SpaceX’s Ambitious Internet Satellite Project Is Set to Launch This Weekend

With the inaugural launch of the super-powerful Falcon Heavy rocket now in the books, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is ready to set his sights on an ambitious project known as Starlink. On Saturday, SpaceX will launch two experimental mini-satellites—the first batch of what Musk hopes will eventually comprise a 4,000-satellite constellation providing low-cost internet around the globe. Read More >>

Patent Troll’s Dumb Lawsuit Against Cloudflare Gets Thrown Out

The typical patent troll scheme goes like this: buy silly patent; find big company using tech similar to patent; sue big company; get nice payout from big company that doesn’t want to waste time fighting a dumb patent case; repeat. Read More >>

Virgin is Set to Launch 350Mbps Fibre Broadband This Spring

If you choose to get your broadband with Virgin, you can choose speeds between 50Mbps and 300Mbps on a variety of different packages. That'll be changing soon, though, because the company is going to start advertising 350Mbps packages as early as this spring. Read More >>

The Original Gmail Was Garfield Mail

Back when a brand-new company called Google was getting its first trickle of angel investment from the likes of Jeff Bezos and others, early netizens could already use a service called G-mail in 1998. Mainly, it was used by fans of a certain obese, lasagna-loving cartoon cat. Read More >>

Tech History Group Dedicated to Preserving Information Busted Deleting Apology Tweets

Everyone knows what you post online is never truly gone, but rarely are attempts to scrub something from the web quite this ironic—or infuriating. Read More >>

One London Home Enjoys 10 Gigabit Connection

The home of one man who probably has some professional or personal links to ISP Hyperoptic is currently the fastest-connected studio flat in the UK, thanks to the fibre-only ISP somehow getting a computer to talk to the internet at the speed of 10 gigabits per second. Read More >>

The Government Has an AI Designed to Identify Extremist Material Online

The government has made a big deal about identifying extremist material online, and seems to be involved in an uphill battle to get online communities to actually give a fuck. Now it's taking matters into its own hands, with an AI designed to identify Islamic State propaganda with a 99.995 per cent success rate. Read More >>

John Perry Barlow, EFF Cofounder and Author of 1996 Cyberspace Manifesto, Dies at 70

John Perry Barlow, cofounder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and author of the 1996 manifesto, A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, has died. He was 70 years old. Read More >>

This Browser Tool Lets You Remix Spotify’s Recommendation Algorithm

A new browser tool lets Spotify Premium users fool around with the music streaming platform’s famous recommendation algorithm. Arielle Vaniderstine, an engineer at the company, posted a link to Glitch on Monday of a beta build of the tool. Read More >>

Grammarly Bug Let Snoops Read What You Wrote, Typos and All (Updated)

Copyediting app Grammarly left open a gaping security hole that left users of its browser extension open to more embarrassment than just misspelt words. Read More >>

EE’s Going to Show Parents How Those Parental Control Things Actually Work

According to the government parents don't actually know how to protect their children online, which is where those draconian anti-porn laws came from. Or so they say. To help educate parents about this whole 'online safety' thing, EE is going to show them how parental controls work. Read More >>

There’s a Reddit Clone Phishing People Who Type Too Fast

People make mistakes, and that’s why,, and redirect to the websites you’d hope they would point to. We don’t recommend you visit it. Read More >>

Update Your Firefox Now: Mozilla Just Patched a ‘Critical’ Security Flaw

Firefox version 57, otherwise known as Firefox Quantum, has done wonderful things to help get Mozilla’s open-source web browser back in shape, but along the way, the company has made a few mistakes. One of the biggest of Mozilla’s recent flubs was an exploit hidden in Firefox’s user interface code that made it possible to for an attacker to run unsanitised HTML on a user’s computer. Read More >>

Stupid British Laws Mean Pornhub Will Start Demanding Your Name and Address From April

Thanks to those buffoons in parliament and their aversion to any sort of online nakedness, April is going to be a fun month for wankers across the UK. And that means in about two months time you'll need to make an account before you can watch stuff on Pornhub, as well as handing over a bunch of personal information. Read More >>

The Internet Has Made People More Casual About Religion

Contrary to what you might assume after hate-browsing Facebook, it seems the internet may have actually made people less dogmatic about religion. A recent study published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion has found evidence that the more we use the internet, the less likely we are to have a specific religious affiliation or to believe in and practice one religion exclusively. Read More >>