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Pinterest’s Former COO Was Fired for Calling Out Sexism, Lawsuit Alleges

Pinterest might be known as a platform that caters to mums and brides and makeup artists, but behind the scenes, the company may not be the female-friendly environment you’d imagine. Read More >>

Choice Finally Comes to 5G Laptops as Mediatek Start Making Modems

Late last year, Intel sold off its smartphone modem business to Apple for around $1 billion (£766 million), but that still left Intel with the problem of figuring out how to add 5G connectivity to its laptop and PC business. So in an effort to support next-gen connectivity, Intel has teamed up with MediaTek to bring 5G to a wider range of laptops using MediaTek’s new T700 5G modem. Read More >>

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Presenting The Endless Doomscroller

This morning, way too early if you ask me, the Gizmodo Slack channel was dosed with acid reality, momentarily shattering a cosy illusion of purpose and the structure of days spent on the internet. I stared down my life, past, present, and future – thanks to The Endless Doomscroller. Read More >>

Openreach Says Don’t Forget About Tonnes of Money for Full-Fibre

Openreach CEO Clive Selley, who coincidentally used to be chief executive of the tech division of entirely unrelated UK communications business BT, is getting a little stressed that the promised billions that were supposed to be helping pay for a full-fibre network have not yet arrived. Read More >>

US Federal Communications Commission Approves Amazon’s Bid to Launch a Constellation of More Than 3,200 Internet Satellites

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave Amazon the go-ahead Thursday for its ambitious Project Kuiper, which would put 3,236 broadband satellites into orbit to beam internet coverage down to Earth. With this regulatory milestone secured, Amazon’s posed to join SpaceX in the race to be the first multi-billionaire-dollar tech giant to gobble up the Space Internet market. Read More >>

As 2020 Spirals into the Abyss, TikTok Teens are Reaching into Their Past Lives

Legend holds that there are seasons and locations where the spiritual veil is thinnest, a passage for restless spirits to cross into the mortal realm. Because we can’t visit Stonehenge on Midsummer’s Eve, the next best thing for homebound seekers is TikTok, where witches rule and thousands flock in search of an escape from the infernal present. We’ve learned hexing, divination, astral projection and, now, #pastliferegression, which currently has more than 1,000 videos attached, 11.5 million views and testaments to spiritual time travel. Read More >>

Facebook Groups: Could Facebook Capitalise on its Double-Edged Sword?

While there has been negativity brewing around Facebook for a number of years with regards to political influence, misinformation, content moderation and market dominance, the reality is that more people are using the platform than ever before. It is the biggest social media company on the planet, and while some advertisers are pulling, or putting a hold on, advertising on the platform many others are still investing huge sums of money into Facebook. Read More >>

Google Prepares Transatlantic Cable Linking the UK, US and Spain

Google is about to do the sort of thing we thought only governments were allowed to do after decades of consultations with the dolphin representatives of the sea, and is preparing to lay its own private fibre cable to link the US and the UK, with an offshoot prong to support its interests in Spain. Read More >>

Microsoft Edge Treating Browser Tabs as Separate Windows Is Oddly Exciting

Even though Microsoft has been causing a lot of headaches lately with feature changes, bugs, and some other unnecessary tomfoolery, it seems like it will hit a few subtle home runs according to the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build. It offers some cosmetic changes, like theme-aware tiles in Start that will change the colour of the Start tiles based on what main colour you have selected in the Personalise section and Taskbar will also start off a little cleaner, only showing you the most relevant icons based on whether not you have a linked Android phone or Xbox account. But the feature I’m most excited about is the ability to Alt + Tab through Edge browser tabs like they are separate windows. Read More >>

UK Trade Team Creates Own Fake News Spotter Job

The Department of International Trade, which has quite a lot on its celebratory china Brexit plate at the moment, is recruiting for someone able to identify "fake news" about any forthcoming trade deals the UK government manages to assemble on the backs of numerous stitched-together cigarette packets. Read More >>

LinkedIn Takes a Break From Job Recruitment to Lay Off More Than 900 Employees

LinkedIn might be a platform full of milquetoast networking memes, quasi-inspirational posts about networking, and bizarrely catchy networking-themed playlists, but even all of this (questionable) business savvy couldn’t save the platform from the scourge of seemingly endless layoffs brought on by the current hell world happening outside our doors right now. Read More >>

What Did People Use Before Google to Search the Web?

The year is 1997. You’re wearing whatever people wore back then – some kind of denim jacket, I’m guessing – and talking to your friend about your new favourite movie, the recently released Mike Myers vehicle Austin Powers. You’re quoting the movie, and your friend thinks this is hilarious. Then things take a dark turn. “I thought Randy Quaid was excellent,” your friend says. “Randy Quaid?” you think, trying hard not to punch the wall. “Randy Quaid wasn’t in Austin Powers.” You try explaining this to your friend – “I believe,” you say tersely, “that you’re thinking of Clint Howard” – but your friend is adamant. To settle this dispute, and salvage what remains of your friendship, you boot up your 90-pound computer tower. Forty minutes later, you have made it onto the internet. The question now is: Where do you go? How, before Google, did people settle asinine disputes, and/or find other sorts of information? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of experts to find out. Read More >>

The Government is Being Sued Over the Failed ‘Porn Ban’ Age Verification Fiasco

Hey everyone, it's this story again. A story we haven't really heard anything about since last October when, after delay after delay after delay, the government decided that it was giving the idea the boot. Well now that back-tracking is facing a legal challenge, backed by charities and tech companies who were very keen on having more robust age gates added to porn sites. Read More >>

Twitter Says Attackers Downloaded Account Information, Which Includes Direct Messages, From Some in Hack

Twitter has released new details about the hack heard round the world this week, which is apparently a massive scam that aimed to get users to send bitcoin to a random cryptocurrency wallet. It was carried out by targeting some of the highest profile accounts on the social media network, such as those belonging to Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Besides asking for bitcoin, Twitter has revealed that the attackers also managed to download account information, which includes direct messages, for up to eight of the 130 accounts targeted. Read More >>

Iranian Hackers Left Five Hours’ Worth of Hacking How-Tos Chilling on the Open Web

There’s a lot of intrigue and ~mystery~ surrounding the public conception of hacking, but the truth is, even the most elite hackers are regular people. And just like regular people, they screw up on the job more than you might think. We’ve seen cybercriminals screw themselves over in some of the daftest ways imaginable over the years, but for some reason, we still see the same mistakes made time and time again. Read More >>