Even Goats Are Queuing for Post-Lockdown Haircuts

The ever-brilliant Kashmiri goats of Llandudno, North Wales appear to be having the same post-lockdown problems as the rest of us. Read More >>

Goats Retake Streets and Perform Vital Hedge Trimming While Humans Hide Indoors

The streets of the UK are beginning to look a bit like those of Pripyat right now, as people stay at home, the verges stay untrimmed, and wildlife is tentatively returning to areas it once roamed before we tarmacked the place over and put the natural springs down pipes in the 1950s. Read More >>

Wild Goats Descend on Town Centre Because it’s Grim in the Hills

A herd of wild goats has left its home in the hills because it's too bloody wet and windy, and gone to hang out with the humans in the centre of Llandudno. Read More >>

The Best Way to Remove Invasive Species? Greedy Goats

Connie Rieper-Estes likes to name her goat babies in batches. There are the cookie goats: Snickerdoodle, Biscotti, Nutter Butter, and Black and White Cookie. Before them came the ice cream-themed names: Neopolitan and Caramel Sundae. What better names to give a bunch of hungry goats? Read More >>

Bizarrely Hacked Animals to Star in Warped Nature Exhibition

A rat specially bred in Finland to display a preference for alcohol is one of the stars of a science and nature exhibition that's just got under way in London today, with the Making Nature show wanting to encourage us to see animals as something more than disease spreaders or potential sausages. Read More >>

Goats Are More Like Dogs Than We Thought

Researchers at Queen Mary University in London peered into the beady square pupil eyes of a goat and asked the single worst question one can ask about a goat: “Could this thing be more like a dog?” Read More >>

Shockingly, Salem’s Plan to Unleash 75 Lawncare Goats on the City Did Not End Well

Salem has shuttered its programme that turned park landscaping responsibilities over to a crew of several dozen goats, after the goats ran amok, drove away park visitors, and cost the city tens of thousands of dollars. Who could have predicted the plan would go so poorly? Read More >>

Police Helicopter Scrambled to Rescue Screaming Goats

A visitor dialled 999 for emergency assistance after hearing what sounded like screams coming from deep within Cheddar Gorge, but it was actually just a goat making weird goat noises. Read More >>

It’s Like Squeezing Paint from a Goat

In the days before B&Q paint departments, people slathered colour onto their walls the old fashioned way: using a mixture of pigment, lime, and milk. Now, one Californian farm is reviving this ancient tradition with the help of its resident goat herds. Read More >>

Goats Have Accents!

Not only do pygmy goats have accents, but they tend to pick up the characteristic "BAAAAAAAAAAA" of the locals bleating around them. Read More >>