Organise the Ultimate Sausage Party With Aldi’s Footlongs

Everyone loves a nice big sausage, especially as the days are lengthy and the temperature's increasing, but finding one that's big enough can be a bit of a challenge. The average sausage is way too small for someone with a ferocious appetite, which is why Aldi has stepped in to make sure there are plenty of big ones for people to enjoy. Read More >>

doctor who
Twitch is Hosting a Seven Week Classic Doctor Who Marathon From 29th May

Despite having a history that goes back nearly 55 years, Doctor Who isn't really on TV very much. Certainly not the classic pre-Christopher Eccleston episodes. It was shown on one of the UK Gold channels every Saturday about ten years ago, and some foreign streaming catalogues host some classics, but the simplest option is just to buy them all on DVD. Read More >>

Facebook Still Thinks Uploading Naked Pictures of Yourself is the Best Way to Stop Revenge Porn

Back in October Facebook announced its plans to tackle the problem of revenge porn being spread on its platform. Plans that involved asking users to upload naked pictures of themselves, so the platform could assign a digital fingerprint and curb any attempts to spread the pictures around. That story is back in the news again, because this system is going to be trialled in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada. Read More >>

OnePlus is Having Some Issues Trying to Trademark ‘Dash Charge’ in the EU

When it comes to fast charging, there are quite a few competing standards out there vying to get your phone topped up as quickly as possible. OnePlus's Dash Charge is considered one of the best, but the company is having issue trademarking the brand name in the EU. Issues that may force a name change. Read More >>

Amazon Will Deliver You a Volvo Now

People at Volvo and people at Amazon are pleased to announce the result of several meetings and more than one thousand emails – you can book a test drive of a Volvo through Amazon Prime Now. Read More >>

Music Industry Wants the UK’s Upcoming Internet Safety Laws to Deal With Piracy

For the past few years the government has made it clear it wants a more active hand in the internet. Whether it's adding age verification gates to content unsuitable for under 18s (like porn), demanding social networks tackle hate speech and extremism more effectively, or simply to make using the internet "safer" - whatever that actually means. Read More >>

Parents Start Gender Pay Gap Early By Paying Boys More For Doing Little Jobs

Little girls are being told their efforts are worth less than those of boys before they've even entered the workplace and been told what to wear by a man, as gender pay disparity appears to begin at home; where little boys are routinely paid more than little girls by parents for doing household chores and behaving themselves. Read More >>

Overwatch is the Next Big Franchise to Get the Lego Treatment

Lego is more than just bricks, we all know that. Over the years the company has amassed a huge collection of licences, letting it develop sets for several famous franchises including Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Ghostbusters, Minecraft, Jurassic Park, and more. That's not including all the big names that have appeared in Lego Dimensions, either, thanks to the game's ties with Warner Bros. Read More >>

Smart Traffic Lights That Tell Drivers to Speed Up are Being Tested

People staring at traffic lights have had an idea on how to make money from calling them "smart" -- give the things networked indicators that tell drivers how fast they need to go to hit the next set of lights when they turn green. This could speed people through cities without requiring so much braking and accelerating, reducing congestion and taking numerous small exhaust particles out of the sky. Read More >>

Apple’s WWDC 2018 Keynote Will Actually be Watchable on Chrome and Firefox

One of the most irritating things about being a tech journalist who doesn't use Apple products used to be the fact that Apple would only ever stream its product launches through Safari. Or specifically Safari on an Apple device, which made it very difficult to actually watch them try and peddle their latest product lineup. That changed with the launch of Edge, though that still wasn't ideal because Edge is still pretty crappy. Read More >>

Nearly 5 Million People Supposedly Watched Champions League Games Illegally

It's no secret that watching football is quite popular with the pirates. Seeing as how lots of games are locked behind paid-or services like Sky Sports or BT (if they're even available to watch in this country), football fans have opted for the illegal streams to get their fix. The Champions League was no different, with a new report claiming nearly five million people tuned into the tournament's knock-out stages using unofficial streams. Read More >>

Google is Being Sued in the High Court for “Clandestine” Tracking of iOS Users

On of Google's mottos is "Don't Be Evil". Or at least it was, until they changed it to the slightly more subjective "Do the Right Thing". Some would argue that the company's past behaviour does border on being evil, which is why the company is being sued in the High Court in a class-action lawsuit described as "the first of its kind" in the UK. The reason? Allegedly bypassing security restrictions in iOS's Safari browser for "clandestine tracking". Read More >>

Gentrified Cornwall Wants £10 for a Posher Pasty

A Cornish pasty producer thinks he's onto a winner with a concept for a posher type of pasty, with the new recipe including such non-traditional ingredients as crab, a creamy white wine sauce and seaweed. Yours for a promotional period price of £8.75 before it goes up to £10.95 when the tourists roll up in their Range Rovers and blow the dust off their spare houses this summer. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Will Speak to EU Parliament This Afternoon, But You Can Already Read His Apology Speech

This afternoon Mark Zuckerberg is set to appear in front of the European Parliament in person, something he's refused to do for our Parliament at least twice. Topics of discussion will include the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and Facebook's attitude to user privacy. Nigel Farage has also promised to grill the Facebook CEO about bias on the platform, and if he's bothering to turn up you know it's probablyimportant. Read More >>

500 BMW i3 Batteries Have Been Added to a Welsh Wind Farm

It's a well known fact that lithium ion batteries degrade over time, and there are some EV naysayers that love to point this out whenever the topic of electric car batteries comes up. It's true, eventually there will be a point where those batteries won't be all that useful for driving - for a variety of reasons. But those old batteries aren't scrapped, they're put to use elsewhere. Nissan's been connecting old batteries to solar panels and installing them in homes, and a bunch of BMW i3 batteries have just been installed at a Welsh wind farm. Read More >>