Mission: Impossible – Fallout Is Straight Up Incredible

When Tom Cruise jumping out of an aeroplane, getting hit by lightning, and saving Henry Cavill as they plummet towards Paris is maybe the least exciting thing in your movie, that movie is pretty special. Such is the case with Mission: Impossible - Fallout which is, in a word, incredible. Read More >>

Check the Route of Tomorrow’s RAF Flyby, and See if Anything Will Pass Your House/Workplace

Tomorrow is the day that's been set aside to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the RAF, which is 100 days after its official 100th birthday. Clearly doing something big to celebrate on the 1st April was a risky endeavour. So there's going to be a big parade, and flyby involving 25 different RAF aircraft that will look suspiciously like a military coup given what's going on in the government today. While the main event is happening at Buckingham Palace, you might be able to see something from your own house - just as long as you live along the flight route. Read More >>

Try to Top My Airbnb Horror Story

I should start by saying I do not hate Airbnb. Actually, despite its shortcomings, I love it, and I use the app almost exclusively when I’m travelling for leisure. I’ve had plenty of great experiences: a villa on the beach of a surf island in the Philippines, a cabin in Scotland with a fireplace complete with a perfect-for-Instagram wood chopping station, a glass house optimal for Aurora viewing in Iceland... but this is not those stories. Read More >>

I Really Hope HTC Doesn’t Go Out Like This

After years of declining sales, unloading $1 billion (£753 million) worth of patents and personnel to Google, and just recently slashing 25 per cent of its global workforce, when it comes to HTC, I have one big question: So what’s left? Sure, HTC may have been able to insulate its promising Vive VR business by spinning that department off into a separate company. But as for HTC itself, if all the company has left in the tank is its upcoming crypto phone and this, the new U12+, things aren’t looking good. Read More >>

How to Make Your iPhone Play Nice With Your Windows PC

If you’ve spent any time around Apple products, you know that “compatibility with hardware made by rival manufacturers” isn’t high up on the company’s priority list. But using your iPhone with a Windows PC can be a smoother experience than you might think. Read More >>

6 Ways You’re Risking the Security of Your Gadgets Without Thinking

We all want our tech to stay secure, but we also want a life that’s easy and convenient — and sometimes the two don’t fit together all that well. These are some of the ways you’re putting your devices at risk, perhaps without even realising it, and what you can do to stop it. Read More >>

Government Statistics Reveal The Most Common Car Colours On Britain’s Roads

Have you ever wondered what is the most common car colour on Britain’s roads? Well, let me tell you: The answer is “silver/aluminium”, and there were officially 6,528,189 - a full 20.3% of all cars licensed for use on the road at the end of 2017. Read More >>

The First Superhero Movie Ever Is More Than 100 Years Old

The first real film based on a Marvel/DC character was 1966's Batman: The Movie, starring Adam West’s campy version of the Caped Crusader. In the ‘40s and ‘50s, Batman, Superman, Captain Marvel (now known as Shazam), and Captain America all had weekly, live-action serials shown in cinemas, while the first Zorro movie premiered in 1920. But the first movie superhero came out even before that, in 1916 — in an almost-forgotten serial film starring an equally forgotten hero: Judex. Read More >>

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How Far Can You Get Away From Technology?

Everyone, from time to time — or at every single moment of every single day — wishes they could somehow escape technology. It’s not ultimately that fun to be inundated at all hours with the collapse of society, the weekend activities of people you barely knew ten years ago, bad memes, worse TV, etc. You can smash your phone, or delete those apps most obviously harmful to your mental health, but people will resent you for it, and besides, you won’t actually be escaping anything: You can close your eyes in a burning building, but you’ll still feel the flames. Read More >>

How Apple’s New Software Turned My Life Upside Down

Software updates are exciting. I keep telling my friends this, and when they get behind on their updates, I’m all, “Hey, you’re missing out on good stuff!” This is part of the reason why I’m sometimes the guy who downloads beta versions of software. The bugs are annoying, but hey, the features are better. This approach recently backfired on me with macOS and iOS 12. Unexpectedly, I think the resulting disaster made me a better computer user. Read More >>

Lego’s Latest James Bond Tease Told us Everything We Need to Know About the Upcoming Set

For the past couple of weeks, Lego has been teasing everyone with the possibility of James Bond coming to the Lego store. That culminated with the announcement that something would be launched at the Leicester Square Lego Store in London on 18th July, but the company hasn't stopped. Oh no, it's dropped a brand new teaser on Twitter. It may not look like much at first glance, but it's actually very revealing. Read More >>

These Are The Most Geographically Stupid World Cup Matches

Last Thursday, England played a football match against Belgium, one of our closest friends and allies. In fact, Belgium is so close that you can get from London to Brussels in less time than it takes to get to York. You don’t even need to catch a plane. So… isn’t it a bit weird that both teams, hundreds of officials and thousands of fans had to trek all the way to Kaliningrad - a Russian exclave you were only dimly aware actually existed - in order to play each other? Read More >>

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This Entire Stadium Can Run On Car Batteries

Last Friday, the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam was descended upon by a frothy, screaming crowd of thousands, absolutely champing at the bit to see the new car battery tech that had just been installed inside. Read More >>

The Strange Connection Between Opioid Addiction and Narcolepsy Might Help Us Treat Both

A new study could revive an abandoned theory about how to treat narcolepsy, the thus-far incurable disorder that makes people chronically sleepy. And it could also provide a new lead on how to treat drug addiction. Read More >>

Controversial Study Suggests There’s No Limit to Human Ageing

The older we get, the greater our likelihood of dying. Or at least that’s what we thought. New research suggests mortality rates level off after we turn 105, and that no upper limit exists for the human lifespan. It’s an extraordinary conclusion — one that’s not going over very well with other ageing researchers. Read More >>