A Few Things Facebook Forgot to Include in Its Year in Review

It’s been quite a year for Mark Zuckerberg and his friends at Facebook. You might even say that 2018 has been the single worst year in the company’s history. But you wouldn’t know it by reading “Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review.” The annual blog post leaves one with the impression that Facebook’s involvement in global events was nothing short of heart-warming. In truth, it was not. Read More >>

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Pictures Have Leaked, and it’s Orange Enough to Make Donald Trump Jealous

Earlier today OnePlus teased that the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition would also come with a reinvigorated fast charging system - possibly with the Warp Charge name that's been rumoured for months. This afternoon a bunch of other stuff leaked out onto the web, including images of a phone so orange it would blend in perfectly if you snuck one inside the Oval Office. Read More >>

It’s Been Out Less Than a Week, But Amazon Still Just Knocked £30 off Lego Darth Vader’s Castle

For those of you who ordered the Lego version of Darth Vader's Castle before it was released, I have some very irritating news to share with you. Despite the fact the set only came out on 1st December, which is less than a week ago, Amazon has gone and knocked 25 per cent off the pricetag. That means anyone who didn't plan ahead can now get it for £90 instead of the full £120. Read More >>

This One Chinese City Makes All Of Your Christmas Decorations

It turns out that “Made in China” isn’t specific enough. About 300 kilometres south-west from Shanghai is a market that is responsible for supplying plastic tat the world over. If you’ve ever bought a keyring at a tourist attraction, Christmas tree decorations, or a stupid novelty hat for a fancy dress party, then chances are that it may have started life in Yiwu. Read More >>

Ford’s Sleep Suit Plans to Tackle Zombie Drivers

We’ve all seen the signs: ‘Tiredness can kill, take a break’, but how many of us take heed of this seemingly obvious warning? Pulling over for a much-needed nap and a Greggs at the motorway services could save your life, but its advice that tends to fall on deaf ears. Ford has therefore come up with a so-called ‘Sleep suit’, which it aims to integrate as part of its very practical Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) driver training initiative for 17 to 24-year-olds. Read More >>

Samsung And Huawei’s Phones With Holes Are Coming This Month

Are you ready for phones with holes? Because they're ready for you. Read More >>

Everything We Spotted in the New Captain Marvel Trailer

Early this morning Marvel released a trailer for Captain Marvel. It's the second trailer we've seen, but this one shows a lot more of what we can expect to see from the film when it arrives next March. There's a lot to see, and we've gone through the trailer to try and gleam as much information about the film as we can. Some guesses have been made, but whether it involves Kree radicals to ginger tabby cats, here are all the secrets we spotted in the trailer. Read More >>

Kia is Bringing the e-Niro First Edition, and its 282 Mile Range, to the UK Next April

Like a lot of car companies Kia has seen that there's a lot of good that can come out of electric cars. It has for a while now, since there are fully electric cars available, but there's a new one coming next year. It's already available in other parts of the world in a different form, but Kia is bringing the new e-Niro to the UK next April. Dubbed the e-Niro First Edition, it's designed to offer superior range to other electric vehicles, as well as plenty of room for all the stuff you might need a car for. Read More >>

Sky Mobile’s Christmas Deals are Here, and One of Them Includes a Free PS4

Black Friday is far from over, but since most of you still have Christmas shopping to do there are still plenty of ways to get yourself some sort of bargain before Christmas day rolls around. Some of them were announced a few weeks ago, but now Sky Mobile has unveiled its own Christmas deals - and one of them gets you a free games console. Read More >>

Netflix Set The Bar For Grown Up Comic Book TV, Will Disney Step Up?

A tortured hero in a mask torn between two lives, a sociopathic villain hellbent on power at all costs and plenty of prolonged shots of a dark and moody cityscape. Daredevil may have all the ingredients for a comic book story come to life on the screen, but with one major difference - it has a soul. Read More >>

11 Advent Calendars Featuring Something Better Than Chocolate

Chocolate in an advent calendar? Pah! How uncool are you? Nah mate, daily chocolate on the run up to Christmas is so 2016. It's all about the gin now. Or the beer. Or the candles. Or the pens. Or the Lego. Read More >>

The Google Pixel Slate Is a Brilliant Chrome OS Response to the iPad

Chromebooks aren’t supposed to cost a lot of money. That’s a big reason we like them! They’re always good enough, and they’re always cheap – think under £500. But the Pixel Slate, which carries the newest build of Chrome OS, has made a near perfect case for a pricier chromebook. This tablet, which turns into a laptop with the addition of a £190 accessory, starts at £550 and often works so well as either laptop or tablet that it feels like its almost always worth the price. Read More >>

Google Assistant Can Do Some New Stuff, I Guess

‘Tis the season and Google is feeling generous. Today it rolled out a bunch of new Google Assistant features, including improvements nifty to-do list functionality and a new feature that encourages you to be polite to your inanimate, question-answering bot. Read More >>

Leaked Image Seemingly Shows off Huawei’s Camera Hole Phone

The other day we heard news that Huawei was planning on launching a phone that swaps the notch for a hole in the screen, in what is supposed to be an attempt to beat Samsung to market. Now a leaked image has popped up online claiming to show off said phone, and a very obvious hole where the camera lives. Read More >>

Sex and Robots: An Interview With Dr. Kate Devlin

Whenever the words "sex" and "robots" find their way into the mainstream media, the narrative tends to be more farcical soap opera than a reflection of reality: where a histrionic and sensationalist tone dictates the terms of the conversation. Read More >>