Planning Rules Softened to Allow “Automatic” Yesses for Building Permission

Some newbuilds in England are about to cut through the red tape as easily as the Reaper scythes through the flimsy breathing tubes of the infected, as rules on granting planning permission are to be softened to such an extent that automatic yesses are to be handed out to developers on appropriately designated sites. Read More >>

Landlords Told They Can’t Add “No DSS” Disclaimers to Rental Listings Any More

Sneakily adding the term "No DSS" to rental listings is a shady practice that's about to end, thanks to a judge ruling that the favourite habit of landlords is a form of indirect discrimination. Read More >>

Stamp Duty on Most House Sales Axed as Emergency Market Resuscitation

One of the many emergency measures introduced in yesterday's mini budget was additional help to get the housing market alive and operational again, with the chancellor cancelling stamp duty on the vast majority of transactions; and getting to be all superhero-like by adding "...with immediate effect." Read More >>

Grants of up to £10,000 Planned for Home Insulation Revolution

The government has set aside a seemingly rather large £2bn fund to pay for home energy efficiency measures to be rolled out across the nation, with the poorest homes able to qualify for as much as a £10,000 chunk to fund improvements. Read More >>

Mortgage Lenders Begin Tightening the Screws on First-Time Buyers

The Nationwide building society has decided that what young people need right now is a bit of additional hope for the future torn away from them, as it's increased the deposit required for new buyers wishing to get themselves into the world of mortgages and home ownership. Read More >>

Norfolk Nuclear Bunker For Sale at Just £29,995

A man is selling his personal nuclear bunker on eBay, as he's had another child and you can't really house a family of four in an underground bolthole or they get angry about lack of light, internet and so on. Read More >>

Council Tax Reform is Needed to Mirror North/South Property Divide

The independent thinkers at the Institute for Fiscal Studies have taken aim at council tax in its latest update on what it thinks we should all do when/if we stop fighting over the last four-pack of Soft Soothe Super Quilted Scented Six-Ply, and suggests that a reform – or at least a nationwide reevaluation of property values – is needed to address the north/south house price divide that's mushroomed in the decades since the tax was introduced. Read More >>

Londoners Bail Out to Cheaper Climes Younger Than Ever

Londoners are growing tired of the cost of renting what used to be a garage, a hallway or an insulation cavity sooner than ever, with the average age of those leaving the capital to buy a home anywhere else falling to new lows. Read More >>

Scotland’s Getting an Entire New Village With 3,000 Homes

A complete, brand new village containing 3,042 houses is about to assemble itself on a virgin site in Scotland, thanks to developer Springfield winning planning permission for what it believes is Scotland's largest ever single plan for a thing to build. Read More >>

Government Suggests 20 Per Cent Discount on New Builds for Locals

The posho junta currently in charge of the UK is thinking of ways to enliven the housing market so that the buildings are not all owned by old people, and has suggested a scheme where new build developments may be obliged to sell a proportion of their homes to locals at a discount of perhaps as much as 20 per cent. Read More >>

Ikea Wins Permission to Build 162 Flats on the South Coast

Ikea and partner Skanska have won approval to build 162 new flats in Worthing, with the local council granting permission for the pair's BoKlok joint venture to go ahead and unpack the massive cardboard boxes and begin construction. Read More >>

London Plans to Ring Fence Newbuilds to Keep Them Locally Owned

London's mayor has come up with an idea to please anyone able to magic up the laughably huge amounts of money needed to buy an "affordable" house in the city -- giving locals an exclusive buying window during which overseas investors are frozen out. Read More >>

House Factory to Churn Out 850 Homes for New London Mini City

A consortium of housebuilders is preparing to gentrify another bit of formerly industrious London, with the 62 acre Docklands site of Silvertown set to benefit from a £3.5bn investment that starts with 850 houses being assembled in an on-site factory. Read More >>

London Planners Urge Return to Prefab Housing

The London Assembly planning committee has told the mayor he needs to embrace prefabricated housing -- or offsite manufactured homes to give them their rebranded modern name -- in order to meet the city's future housing demands. Read More >>

Oxford’s Shark Roof House is up for Rent

A house is up for rent in Oxford. No, this isn't the slowest news day in history, it's quite an interesting house. It's the one you've probably seen before with a model of a shark poking out of its roof. Our sensible dad ways mean we can only worry this might lead to leaks, noise in high winds, and could attract students to the vicinity of the property. Read More >>