Travel Bloggers Arrested in Iran For Flying Drone Without a Permit

Two Australian travel bloggers have been arrested in Iran for flying a hobby drone without a permit. The bloggers often take photos with their drone and publish them to social media, but they disappeared from the internet in June after posting from Pakistan. Read More >>

Loophole That Lets People Share Your Private Instagram Pics and Stories Isn’t a ‘Hack’—but Still, Heads Up

Here’s another reminder to be wary of what you share online: BuzzFeed News noticed on Monday that the way Instagram and its owner Facebook serve up media content allows for anyone who has access to a private photo or video to root around in the HTML code and copy-paste a direct link to it. Read More >>

Facebook’s Considering Ditching the Like Count

Soon it may get harder to size yourself up while scrolling through your feed. At least, on Facebook that is. There are still plenty of other social media platforms out there to make you feel inadequate. Read More >>

Instagram is Reportedly Building a New Messaging App Named Threads

Instagram is working on a new messaging app called Threads “meant to promote constant, intimate sharing between users and their closest friends,” the Verge reported on Monday, in what seems like yet another attempt by a Facebook-owned property to edge in on Snapchat’s turf. Read More >>

Instagram Chief Debunks Copyright Apocalypse Hoax

If you follow a boomer on Instagram you’ve probably seen the latest viral hoax going around warning about the incoming copyright apocalypse. Read More >>

Instagram Boots Ad Partner HYP3R for Reportedly Scraping Huge Amounts of User Data

Instagram has banned one of its owner Facebook’s official marketing partners, San Francisco-based HYP3R, after “a combination of configuration errors and lax oversight” on its behalf allowed HYP3R to scrape massive amounts of data on Instagram users, Business Insider reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

Facebook Will Attach Its Name to Instagram and WhatsApp, for Some Reason

Incredible. Despite a seemingly endless wave of ongoing public relations crises for Facebook, the social media giant appears prepared to foist its baggage onto two of its considerably less troubled subsidiaries—WhatsApp and Instagram—by attaching its name to their companies. Read More >>

Instagram Adds Charity Fundraising Features to Monetise Your Narcissism

Facebook has been getting a lot of (mostly justified) stick recently on everything from privacy to its market power. So what better way is there to wash off the stink of controversy than with some good old fashioned corporate social responsibility? Read More >>

Snapchat’s Bouncing Back?

Snap Inc. has been slowly righting its ship recently, stymying its nose-diving stocks prices and exodus of users. The Snapchat creator’s Q2 2019 earnings imply that things are looking up. Read More >>

TikTok Appears to Be Experimenting With a Bunch of Instagram-Like Features

TikTok, the wildly popular short-form video platform, appears to be testing a whole host of new features that seem to take a few cues from Instagram. Read More >>

Instagram Will Now Let You Know If Your Account Is Close to Being Yanked

Instagram’s recent rollouts of updates to its platform continues this week with two more changes around post and account take-downs, as well as a new process for appealing content deletion that it will expand in the coming months. Read More >>

Facebook Patents Shadowbanning

Within the past 24 hours, Facebook was granted a patent for “Moderating content in an online forum,” which it first applied for in February of 2015. Unfortunately, the most accurate term to describe what it covers is shadowbanning. Read More >>

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Everything Social Media Giants Banned in 2019 (That They Should Have Banned Ages Ago)

One of the more frequent annoyances of our modern world is the endless defences social media platforms make to sidestep their responsibilities to curb the myriad problems that arise solely because they exist. Every so often, one of them will pat themselves on the back for doing the Absolute Bare Minimum to amend an ongoing problem. Read More >>

Russian Coal Plant Tells Instagrammers to Please Stop Taking Selfies in Its Pollution-Filled Waste Dump

The turquoise water of a lake in Siberia looks like a tropical paradise, and it’s drawn in hundreds of Instagrammers who have posed in and around the “Novosibirsk Maldives.” But it’s not white sands or microscopic plankton that give the water its unusual hue. The “lake” is actually a human-made ash dump, used to store toxic byproducts from a power plant’s burned coal. Read More >>

Instagram Now Preemptively Shames People Before They Post Shitty Comments

Instagram is trying to make that much harder to be an arsehole on its platform – and even get arseholes to consider the error of their ways. Read More >>