing for years, so gamers can skip the download process entirely and instead stream games from the cloud. But only recently has the tech been good enough to make it feasible. Sony has PS Now, which can stream games over the internet to a PS4 or PC, while Nvidia’s GeForce Now service does the same thing for the company’s Shield devices or a modern computer with an Nvidia GPU. Read More >>

The Games Players Love More Than Critics

Believe it or not, I haven’t always been a games critic. Once upon a time I enjoyed games with nary a thought of cataloguing performance and assessing if they furthered the state of the art. There’s a difference in how you look at games once it’s your job, a shift in focus. A critic might value different things in a game than the wider audience does, and vice-versa. Read More >>

For Science! Which Video Game Platform Holder Makes The Best Games?

Unlike eBook readers, CD players, MP3 players and BluRay drives, video games consoles are in the unique position of not featuring standardised hardware. Where any cassette player would play any cassette, video games need to be tailored to the unique rendering hardware of their machines, which incentivises hardware manufacturers to create their own first party exclusives. You buy an Xbox One over a Playstation 4 if you want to play Gears of War more than God of War, which makes first party exclusives a vital deciding factor between similar gaming hardware. Read More >>

VR Games Are the One Way to Make Exercise Even Less Appealing 

VirZOOM, a VR/fitness firm, wants to get you off that couch and into a calorie-burning virtual reality. The Massachusetts-based startup is selling a new series of stationary bikes that sync with VR headsets to immerse players in elaborate fantasy scenarios as they cycle. On the one hand, fitness is important. On the other, look at this shit. Read More >>

Nintendo Switch Online Will Now be Launching in September

Despite the fact it's been nearly a year since it launched, the Nintendo Switch still doesn't have a dedicated online service ala Xbox Live or PS Plus. Nintendo initially promised it would arrive at an unspecified point in early 2018, but now it's confirmed that date has been pushed back to September. Read More >>

Logan Paul ‘Suicide Forest’ Game Appears on Xbox Creator’s Collection

Xbox Creator's Collection is a fairly new initiative that allows independent game creators to publish their games to the Xbox Store with "no concept approval required". It sounds like a great idea in principle, sure, but as the latest game to appear on the store shows, it's an absolute disaster waiting to happen. Read More >>

Brace Yourselves, Battlefront II’s Microtransactions Are Coming Back

If you didn't know Star Wars: Battlefront II was in trouble, then I do wonder where you've been. The game was launched amid mass controversy over the loot box-based microtransaction systems implemented, with accusations levelled at publisher EA including a system trying to milk gamers for as much money as possible. Read More >>

Does Razer Know It Posted a Racist Meme?

There’s being into video gaming and there’s identifying as a hardcore gamer. Both are fine! But the latter group has developed a well-earned reputation for being rife with bigoted jerks, from the whole mess over Gamergate to more recent instances like PewDiePie’s repeated instances of racism. It’s also not a coincidence that hardware manufacturers have long learned to appeal to hardcore gamers with branding exercises that could be described as Mountain Dew with an extra spoonful of cringe. Read More >>

Two Additional Gamers Named in Fatal US ‘Swatting’ Death

Two additional gamers have been named in a court case involving a Los Angeles man who allegedly phoned in a hoax emergency call over a Call of Duty friendly-fire dispute, resulting in a Wichita, Kansas police sniper shooting and killing an innocent man. Read More >>