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Is Your Internet Fast Enough for Google Stadia? If Not, There’s Still Hope

The video game streaming revolution is coming, and Google Stadia is helping to lead the charge – but do you have enough bandwidth to play along when it launches today? Here are the minimum requirements for running Stadia, and how you can get your internet connection in shape ahead of time. Read More >>

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Microsoft Bets Big on AR With Wider Launch of Minecraft Earth In Early Access

Just in case you forgot that Microsoft is deep into augmented reality, the early access version of Minecraft Earth is finally available on iOS and Android for you to get a taste of the future. Read More >>

We Finally Know What Games Are Launching With Stadia

The launch of Stadia is only a week away, so it’s extremely surprising that we’re only learning about its launch titles now – after pre-orders have already happened. But given the list of games available maybe it makes sense that Google held off so long. Read More >>

Honestly, a Video Game That Strands You On a Boring Six-Hour Flight Is Just What I Need Right Now

Video games can be a fantastic escape from the stresses of every day life, but not when you’re chasing high scores, or screaming at the screen because you just got sniped. A new game called Airplane Mode might provide the most relaxed gaming experience imaginable, as players are only tasked with enjoying the ride as a passenger on a six hour trans-Atlantic flight that plays out in real time. Read More >>

These Are the Best Worst Bootleg Game Consoles

The world is full of bootlegs: that pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts the eBay seller swore was authentic, the AirPods that don’t quite feel hefty enough you got for a killer deal, and a ridiculous, alarming amount of video games. Bad news: That Game Boy-like system that came packing every single NES title ever released and then some? You were swindled in a big way. Read More >>

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure Tricked Me Into Liking Squats, But the Calorie-Burn Was Lacking

As long as people want to lose weight, there’s always going to be some sort of fitness grift – be it super-expensive treadmills with on-demand classes, a mirror that guides you through workouts, or the army of Peloton knockoff bikes. It’d be fair if your first impulse would be to group Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch into that pile of dubious, gamified fitness schlock. The Ring-Con looks stupid. Running in place in your living room also looks stupid. If you have an ounce of common sense, you know this thing isn’t going to turn your flabby tum into rock-solid washboard abs. But here’s why you should consider buying it anyway: Ring Fit Adventure makes exercise genuinely fun. Read More >>

AI Bot is the First to Play StarCraft II at the Grandmaster Level

Computer scientists at DeepMind have developed an artificially intelligent bot capable of defeating the world’s best players at StarCraft II, the popular real-time strategy video game. Read More >>

Terrorists Win

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out all the way back in 2012 – though it still has a large player base and its tie-ins with the Steam Community marketplace have remained active long after developer Valve’s attention mostly went elsewhere. Patch notes from Monday flagged by Vice News indicate that may have become a big problem, with the CS:GO team writing that it had disabled the ability to trade and sell in-game keys used to unlock weapons and skins due to criminals taking over their turf. Read More >>

The 20 Apple Arcade Games That Make It Worth the Money

Out of all the subscription bundles that Apple has pushed out in its recent lurch towards being a services company, it’s the £5-a-month Apple Arcade one that makes the most sense – a tonne of exclusive games for mobile and desktop, all for one flat fee. Just how good a deal Apple Arcade ends up depending on the games. We’ve heard a lot about the captivating Day-Glo endless runner game Sayonara Wild Hearts, but there are countless other games also available and it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you. That’s where we come in. Read More >>

Microsoft Has a Plan to Get You Locked Into the Next-Gen Xbox Now

The subscription wars are in full-swing but today, Microsoft offered a compelling reason to give it more of your money. The company reintroduced its Xbox All Access program for players in the UK, US and Australia – which also includes the option to upgrade to its new console, Project Scarlett, once it hits shelves in 2020. Read More >>

Xbox All Access is Finally Coming to the UK

Xbox All Access is coming to the UK, Microsoft announced this morning. Players can spread out the cost of a console, a Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live with discounted monthly payments over two years. The base bundle starts at £17.99, and there will be the option to upgrade your Xbox All Access Xbox One X to the Project Scarlett when it launches late 2020. Read More >>

A New Video Game Tests Whether You Can Survive the Climate Apocalypse

If we fail to stop climate change, the world will be screwed. Like thousands will die, hundreds of millions will be displaced screwed. The actions society takes over the next decade will largely dictate what our climate will look like by the end of the century. Read More >>

Microsoft Snipes Another Streamer From Twitch as Shroud Moves to Mixer

First, it was Ninja, and now it’s Shroud, as Microsoft has inked a deal that will have yet another one of Twitch’s most popular streamers switch exclusively to Mixer. Read More >>

Apple and Blizzard Slammed Over China Censorship by Top U.S. Lawmakers

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers on Friday co-signed letters sent to the chief executives of Apple and Blizzard expressing “deep concern” over recent decisions by the American companies that have negatively impacted users overseas “at the behest of the Chinese government.” Read More >>

Don’t Forget to Cancel Your Apple Arcade Trial if You’re Not Using It

We’ve all been there – sign up for a free trial, and then get dinged with a pesky automatic subscription renewal. If you’re one of the early adopters who leapt onto the Apple Arcade train as soon as it launched, here’s a friendly reminder that you might want to cancel before your credit card gets charged. Read More >>