Three is Pulling the Plug on Its Half Price Unlimited Data Deals Tomorrow so Grab One While You Can

Three's six month half price unlimited data deals are fantastic. It would be a shame if someone... stopped the promotion. And that's exactly what is happening at the strike of midnight on Thursday, August 22. Read More >>

McDonald’s Spicy Nugs Get Dissed by London Chain Serving up Posh Lobster Nugs

In a restaurant chain that ceases to exist outside of the bounds of London, a new form of spicy nugs are coming. Lobster nugs. Posh nugs, if you will. Read More >>

Save £120 on Lego Star Wars Cloud City and £108 off the Taj Mahal With John Lewis’s Deals

Lego can get quite expensive, and these days there are plenty of them that wind up close to the £300 mark – and sometimes beyond. Thankfully John Lewis has just discounted a bunch of sets, and some of those ultra-expensive sets have had quite a lot of money knocked off. That includes £120 off the Star Wars Cloud City set, and £109 off the Taj Mahal. Read More >>

O2 Takes Aim at Vodafone in the Ongoing 5G Saga, Saying It Doesn’t Have ‘Real 5G’

In an attempt to be the network with the most shit to fling at its competitors, O2 is sparking more pissing contests over 5G. Please just give it a rest already. Read More >>

Morrisons Tests 30p Plastic Bag Price Rise

Morrisons is about to enrage the people who get enraged about plastic bags so much that they have to breathe into one for a while to calm down, with a trial in some stores seeing the cost of a disposable carrier upped to 30p. That'll surely make it one of the chain's most profitable items. Influencers will want to be seen with the aspirational shopping transport solution. Read More >>

McDonald’s Doubles Down on Extended Breakfast Hours Proving There Is a God and He Likes a McMuffin

The golden arches will be serving breakfast for a little longer than usual at select stores across the country thanks to the success of its extended hours trial that kicked off in June. Read More >>

HS2 Could Yet be Cancelled as Government Launches Full Review

The government is about to embark on some serious pretending-to-listen, as it's launched a full inquiry into the plan for HS2 – even going so far as to ask whether the rail line should be built at all. Even though plenty of stuff's already been started so we'll look pretty silly if it's all binned off now. Read More >>

Aldi Braces for Spider Season With a ‘Humane’ Spider Catching Doohicky

This time of year is every arachnophobic's worst nightmare, because we're getting close to the start of spider mating season. For those of you who don't know, spider season is when all the male spiders end up getting absurdly horny and start roaming around your house looking for lady spiders to bang. So instead of hiding away out of sight, they're just wandering around on the floor and scaring the shit out of anyone who comes across them. Thankfully Aldi's upcoming special buy has a tool for dealing with that. Read More >>

In Bad News on the Fracking Front, the UK Could Be Significantly Less Gassy Than First Thought

A recent study carried out by researchers at the University of Nottingham and the British Geological Survey (BGS) suggests that the UK's reserves of shale gas could be drastically lower than previously touted. Read More >>

All the Stupid Things Sony Did With Spider-Man Before he Joined the MCU

If you were paying attention to the internet last night you will have heard the Sony/Marvel deal has now ended. Negotiations apparently broke down and it means Sony is taking back control of Spider-Man, and that means we won't be seeing Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU again. Not anytime soon anyway. Read More >>

Auto Trader “Tests” Car Vending Machine

This, Auto Trader would like us to pretend, is how the cars of the future may be sold: straight out of the container on your debit card, with no pressure sales from a man called Steve or the need to make it look like you understand what a good and perfectly functional engine is supposed to look like. Read More >>

travel’s Publicity Stunt Wants Dog Reviewer for Pet-Friendly Hotels Around the World is looking for a pampered pooch accustomed to the finer things in life to review pet-friendly hotels around the world. Read More >>

Uber is Doing Boat Trips Now, But Only During This Bank Holiday Weekend

This coming weekend is a bank holiday - the last one before Christmas - and to mark the occasion, you can book yourself an Uber boat. Read More >>

face recognition
Man City Is Reported to Be Looking Into Face Recognition Tech for Stadium Access

Man City wants to whip out a wholly intrusive form of surveillance in place of just having someone look at tickets to gain entry to its Etihad Stadium. Read More >>

Sky Has Launched Ultrafast Broadband With Speeds up to 12 Times Faster Than Crappy Normal Broadband

Sky is launching a new Ultrafast broadband that offers speeds up to 12 times faster than its standard broadband, which sounds like garbage by comparison now. Read More >>