In Its First Season, Star Trek: Discovery Asked Hard Questions It Never Really Wanted the Answers to

Going into Star Trek: Discovery, fans were told to expect something new. It would be dark. It would be modern. It would push the boundaries of where Star Trek had boldly gone before. Now that we’re at the end of Discovery’s first season, we know it did take a few steps in those directions—but every time it did, it retreated back the minute things got too uncomfortable. Read More >>

HomePod Is the Ultimate Apple Product—in a Bad Way

Sometimes, years pass before Apple creates a completely new product like the HomePod. During that parade of iPhone redesigns and MacBook upgrades, it can be easy to forget that when Apple enters a new space, the company does it with swagger. The products are beautiful. They work well. But they are also usually exclusively designed to work with other Apple products and services. The £320 HomePod is all of these things, and it drives me crazy. Read More >>

Olympics 2018
Snowboarder Chloe Kim Added More Than 66,000 Twitter Followers In Just 30 Minutes As She Claimed Gold

While TeamGB is still waiting for its first medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, America has a new hero. 17 year old Chloe Kim has claimed a gold on the snowboarding halfpipe - but she’s also won something arguably more important. Read More >>

Lego Downtown Diner Review: A Retro Aesthetic That Modernises the Modular Range

Last year was a great year for Lego sets, and 2018 is looking to be no different. We've already seen Ideas' first contribution, the Ship in a Bottle, but we also managed to get our hands on the first big Lego-exclusive set of the year: The Downtown Diner modular set. It's the latest contribution to the long-standing modular range, producing another set that involves a layered urban building that can attach to other sets in the range. Read More >>

All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in Black Panther

The first Marvel movie is 2018 is already here, with Black Panther hitting cinema screens today. We had the chance to see the film ahead of time, meaning we could write down all the different easter eggs and references we could see and put them together for the intrepid Marvel geeks out there. Read More >>

Jeremy Clarkson and The Grand Tour Admit Many Nice Things About the Tesla Model X

Last week was a big week for Elon Musk, and his electric car company. Not just because they blasted one of the cars into space with The Stig in tow, but also because the Model X got reviewed on The Grand Tour. It's been ten years since Jeremy Clarkson reviewed a Tesla car, and it may surprise some people to note that he had many a nice thing to say about it. Read More >>

Network Accidentally Reveals Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs Two Weeks Early

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is set to take place on 25th February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but as is the way with modern phone launches it's basically a formality. Details about the S9 have been leaking since the release of the S8 (at the very least), so we already have a pretty good idea on what to expect. That doesn't mean we don't take notice when phone networks accidentally release the phone's specs ahead of time. Read More >>

Black Panther’s Politics Are More Than Skin Deep

After seeing Black Panther last week, I’m fairly convinced that the pundits are right: this film really does look like it is going to be a cultural “moment”. Though the underlying film hits all of the standard superhero beats, it feels as subtly refreshing as you might expect for the first super-mega-blockbuster scale film to feature a majority black cast. Read More >>

social media
How to Find a Job Using Social Media

Your social networks aren’t just there for arguing politics with your uncle or looking at your neighbour's lunch—they’re also good for the serious business of finding your next place of employment. Here’s how to perfect your searching on each of the major networks to maximise your chances of landing your dream job, or something close to it. Read More >>

Why Comparing Smartphone Specs is a Waste of Time

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone then you’re naturally going to want to look up key details such as processor speed, RAM, storage space, battery size, and the camera’s megapixel rating, but weighing up these raw specifications is increasingly becoming a waste of time. Here’s why. Read More >>

Which Publisher Has The Best Games?

In previous articles we’ve looked at which of the platform holders is the most consistent, the rip-roaring momentum of Switch, which games are the most controversial, and which have produced the largest gulf between critics and players. There was one more question burning in our minds: which of the big third-party publishers is the best? Read More >>

Social Media Is Bad, So Here Are 7 Other Apps to Use On Your Phone

You’ve stood at a bus stop, or in a line at the grocery store, or you’ve sat waiting for a movie to start, so you immediately reach for Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat, right? Well, maybe not, because here are seven app categories we’ve picked out that are a better use of your downtime than scrolling through posts from people you don’t even like that much. Read More >>

What Are the Most Controversial Video Games of All Time?

We’ve all been there, casually browsing a forum with nary a care in the world. The sun may be shining but you’re safe in a darkened room absorbing top-tier video game chat when boom – some little scrote called ‘XXb0ngsm0kA98XX’ throws a hand grenade into the room. “Bloodborne is overrated emo bullshit, like all of Miyazaki’s games.” Read More >>

star wars
Solo: A Star Wars Story’s New Millennium Falcon Might Not be as New As You Think

On Monday we were treated to not one, but two teaser trailers for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, featuring young Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando, and, of course, the Millennium Falcon itself. We already knew the Falcon might be getting a redesign, thanks to some Lego leaks, but the second trailer confirmed it. Read More >>

Here’s How The Cloverfield Paradox Links to the Other Cloverfield Movies

There’s a new Cloverfield movie out, so obviously it’s time to talk about some of its mysteries and how all the films connect. Read More >>