YouTube Music is Now Free on Google Home Speakers

Google and YouTube announced today that YouTube Music is now free to listen to on Google Home speakers, albeit with ads. Read More >>

Attenborough to Address the Nation on Climate Change Tonight

David Attenborough and a variety of scientists from around the world are to address the nation on the issue of climate change tonight, as the BBC prepares to take ownership of the debate around the menace formerly known as global warming and make everyone believe it's real via a programme it calls Climate Change – The Facts. Attenborough's doing it. It's serious. You'll want the Blu-ray of it. Read More >>

HS2’s Already Burned £600m on Buying Houses and Gardens to Flatten Out

The HS2 rail project has been busy handing out the money to smooth its passage through the country, with the first wave of land purchases along the proposed route costing the line, and therefore the nation, around £600m. Read More >>

More Specs for the OnePlus 7 Pro Have Leaked

The OnePlus 7 leaks keep flooding in, this time more specs for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Read More >>

eBay’s Latest Voucher Deals Means You Can Get Nearly £65 off a Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros.

Buying a Nintendo Switch can cost as much as £280, because the console has been so popular there hasn't been much reason to offer any incentivising price cuts. Similarly the new version of Super Smash Bros. will set you back £45 by itself. But with AO's latest discount you can get both together for £260.10. Read More >>

Asda Confuses Welsh Shoppers With Free Alcohol Claim

A branch of Asda in Wales tried to do the right thing in putting up Welsh-language signs to point the way to stuff on the aisles, but whoever did it made a big old mess of things and accidentally promised shoppers free beer. Blame the manager and Google Translate. Read More >>

game of thrones
More Than Twice as Many People Pirated Game of Thrones Than Watched It

Game of Thrones is back for the last time, and so are the pirates. Read More >>

Revealed: The Hidden Geography of London’s Cycle Hire Scheme

London’s Cycle Hire bikes are one of the best things to happen to London in the 21st century. Since launching in July 2010, they have transformed mobility for millions of people: no more squeezing onto crowded buses or descending into the depths of the tube – you can breeze through central London, and arrive at work with a sense of joy rather than with your spirit crushed. Read More >>

Helium Balloons are the New Rail Infrastructure Scapegoats

There's a new Bad Thing About Balloons in town, and this one's not wildlife related. Railway manager Network Rail says it's seeing increasing numbers of delays caused by bunches of balloons getting tangled in power lines, as our love of the floaty things shows no sign of dying, even though they're rapidly becoming an environmental no-no too. Read More >>

The Huawei P30 Lite Now Has a Release Date

We heard at the Huawei P30 launch that there'd be a Lite version of the phone to add to the regular P30 and the P30 Pro, and now the company has announced it is imminent. Read More >>

Google Home is Currently £69

We're not sure Easter sales are really a thing, but it seems they're happening nonetheless. Read More >>

Virgin Media Gets Vodafone’s ‘Gigafast’ Advertising Slapped Down by the ASA

Virgin Media's been telling tales on broadband rival Vodafone, and got a webpage advertising its speeds pulled for being misleading. Read More >>

Huawei Donates P30 Phones to RSPCA for Better Photos of Rescue Animals

Today's Good Guy of Tech award goes to Huawei, which has joined forces with the RSPCA to help rescue animals find a home. Read More >>

Nokia 1 Plus Comes to the UK for Under £90

It's quite amazing what you can get smartphone-wise for under £100 these days, and Nokia has just added itself to the list with the new Nokia 1 Plus. Read More >>

The 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Better Cameras, Too

It seems blisteringly-fast 5G mobile data isn't the only reason to wait for Samsung's 5G version of the Galaxy S10: the cameras are apparently even better than on the regular, still-very-good S10. Read More >>