Twitter Says It Will Crack Down on Posts Encouraging Others to Harm Themselves

Twitter, the social media website best known for ignoring its abuse problem until it metastasized into a full-blown presidency, has as of late been trying to change its image. It’s stripped some far-right and white supremacist users of their verified badges and banned others, as well as rolled out what it says is harsher enforcement of rules against abuse, sexual and racial harassment, and threats of violence. Read More >>

Two Additional Gamers Named in Fatal US ‘Swatting’ Death

Two additional gamers have been named in a court case involving a Los Angeles man who allegedly phoned in a hoax emergency call over a Call of Duty friendly-fire dispute, resulting in a Wichita, Kansas police sniper shooting and killing an innocent man. Read More >>

Major Hacker Conference Organisers Accused of Ignoring Harassment, Enabling Abusers

This week, at the prominent hacking conference Chaos Communication Congress (CCC), Iranian-Canadian internet researcher Mahsa Alimardani was scheduled to give a talk on censorship and surveillance in Iran. But during the presentation, Alimardani decided to go off-topic, taking a moment to highlight allegations of assault and harassment made by current and former conference attendees, displaying a slide of their tweets and blog post onstage. Read More >>

Uber Lawsuit Lists Actionable Changes Uber Could Make to Prevent Sexual Assault

On Tuesday, two anonymous women filed a lawsuit against Uber on behalf of individuals who have experienced “rape, sexual assault, physical violence, and gender-motivated harassment” by Uber drivers. The lawsuit states that both women were sexually assaulted by their Uber drivers, and accuses Uber of creating a system that fails at both preventing and handling these incidents of sexual violence. Read More >>

DC Comics Has Suspended Editor Eddie Berganza Amidst Allegations of Sexual Harassment

This week, BuzzFeed News published the accounts of multiple women who alleged that they were sexually harassed by DC comics group editor Eddie Berganza while working for the publisher. Today, DC acknowledged the accusations being levelled against Berganza and made its first official statement. Read More >>

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Robert Scoble’s Flawed Understanding of Sexual Harassment

Multiple women have come forward accusing tech evangelist Robert Scoble of sexual harassment and assault. His former Rackspace colleague Michelle Greer and journalist Quinn Norton both accused Scoble of groping them in the early 2010s. Scoble responded to the accusations in an interview with USA Today, alleging that the sexual harassment happened at a time when he was struggling with a drinking problem, which he ultimately went to AA for in 2015. Read More >>

Twitter Has New Rules for Violent and Sexual Content

Twitter’s downward spiral into a platform where abuse thrives has been well-documented over the years, but harassment on Twitter is in the news again this week because the company suspended actress Rose McGowan after she tweeted about sexual abuse in Hollywood. In response, CEO Jack Dorsey promised to introduce stricter rules against harassment—and it looks like some of those rules just leaked to Wired. Read More >>

Study: The Internet Is Still Full of Arseholes

A nationally-representative US study on online harassment released by Pew Research today confirms what most of us already know: the internet is absolutely chock full of abusive shitheads. Read More >>

Tesla Fires Female Engineer Who Alleged Sexual Harassment and Wage Discrimination

Tesla fired a female engineer this week, just months after she publicly raised concerns about sexual harassment and wage discrimination at the company. AJ Vandermeyden sued Tesla last year and went public with her allegations in a February interview with the Guardian, but continued working at Tesla until her firing this week. Read More >>

Former Google Engineer Blasts Company’s HR Practices After Sexual Harassment Revelation

Earlier today, Recode reported that Uber had asked its new SVP of engineering, Amit Singhal to resign after he failed to disclose the circumstances involved in his departure from Google. According to Recode, Singhal resigned from Google in early 2016 after an investigation into a sexual harassment claim brought against him by another employee. Singhal has denied the allegations, but according to Recode, Google found them “credible”. Read More >>

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Why Trolls Won in 2016

A decade is all it took, more or less, for the internet to become unmanageable. Read More >>

YouTube Star Makes Money Bullying People With Learning Disabilities

YouTuber LeafyIsHere mocked a man with a learning disability, describing him as “looking like he went through five different strokes” among other things, in an almost 11-minute rant that begins with Hitler jokes. Sadly, this is far from the first time he’s punched down at small-time creators. Read More >>

NYPD Uses Social Media to Bust Terrorists, Loud Parties

That the NYPD has a crack Social Media Squad stalking citizens' every move is old news, but a recent Freedom of Information request sheds new light on exactly how the cops use their Facebooking powers. The answer? They're on the lookout for terrorists, cop killers, and um, loud parties. Read More >>

Police Getting App Lessons to Help Battle Online Bullying Complaints

Some poor 53-year-old cop is currently being shown how Snapchat works by someone half his age, as part of an effort to train up our police to better cope with the online harassment that now takes up so much of their time. Read More >>