Northerner Blags Shakespeare Job

Famous northerner Christopher Eccleston has landed himself a decent job down south, but he had to go and bloody make the poshos give it to him. Read More >>

Man Sues Lucasfilm for Cancelling Vader Film Celebration

There's a man out there who makes a living filming fan celebration events and live-streaming them to cinemas, and back in 2015 he thought he was on to a blockbuster in securing an interview with Darth Vader torso provider Dave Prowse right before the release of The Force Awakens -- only to have Lucasfilm intervene and ban filming at the last minute. Read More >>

Sheeran Wants to Sheeran-ise Eurovision Next

Ed Sheeran has noticed somewhere currently mostly free of Ed Sheeran that he thinks might benefit from having an Ed Sheeran injection — Eurovision. Read More >>

The O2 Arena is being Turned Into a 5G Test Bed

Networks are big on sponsoring real locations, and they do love turning those locations into testing ground for new mobile signal. EE's done it with Wembley quite a lot, and now O2 is doing something similar at the O2 Arena and turning it into a test bed for 5G. Read More >>

Energy Company Wakes You up When Electricity is Cheap

A new energy provider is promising to pass on the minute-by-minute fluctuations of the wholesale electricity market to the likes of us, meaning we'll be able to put the washing machine on and toast the week's toast at the most efficient time -- and perhaps even receive a rebate for doing so. Read More >>

Sky’s £15 Now TV Smart Stick Goes on Sale Tomorrow

Last month Sky announced that it was launching a £15 Now TV streaming stick, the cheapest device of its kind in the UK. Today Sky has announced that the Smart Stick will be available from retailers tomorrow and direct from Sky itself on Monday (26th February). Read More >>

KFC Crisis Thursday 22nd Feb: These Stores Are STILL Closed, And These Are Your Closest Alternatives (Updated)

Another day of the fried chicken crisis at KFC, and another day of exhaustive coverage here at Gizmodo UK. We get it, you want fried chicken - and you're prepared to travel for it. So without further ado, here's a list of all of the KFC stores that are still closed - with the nearest open branch listed with them. Read More >>

Good News Rick & Morty Fans, McDonald’s is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce For Real

Last April Rick & Morty kicked off the demand for McDonald's' long-discontinued Szechuan dipping sauce. Demand that the company tried to use to its advantage with a one-day-only promotion that saw the sauce back in stores. Except that didn't go so well, with reports of absurdly small supplies of the sauce that couldn't even come close to meeting the demand from rabid fans who didn't like being told no. Read More >>

Tinder Had a Bug That Let Hackers Take Over Your Account With a Phone Number

Last month it was reported that a flaw in Tinder's security could give complete strangers access to your matches and photos, and back in October is was one of many dating services that researchers hacked to reveal user photos and location data. Now there's a new bug that's been revealed, one that could have let hackers hijack your account with a phone number. Read More >>

New iPads Could Arrive Next Month, if This Leak is to be Believed

With all the new announcements expected at MWC, it's easy to forget that there are companies that often forgo the big conferences in favour of their own flashy launch events. Apple is the king of that, so when you hear the rumour about Apple has some new iPads ready for release next month don't go expecting a surprise announcement in Barcelona. Read More >>

What’s The Grossest Fast Food Chain?

This article was originally posted on 30th October 2017, but in the light of the "KFC Crisis" we thought you might like to be reminded about what substitute fast food eateries to avoid. Spoiler: pretty much all other fried chicken shops. Sorry. Read More >>

Land Rover’s Explore Outdoor Phone is Smartphone That Can Handle All Your Wilderness Adventures

Outdoor activities are quite popular with people who aren't like me. Walking, climbing, sailing, they're all the kinds of things people love to do, but the issue has always been that the conditions they come with don't exactly play nice with the comforts of modern technology. Water, rocks, and the cold weather are all things that can  destroy your phone, and it's just not worth risking it with an expensive device. Read More >>

CAT’s Smartphone Range is Getting a Thermal-Sensing Upgrade With the New S61

Back in 2016 CAT launched the S60 smartphone, with a FLIR thermal imaging camera built in - a feature that basically gave the phone superpowers. It's been nearly two years, though, which is an eternity in smartphone time, so the S60 is getting a successor in the form of the S61. With it comes some much-needed upgrades to the thermal imaging camera, along with other tools many of you might be interested in. Read More >>

Virgin Mobile is Launching an Unlimited Data Plan With Zero Limits, Even for Tethering

If you want an unlimited mobile data package in this country, your options are pretty limited. Until today the only network to offer that was Three, though it put had to put strict limits on tethering to stop people abusing the system. Now there's a second option from Virgin, and has promised there are absolutely no limits. No fair use policy on data, no speed throttling, and no limits on your tethering. Read More >>

Teacher Hates His Spoilt Posh Rich Kids

The headteacher of a £30k-a-year boarding home for the offspring of the elite doesn't seem to enjoy teaching them very much, as he's branded his students a bunch of lazy, entitled wannabes who lack the determination to do anything more with their lives than sit back and watch the likes roll in. Read More >>