Iran’s Internet Has Been Shut Off For 4 Days and No One Knows When It’s Coming Back

The government of Iran shut off the internet for virtually everyone in the country on Saturday as protests over fuel prices turned violent. The internet in Iran has now been inaccessible to the general population of 81 million for almost four days, and it’s not clear when the government will turn it back on. Read More >>

Don’t (Just) Blame Echo Chambers. Conspiracy Theorists Actively Seek Out Their Online Communities

Why do people believe conspiracy theories? Is it because of who they are, what they’ve encountered, or a combination of both? Read More >>

google stadia
Is Your Internet Fast Enough for Google Stadia? If Not, There’s Still Hope

The video game streaming revolution is coming, and Google Stadia is helping to lead the charge – but do you have enough bandwidth to play along when it launches today? Here are the minimum requirements for running Stadia, and how you can get your internet connection in shape ahead of time. Read More >>

Private Equity Ghouls Buy Organisation That Handles Non-Profit Domains

Private equity firm Ethos Capital has acquired the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the agency that operates the .org domain, which is used for non-profit organisations' websites in the US. Read More >>

Labour Promises Free Fibre Broadband for the Nation… If it Wins the Election

The Labour party made one of the most staggering manifesto reveals of all time last night, with its shadow chancellor announcing a bonkers plan to nationalise much of Openreach in order to deliver a nationwide, state-owned ISP that would make all broadband connections free. And made of fibre. Read More >>

Virgin Media Thinks its Black Friday Already, Announces Discounts for Phones and the Internet

The other day we heard news that TalkTalk was kicking off its Black Friday sale as early as usual, with deals that would lower the cost of getting yourself online. Now Virgin Media has followed suit with a selection of deals that will save you money on phones and internet deals. Which is helpful, because Virgin internet has a reputation for being rather expensive. Read More >>

UK Hits a Full-Fibre Milestone of Questionable Excitement

A site that tracks the quality and speed of the UK's internet connections claims we've stormed* to a hyper-connected science-fiction state of late, with as many as 10 per cent of homes now enjoying a full-fibre internet connection. More than enough to jack in to the cyberspace and upload/download entire consciousnesses. Read More >>

social media
How to Make Your Social Media Feeds About More Than Just Your Boring Friends

Remember when opening up social networking apps was exciting? Now, all your friends seem to post about is politics/their baby/their side business/what they’re eating. The good news is that the best social apps go way beyond your friends and family – there’s interesting content out there if you know where to find it. Read More >>

Neo-Nazi Web Forum Iron March Has SQL Database Dumped on the Internet Archive

Someone going by the handle “antifa-data” uploaded what appears to be the entire SQL database of Iron March—a defunct fascist web forum where the Atomwaffen Division (AWD) terrorist organisation reportedly first organised—to the Internet Archive on Wednesday. Read More >>

BT’s Halo Broadband and Mobile Plan is a Thing and it Launches Today

BT announced its Halo network last month and now it's here, even though we forgot all about it. Read More >>

What Are the Biggest Challenges Technology Must Overcome in the Next 10 Years?

Technology’s fine – I definitely like texting, and some of the shows on Netflix are tolerable – but the field’s got some serious kinks to work out. Some of these are hardware-related: when, for instance, will quantum computing become practical? Others are of more immediate concern. Is there some way to stop latently homicidal weirdos from getting radicalised online? Can social networks be tweaked in such a way as to not nearly guarantee the outbreak of the second Civil War? As AI advances and proliferates, how can we stop it from perpetuating, or worsening, injustice and discrimination? Read More >>

Here’s the Internet’s ‘Birth Certificate’ From 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago Tuesday, on 29 October 1969, the internet was born. It was a humble beginning – a single login from a computer terminal at UCLA in Los Angeles to the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the US state of California's Bay Area. But it was a tiny baby step that would eventually catapult the world into the information age. Read More >>

The Spookiest Phobias From the Wikipedia of Fear

I am afraid of everything, and for good reason: the world can be a really miserable and terrifying place. There are some things, however, I fear for no tangible reason. Like the number eleven. It freaks me out. A lot. You know what’s even worse than eleven? One hundred and eleven. I’m writing these numbers out because I will panic if I see that many ones next to each other. On my quest to figure out why on earth eleven has some inherently evil quality only I can perceive, I found a beautiful website called Phobia Wiki. Here’s its mission statement: Read More >>

The Best Creepypasta Stories to Give You Nightmares Forever

This story is completely true. It happened right here on the internet, on a night just like this. Read More >>

How Memes Could Soon Cost People Over £23,000

You’re served with a notice. Apparently you’d shared some photos you didn’t own on the internet a while ago, and now someone – possibly an artist, possibly a copyright troll – can file for damages of up to $30,000 (£23,328). Scam, you think, and toss the paper. You’re served with a second paper 30 days later, but you toss that too. Read More >>