Ineos May Abandon Plan to Build New Offroader in Wales

It would appear that whatshisname who's making that Land Rover knock-off primarily as a toy for himself has decided against building the beast on a former Ford site in Bridgend, as he's been tempted by cheaper existing carmaking facilities within the EU. Read More >>

Shopkeeper Lands Himself with £8k Fine for Pranking Police with Carrot Juice

A shopkeeper from High Wycombe who was fined for drinking carrot juice out of a beer can in a no-alcohol area has landed himself with £8,000 of court costs after losing his case against the council. Read More >>

Even Goats Are Queuing for Post-Lockdown Haircuts

The ever-brilliant Kashmiri goats of Llandudno, North Wales appear to be having the same post-lockdown problems as the rest of us. Read More >>

Stamp Duty on Most House Sales Axed as Emergency Market Resuscitation

One of the many emergency measures introduced in yesterday's mini budget was additional help to get the housing market alive and operational again, with the chancellor cancelling stamp duty on the vast majority of transactions; and getting to be all superhero-like by adding "...with immediate effect." Read More >>

Apple’s Latest Folding Phone Patent Shows Touch Bar, Notification Strip

Apple has been one of the few phone manufacturers not to release or even publicly show a folding smartphone prototype, but that doesn't mean it isn't interested. Read More >>

Free Parking for NHS Staff in England May End Soon

The government thinks we've stopped paying attention enough to allow it start charging NHS staff to park at their places of work again without triggering a massive online furore! Silly old government. What a silly government you are. Aren't you? Silly. Read More >>

Facebook Removed a Baby Owl Webcam for ‘Nudity and Sexual Activity’

A webcam feed of baby owls in the nest was taken down by Facebook for supposedly breaking its rules about nudity and sexual activity. Read More >>

Apple Paid Hardly Any UK Tax Last Year Despite £1bn+ in Sales

Apple Retail UK has filed its accounts with Companies House, and the figures are kind of vexing. Read More >>

Neverspoons App Highlights Your Nearest Non-Wetherspoon Pub

Everyone's promise never to darken a Wetherspoon pub again has been made a little easier by an app calling itself Neverspoons, designed to find independent pubs in the vicinity of each Wetherspoon factory outlet so you don't have to fund Tim Martin's lifestyle in any way. Read More >>

Looks Like the iPhone 12 Comes Without a Charger or Earbuds

We're expecting to see the shiny new iPhone 12 range later this year (it's usually September, but coronavirus has put a spanner in everyone's works, so who knows), and a new packaging leak seems to confirm what an analyst recently claimed: that the new phone will come without a charger and earbuds. Read More >>

You Won’t be Able to Fully Stream Sky Q Anytime Soon

Back in 2017 Sky announced that it was working on a different version of Sky Q — a version that skips the dish and would let you stream Sky programming over the internet. Like Now TV, but better and more expensive. Originally that service was due to arrive in 2018, but two years later it's nowhere to be seen. What gives? Apparently Sky is sidelining the whole project for now. Read More >>

The Big Issue Sellers Are Back, in Full Double-Masked Dystopian Style

One small bit of life is now back to normal although not really if you analyse it, as the Big Issue sellers have been given the nod to get out there and start politely pestering us to buy the latest issue once more. But now they're fully double-masked and will be wafting the heady smell of anti-bacterial gel all down the high street, in a reminder that 2020 is now the background of a post-apocalyptic video game, and you're down to your last bit of health. Read More >>

PG Tips Tipped to be First Tea Brand to Ditch Plastic

PG Tips says its products will be entirely plastic-free by the middle of next year. Read More >>

Aldi Promises Never to Sell US Chlorinated Chicken Products

People power would appear to be working for once, as the supermarkets are now lining up to promise they won't sell terrible imported American meats regardless of what the government says or allows. Read More >>