For Men Who Will Try Anything to Get Taller, There’s a World of Grifts and Gimmicks

No matter how old you are, the website Height Maximizer claims it can provide you with “legitimate information that will actually help you become taller.” It features “height hacks,” alleged height-boosting supplements, and “8 Ways to Get Taller: Tips That Work (for Every Age).” Each page is topped off with the site’s logo – a picture of a bodybuilder and a bright red arrow pointing upward, and below it, the Height Maximizer tagline: “Puberty or Not, Here We Grow!” Read More >>

How Tall Can a Human Get?

Humans come in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to height there seems to be an unofficial limit on how tall someone can be. On average, the tallest of humans measure in at around seven-feet six-inches, with a few Guinness-worthy cases breaking the eight foot barrier. But why is that? Read More >>

Why Are Taller People Generally More Intelligent? It’s All to Do With Sex and Your Parents

Although there are exceptions to the rule, taller people generally have a higher IQ. It's all in the genes, but both height and intelligence are highly complex traits, which aren't down to just single genes, but a whole raft in combination. So why are they linked? It's all to do with sex and your parents, although hopefully not both at the same time. Read More >>