The Most Toxic Place You Could Go This Weekend Might Be a Nail Salon

I’m somewhat obsessed with painting my nails. About every two weeks or so, I choose a new colour from an assortment of reds and golds and whip out my nail clipper, nail file, polish remover, and trusted cotton balls. The chemical fumes that accompany this ritual – from the nail polish itself to the acetone-based nail polish remover – don’t bother me too much. They come with the territory. Read More >>

I Probably Spent More Time Writing This Headline Than BT Did on Making Its New Logo

BT unveiled its new logo this week after years of deliberation, and late nights in the boardroom agonising over it. Well, that's what I initially envisioned to be happening until I saw it. Now I'm thinking they put more thought into their after hours takeaway order, and I'm not the only one. Join me as we peruse the contributions that Twitter users have made in taking the piss - and every other bodily fluid imaginable - out of the brand. Read More >>

O2 Joins the Ranks of Network Operators That Will Be Offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

O2 wants you to know that it will also be offering the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on its network, joining Vodafone and EE. The service provider is also be the only one in the UK to stock the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices – including the S10, S10+ and S10e – in the new Prism Blue colour. Read More >>

game of thrones
Do Dragons Ever Run Out of Fire?

Game of Thrones has clearly lost its own thread, and I can’t help but feel held captive by the eight years I’ve already sunk into this series as I begrudgingly plod through its mercifully short final season. And yet, something wonderful happened in the midst of last week’s episode – “The Bells” – that I’ve been unable to shake since. Read More >>

Keanu Reeves Keeps Up the Intense Pace in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Parabellum means “prepare for war” – and war is what you get in the third installment of the John Wick franchise. This action-packed, balls-to-the-wall pistol opera doesn’t give the audience a moment to breathe. Read More >>

SanDisk’s 1TB microSD is Now Available to Order on Amazon but it’s Pretty Pricey

SanDisk unveiled its 1TB MicroSD along with Micron at MWC back in February. SanDisk's offering is the faster of the two and it's finally available to order over on Amazon for a rather hefty £453.99. Read More >>

Nissan’s xStorage Electric Ecosystem Is Helping to Power Rock & Roll on the Isle of Lewis

Peter Fletcher has taken the term working remotely to a new level. He moved himself and his family from Nottingham and set up Black Bay Studio in a former fish-processing factory overlooking Kirkibost Pier. Where’s that exactly? It’s on the island of Great Bernera, which is attached by a narrow white bridge to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. It's basically like living in the middle of nowhere. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G Will Hit the UK on 7th June

5G is coming, and we've been told that phones will be available to buy when the first commercial 5G networks get switched on. So far only Vodafone has announced a solid release date (3rd July), while the other three have been quite vague. Whatever actually happens, though, it's been confirmed that Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G will be arriving in the UK quite soon. On 7th June, to be exact, nearly a month before Vodafone kicks off its 5G rollout. Read More >>

DJI Made a GoPro Clone With One Killer Feature

GoPro, I have some bad news. Drone giant DJI just released a rugged new camera called the Osmo Action. It’s a lot like a GoPro – so much so that I thought it was a GoPro when my colleague handed it to me. The Osmo Action and the latest GoPro aren’t quite identical, but they’re so similar in size and design that it’s clear how hard DJI is biting GoPro’s style. Read More >>

Privacy in the Internet Age: An Interview With ‘The Identity Trade’ Author Nora Draper

To understand the paradoxical complexity running through the rather complicated affair that is internet privacy it's worth for a moment returning to 2013: the year that not only saw the exposé of the Edward Snowden/ PRISM scandal, but which also witnessed two seemingly opposing words – privacy and selfie – become the year's most prevalent phrases. Read More >>

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: This Display Really is as Good as They Said it Would Be

Today is the day the OnePlus 7 Pro got announced. For real anyway, because thanks to all the leaks and the trickle of announcements OnePlus made ahead of time we basically knew all there was to know about the phone already. This is also the first time OnePlus has released two phones at the same time, despite bragging about that this time last year, because apparently it has the resources to support a dual-device launch now. Read More >>

OnePlus 7 vs OnePlus 7 Pro: Which Phone is Right for You?

For the first time ever, OnePlus has decided it's going to sell two phones at the same time, despite boasting about not doing that last year. It's something to do with the fact it's more popular now, and the company has the resources to develop and support two handsets at once. So we have the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro, both of which have respective pros and cons. The 7 Pro is nicer and flashier, but it's also more expensive, while the 7 is more affordable but doesn't have quite as much to offer. So which should you buy? Read More >>

Jet2 Launches Disappointing In-Flight Nando’s Experience

The Nando's brand, our national fine-dining evening equivalent to Greggs, is coming to the world of in-flight meals, with short-ish-haul flier Jet2 hoping to increase its share of holiday destination bookings by offering Nando's-branded products on flights. Read More >>