Apple’s Understanding of Games Is So Narrow It’s Screwing Itself

When most people think of Apple, video games aren’t the first thing to come to mind. Photo- or video-editing, of course, or some other type of creative work, but not gaming. That’s because of the way Apple designs and markets its products. Read More >>

I’m Still Not Over the Bob-omb Thing

It’s been weeks since I finished Paper Mario: The Origami King. I’ve since moved on to another replay of Fallout 4, this time delving into the moral dilemma that is playing as a raider in the Nuka-World storyline. But nothing that Fallout 4 (or most other games) makes me experience can compare to the emotional overload that was the storyline in a silly kids game about folding paper. Read More >>

The RG350P Is the Retro Portable You Should Buy

Just five months ago I called the original Retro Game 350 the best portable retro gaming machine you could buy. It’s still an excellent device, but if you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, the new RG350P includes a handful of subtle but excellent upgrades that make it a better handheld in every way, and well worth spending an extra £15 for. Read More >>

The PS5 Price ‘Leaked’, But Naturally it Turned Out to be Bogus

Last weekend French supermarket chain Carrefour briefly listed a price for the PS5, its digital-only equivalent, and a bunch of accessories that will be available at launch. This felt like a big deal, since Sony has yet to announce any sort of pricing, but obviously that price was bogus. Read More >>

Apple Is Denying Consumers Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Claims

Microsoft has stopped mincing words, and in a statement shared with Gizmodo, claims that Apple is entirely to blame for the lack of cloud gaming apps and subscription services on iOS. Read More >>

virtual reality
These Motorised Shoes Could Be the Key to Making Virtual Reality Fully Immersive

There’s no shortage of people trying to make virtual reality gaming a more immersive experience. There are VR arenas where people strap on PC backpacks and play in a pre-programmed area. There are gloves and shoes, and even VR treadmills. Nothing seems to have that full immersion factor, though, either because the person playing still needs to sit down to game, the haptic technology isn’t responsive enough, or because the headset is too large and expensive. But now software engineer Alexander Evans is making his own 3D-printed VR shoes, and they look like the best VR accessory to date. Read More >>

Some of the Best Xbox Games Are Coming to Android Via Project X Cloud, and I’m Pretty Hyped

It’s time for Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform to officially move out of preview mode and into the real world. The company announced today that Project xCloud will officially launch on Sept. 15 – though just in beta for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members at the moment. However, anyone can sign up for that service and access the 100+ games Microsoft has made accessible through its cloud gaming platform, including Minecraft DungeonsDestiny 2Tell Me WhyGears 5, and Yakuza Kiwami 2. Read More >>

PS4 Controllers Won’t Work With PS5 Games

In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, Sony detailed which PlayStation 4 controllers and accessories will work with the PlayStation 5. Speciality controllers like steering wheels, Sony wireless headsets, and PlayStation Move controllers will work just fine. The PS4's DualShock 4, however, will only work with supported PS4 games. Read More >>

The Razer Kishi is the Smartphone Gamepad I’ve Been Waiting For

Betrayal, frustration, regret. These are just a few of the emotions I felt when I bought my first gamepad for a smartphone, the Logitech Powershell, in 2015. The sales pitch sounded so sensible. You’re already carrying a tiny computer in your pocket all the time, snap that phone into a controller case and you’d have the perfect mobile gaming device, right? Read More >>

Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass: Which is the Best Netflix for Apps?

Apple and Google are going head-to-head in just about everything now – maps, mobile operating systems, smart speakers, browsers, cloud storage, phones, etc. But here we’ll be taking a look at the all-you-can-eat app subscription services offered by the two tech giants – which one is the better deal? Read More >>

GeForce Now Finally Lets Users Automatically Sync Games With Their Steam Library

Nvidia has given GeForce Now an easier way to search for compatible games with a new feature called Game Sync. Instead of scrolling through game categories in the main menu or typing game titles into the search bar, GeForce Now users can sync their Steam library with their account. Games will automatically appear under My Library for easy access, taking a lot of the guesswork out of finding compatible games. Read More >>

Konami Elbows Its Way into Esports with a Wildly Overpriced Line of PC Gaming Hardware

This week, Konami, owner of multiple sports clubs, maker of pachinko machines, and occasional developer of video games decided that instead of putting out a real update to PES that it would dive into the world of PC gaming with a new line of esports-focused hardware. Read More >>

Stadia in 4G is Now in Beta and Should Stay There a While

Earlier this week, Google announced it rolled out a new Stadia Experiment for mobile phones: the ability to play games over Stadia via your mobile network in 4G or 5G, and anyone with an account and the app on their phone can opt-in to try it. It’s another step toward what the real vision of cloud gaming has been all along: playing videogames anytime, anywhere. But there are a few caveats to using Stadia on a 4G or 5G network right now, mainly dealing with speed and accessibility – and some annoying limitations to control. Read More >>

Nintendo’s Latest Solution for Its Cloud Problem Is Still a Half Measure

My birthday gift from my partner this year was a Switch Lite. Actually, it was part of an elaborate upgrade scheme we cooked up. His regular Switch was kind of broken – you have to jiggle it a few times in the dock for it to connect properly to the TV. I almost never hook my Switch up to the TV. It made sense to buy a Switch Lite for me, and give my Switch to my partner. Read More >>

You’re Going to Have to Wait Until Next Year to Get Your Hands on This Perfect Game Boy Clone

As if 2020 hasn’t already delivered enough gut punches, today Analogue announced that its highly anticipated upcoming handheld console, the Analogue Pocket, won’t ship until May 2021 at the earliest. That’s disappointing, but the company is opening pre-orders on 3 August, and has also revealed some welcome updates to the all-in-one portable gaming machine. Read More >>