Google Walkout Organisers Demand an End to Forced Arbitration Industry-Wide

The burgeoning fight to bring tech workers’ employment issues out of the darkness and into the public light grew further on Monday as a group of Google employees demanded the industry eliminate forced arbitration agreements entirely. Read More >>

Is Your Pixel 3 Screen a Knackered Disco Strobe?

More than a few owners of Google's high-priced 2018 Pixel 3 are experiencing problems with their device's screens, which have developed a variety of glitching issues including a disorientating bright yellow flash when switching the screen off; in the same fashion as exhibited by last year's Pixel 2 XL. Read More >>

How to Reset All of Your Browsers Back to Square One

Like an operating system reinstall, resetting your web browser can fix all kinds of problems and improve performance at the same time—squash annoying bugs, clear out dodgy and outdated extensions and get a browser that’s good as new with a hard reset. Here’s how to carry it out on all the major browsers. Read More >>

Google+ Execution Date Bumped Up Thanks to Bug Affecting 52 Million Users

In October, Alphabet announced it would begin shuttering its failed social network, Google+, after internal investigations revealed bugs that could have leaked user info. The proposed 10-month sunsetting period has been cut down to a mere 90 days now that an additional API bug was discovered, affecting some 52.5 million users. Read More >>

YouTube’s Own Recap of 2018 Is the Most ‘Disliked’ Video of the Year

For eight years, YouTube has released end-of-year Rewind videos that showcase some of the platform’s top trends, music, and memes. The recaps feature some of the most popular YouTube personalities acting out cheesy scenarios in an extended musical video, and are generally accepted to be awful. This year’s rewind was so universally despised that it has become one of the most disliked video of all time on the network, second to Justin Bieber’s 2010 hit “Baby.” Read More >>

These Birders Flock to Google Street View to Spot Birds Around the World

I noticed something in the distance while clicking along rural U.S. Route 59 in Minnesota, 80 miles southeast of Fargo, North Dakota. Two grainy heads appeared out of the water like a pair of Loch Ness monsters. I couldn’t make them out for certain, but given the location (Minnesota) and time of year (summer), I thought they could be common loons, birds that hadn’t yet been found by the other birders in my Facebook group. I’d been scouring Google Street View for hours hoping to find them, and here, I thought I’d nabbed a breeding pair. Read More >>

dont be evil
Google, Allegedly: Snitches Get Stitches

After a year of protests by its own staff against its work with the military, alleged plans to build a censored Chinese search engine, and handling of sexual harassment allegations against executives, Google is doing some soul-searching and self-reflection over the true meaning of “Don’t be evil.” Just kidding! According to the Times of London, they’re doubling down on finding and firing leakers. Read More >>

For the Love of God, Please Don’t Use Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat

There are two distinct types of people on workplace communication platforms: the ones who painstakingly toil over every typed letter in a show of ultimate professionalism, and the ones who type with abandon—who slam keys haphazardly with their clumsy sausage fingers to get across whatever they’re trying to communicate before moving on, punctuation and grammar be damned. Read More >>

Waymo’s Autonomous Taxis Now Take Paying Riders, But You Won’t Be One of Them

It’s simultaneously an exciting and terrifying time to be alive. The driverless car revolution is upon us, and on Wednesday, Waymo announced that it has launched the world’s first commercial autonomous taxi service. Unfortunately, only a select group of people will be able to take it for a spin. Read More >>

Google Kills Allo in Latest Attempt to Fix Its Shitty Messaging Strategy 

Allo is the latest casualty in Google’s long and tired road to building a chat app that can rival Apple’s iMessage. After passing on further Allo investment back in April, Google officially announced this week that it’s pulling the plug on the chat app in March 2019. Read More >>

Analyst Reckons Amazon and Google Will Release Wireless Earbuds to Take on Apple’s AirPods

Wireless earbuds are a big deal these days, especially since Apple released the AirPods. Because as well all know a technological innovation doesn't count until Apple can find a way to package it up for their legions of followers with their own unique brand of marketing. Well now one analyst reckons both Google and Amazon will launch their own wireless earbuds, with the intention of directly competing with Apple's Beats-powered empire. Read More >>

Google Takes Aim at Abusive Ads With Chrome 71

Google is rolling out Chrome 71 today and with it, you can apparently expect to kiss abusive ads from “persistently offending sites” goodbye. The latest version of Chrome will also include billing warning screens to help prevent unwanted charges and subscriptions. Read More >>

augmented reality
Google’s Virtual Vermeer Museum Is a Legitimately Cool Use of AR

It used to be that the fastest, easiest way to view the paintings of Johannes Vermeer was a Google Image search. Now you can just download an app and view the 36 works widely attributed to the artist in an augmented reality museum from the comfort of your home. Read More >>

‘Google You Owe Us’ Is Going To Court Again To Prove That Google Owes It

A group of iPhone users who sued Google for allegedly illegally collecting their private information for advertising in 2011 and 2012 has filed an appeal after their claim was blocked by the High Court. Read More >>

The Pixel 3 Will Soon Be Available With eSIM On EE

Finally, it looks like electronic SIMs are starting to actually happen. When you think about it, there's really no reason getting connected to your phone network should require a little piece of plastic: why can't you just sign in with your credentials like every other digital service? Read More >>