BBC War of the Worlds Review: Rafe Spall Frowns for an Hour With Good Reason

OK look, I'm not a TV reviewer. I don't get things weeks in advance on DVD, or a special link to a password-protected iPlayer, or invited to advance screenings with a director/cast Q&A and herby sausage rolls after at the Bafta HQ in London. I watched the BBC's new adaptation of War of the Worlds on the telly, like a normal person, and found the experience so harrowing I felt I must immediately pen a warning for the pages of my local newspaper. Read More >>

How to Register to Vote in December’s General Election

It's official: we're heading into yet another general election. It's only been two and a half years since the last one, where Theresa May gambled her majority and lost but somehow managed to stay in Downing Street. Now it's Boris' turn to try and win back seats in parliament, because that's probably the only way he's ever going to manage to get his Brexit deal through the door. Read More >>

black friday
How Much of a Discount Will Amazon’s Fire TV and Echo Devices Get for Black Friday?

With Black Friday coming up, saving money is going to be on a lot of people's minds. And with Amazon going big on Black Friday again, as it always does, plenty of us will be wondering what sort of discounts we can expect to see on the Amazon-made devices. The Echos, Fire TVs, Kindles, and all the other things the company makes these days. Read More >>

Lego’s Announced Some of Freebies You Can Get For Black Friday

Lego is always the company we look at when Black Friday comes along, because when the sets cost hundreds of pounds any amount of money off is seriously welcome. Now with the big day less than two weeks away, Lego has revealed exactly what sort of stuff you can expect during the Black Friday season - because as ever there's more to Black Friday than the day itself. Read More >>

Amazon’s Pre-Black Friday Countdown Sale has Begun, Here are Today’s Best Deals

Black Friday isn't until the 29th, and Amazon's Black Friday deals don't kick off until the 22nd, but there are still savings to be had. That's because today is the day Amazon kicks off the Black Friday Countdown sale, the pre-Black Friday sales if you will. Read More >>

The Best Lego Sets We Got in 2019

There's been a lot of amazing Lego this year, so much so that we had to add extra spots to our end-of-year list. This certainly isn't the kind of stuff you want if you want to save money, but if you weren't paying attention you might have let a few of these slip you by. Read More >>

Lego Ideas’ Dinosaur Fossils Set is Fiddly to Build, But Looks Fantastic

The latest Lego Ideas set is the Dinosaur Fossils, and just like most of the Ideas sets we've seen in the last couple of years, it's a very nice set indeed. Praise must be given to Lego's Ideas initiative; it's a wonderful way for us to get an interesting assortment of sets that wouldn't normally fit in the main Lego line-up. This latest set is a 910-piece set aimed at adults (it's 16+), with a price tag of £55. For a set with nearly 1,000 pieces, that's quite a steal – but bear in mind the majority of the pieces are very small. Read More >>

These Are the Best Smart Home Gadgets to Trick Out Your Pad

The first smart home gadgets from a few years ago weren’t actually very smart, but times have changed, and there’s now plenty of good reasons to upgrade your vacuum cleaner, your sound system, and even your microwave, with some AI-powered voice-detecting smarts. Read More >>

Allow Me to Criticise the AirPods Pro, Which I Love

I’ve never loved the AirPods. That’s mainly because I’m one of the few people whose ears just don’t fit with the mostly universal design. But they wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t great earbuds. So when Apple announced the AirPods Pro with different fit options and a flurry of new features, I thought it must be time for me to be a fanatic. I’ve been using them for a week, and I love them. I also don’t think they’re for everyone. Read More >>

12 Advent Calendars Featuring Something Other Than Chocolate

Christmas is coming, but before then we have another big event to look forward to. Not Black Friday, though we can all appreciate some money-saving bargains, I'm actually talking about Advent. You know the holiday that nobody except the most devout Christians would know about if it didn't involve cardboard boxes full of cheap chocolate pieces. But, chocolate advent calendars are pretty boring, especially when you're an adult. The chocolate is rubbish, and the pieces are so small you can't really appreciate them one square at a time. Read More >>

star wars
If George Lucas Added ‘Maclunkey’ to Star Wars, Why Did We Only Just Find Out About It?

Yesterday was the launch of Disney+ in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands, and with it came (almost) all of the Star Wars films. Every single one, available to stream, as long as it wasn't called The Last Jedi. Obviously people got into the swing of thing by rewatching the saga on Disney's long-awaited service, and to their horror they found a brand new change to the now-infamous Han vs Greedo scene. Read More >>

Shopping List
13 Christmas Gifts for the Person You Hate

Not everyone is likable. You know it, chances are they know it, but in certain situations you just have to suck it up and buy them some sort of Christmas present. Maybe it's a secret santa, perhaps you're related to them, or they got you something and you feel obliged. Maybe you just want to piss them off with a really shitty present. Read More >>

social media
How to Make Your Social Media Feeds About More Than Just Your Boring Friends

Remember when opening up social networking apps was exciting? Now, all your friends seem to post about is politics/their baby/their side business/what they’re eating. The good news is that the best social apps go way beyond your friends and family – there’s interesting content out there if you know where to find it. Read More >>

The 10 Most Important Rick and Morty Episodes (So Far)

Rick and Morty is returning soon, but in the two years since season three wrapped up, we’ve had lots of time to revisit the 31 episodes that are out in the world already. Truly, we love them all – but these 10 entries, in particular, all have something extra that’s helped shape the series in fundamental ways. Read More >>

The New 3,300-Piece Tim Burton Batmobile Might Be the Best Lego Model I’ve Ever Built

Ask any Star Wars collector and they’ll tell you that Lego’s £650, 7,500+ piece Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon set was an absolute showstopper and the pinnacle of plastic brick model making. Until last week I would have agreed, but then I spent the past weekend building Lego’s new 1989 Tim Burton Batmobile – and I truly believe it’s the best set the toymaker has ever released. Read More >>