Reddit Magicians Are Fiercely Debating How to Summon a ‘Big Tittie’ Demon

Some are drawn to the dark mystic arts in a search for ultimate knowledge. Others, out of desire to impose their will on the world. Some folks, however, are just trying to get laid. Read More >>

internet service providers
Ofcom is Making Telecoms Companies Tell You When Your Contract is Up

Ofcom is stepping in to save the forgetful and plain lazy amongst you from being stuck on the same crappy contract you signed up to years ago when you actually gave enough of a shit to research the options available to you and get the best deal. That's 20 million of us, according to BBC News. Read More >>

BT Ups its Gigabit Connection Targets

BT's latest financial announcement includes some bullish comments by the company's new CEO, who says that, governmental assistance provided, the company could connect 15 million homes and businesses by 2025. Read More >>

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NordVPN Forced to Retract its Seven Day Free Trial After Rampant Abuse

Of the many major VPN providers, Nord was the only one to offer a free trial, and the significant abuse that it suffered as a result is probably why. Read More >>

One of the Largest Dark Net Markets ‘of All Time’ Falls to Police

Police from around the world shut down the biggest active black market on the dark web this month, according to announcements from law enforcement agencies in the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands released on Friday. Read More >>

Why You Should Install a Download Manager

While streaming services have cut down on the amount of downloading most of us have to do nowadays, and built-in browser downloaders can do the job for the casual web surfer, if you’re transferring a serious amount of files on a regular basis then a dedicated download manager is worth a look. Read More >>

The Gentle Side of Twitch

“Hi! I see you, but I’m focused on the reading right now. I can chat during the next break!” This message popped up on the stream from Ryan Blake Hall, better known as Storyteller Mars on Twitch. Read More >>

Sky Broadband Firmware Update Could Break Your Internet

A firmware update for routers is causing internet outages for some Sky Broadband customers. Read More >>

Virgin Media Finally Unveils New 500mbps Broadband

We caught wind of it back in February, but Virgin Media has finally announced a new, faster tier for its cable broadband. Read More >>

I Wouldn’t Even Make My Worst Enemy, Who Happens to Be Mark Zuckerberg, Listen to 90 Minutes of Mark Zuckerberg Bloviating About, Uh, People, or Technology, or Something

First off, Mark, I’m sorry you had to find out this way but, in fact, you are my professional nemesis. Of all the tech titans living rent-free in my brain, some are arguably more evil than you, but none soar to the same disruptive heights of molar-grinding tediousness. Unsurprisingly, the dry, positionless-ness of your overlong apology posts translates flawlessly in the spoken word — for example, this hour-and-a-half-long conversation with Yuval Harari, a guy who has thoughts on technology, people, connections, communities, society and all the other words Mark has practised saying once every eight minutes. Read More >>

Brave Wants to Destroy the Ad Business by Paying You to Watch Ads in Its Web Browser

A browser that works to free its users from pesky ads and pop-ups is rolling out an update to its platform with an opt-in setting to view ads in exchange for reward tokens, which can be used to either support their favourite websites or, in the future, be exchanged for things like hotel stays or gift cards. Read More >>

The Lead Designer of Gmail Has a New Chrome Extension That Kills the Confusing Redesign

Fifteen years of feature creep have left Gmail feeling a little cluttered and over-burdened for some users, including Michael Leggett, who served as the product’s lead designer from 2008 to 2012. (Fast Company has an interview with Leggett about the extension.) So who better to help strip Gmail back to its simpler roots? His free Chrome extension, Simplify, does just that, polishing away all the Gmail excess leaving only its most basic and important functions exposed with easier to find shortcuts. Read More >>

Porn Regulators Powerless Against Horny British Teens

On Wednesday, the UK government announced that starting July 15, porn providers online would be required to roll out age verification systems on their websites, only allowing those 18 and older to access their content. But one should not underestimate the will of the horny—porn, uh, finds a way, and adult content providers have already figured out a workaround that even the regulatory body admits are effective. Read More >>

Impress Your Friends With Intimate Knowledge of Movies and Shows You’ve Never Watched

Going to the movies or binge-watching TV can be fun, sure, but it’s also time-consuming, and quite possibly expensive too—and thanks to the wonders of the modern-day internet, it’s no longer necessary. You can get clued up on that killer twist, or super-emotional showdown, or scarcely believable character arc, via a web browser in minutes... and then talk about it like an expert. Read More >>

The Government’s Decided Age-Verification Has to be Added to Porn From 15th July

In recent months you may have heard about long-promised 'porn block' would be coming into effect on 1st April - adding robust age verification checks onto adult sites in an attempt to stop them being accessed by under 18s. Obviously that date has been and gone without any sign of the blocks, mainly because the government never officially announced that would be the date it happens. But now they have, and it means age verification is to go into effect from 15th July. Read More >>