Aldi Promises Never to Sell US Chlorinated Chicken Products

People power would appear to be working for once, as the supermarkets are now lining up to promise they won't sell terrible imported American meats regardless of what the government says or allows. Read More >>

Statistically Nearly Everyone Rages Against US Chlorinated Chicken Arriving Here

Loads of our politicians would appear to be preparing to die on a hill that smells of bleach and is covered in raw chicken carcasses, as ministers yet again refuse to completely rule out lowering our food standards to allow US meat imports in – despite the fact that the UK population is now well aware of and raging against the concept of poorly managed American farmed animal products. Read More >>

Cheap Blu-ray Channel Islands VAT Loophole Closed From 2012

All those packages you get from Jersey and Guernsey will soon cost a bit more, thanks to the government giving in to EU demands to stop businesses in the Channel Islands skipping charging VAT on small purchases. Read More >>