The Internet Is a Big, Nasty Potato Salad We Can’t Get Enough Of

On a picnic table before you sits an enormous bowl of potato salad. You have a bite, which tastes okay, and almost immediately start feeling ill. You, however, love potato salad. So you have another bite, which makes you feel even worse, and then another, and then another. Somewhere, deep down, you know this is madness. “Why am I doing this?” you ask, shovelling another vile dollop into your quivering maw. “I feel like I’m gonna hurl.” Read More >>

Internet Filters Rarely Keep Under-18s Away From Porn, Claims Study

In some news that is, frankly, about as surprising to wake up and wind the sun has risen from the east, researchers from Oxford Internet Institute have that adding filters to the internet isn't a very good way of keeping porn out of the hands of under-18s. And to that I say: Read More >>

People Like World Cup Football More Than Porn, According to Pornhub Stats

There are only a handful of things I know for certain about the human race. For example I know that there is no limit to the depths of human stupidity, and that a lot of people are quite fond of both porn and football. But which of those last two is more popular? According to Pornhub's World Cup stats it's football. Which probably isn't too surprising after EE pointed out people are ditching the internet during match time. Read More >>

The Government Has Decided Everyone Should Have Access to Full Fibre by 2033

Just days after being told the UK had slipped four places on the global broadband speed table, the government has decided it wants to ditch the antiquated copper-wire internet system for good. The timing of the announcement may be suspicious, but government moves too slowly for the 2018 National Infrastructure Assessment report to be put together so it's probably just a coincidence. Read More >>

In a World First, a Danish Court Just Ruled a YouTube Ripping Site is Illegal

Sites that offer users the chance to rip the audio from online videos, whether it's YouTube or someone less popular, are nothing new. They've been enabling a new form of piracy for years, and as a result the entertainment industry has been trying to have them shut down. While the EFF may have told the US government that ripping sites were not illegal, the Danish court system clearly didn't get the memo. Read More >>

The UK’s Average Broadband Speed has Increased, But Our Global Ranking has Slipped

We've known for a while that the UK has far from the best broadband speeds in the world, but it seems like what little traction we had in the league tables is slipping. According to the latest global speed rankings, we've dropped four places in the past year. Now we're 35th. Read More >>

Revenge Porn Offenders to Face Harsh Punishment Under New UK Guidelines

The council tasked with ensuring consistency in criminal sentences in England and Wales has provided instruction on how courts should handle revenge porn cases: harshly. Read More >>

Europe Decides Not to Ruin the Internet

On Thursday, members of European Parliament held a vote on the misguided new copyright reforms that posed a threat to memes, online encyclopedias, news organisations, and pretty much everything that’s good online. Incredibly, lawmakers decided not to do the dumb thing and voted down the bill. It’s not over yet, but there’s plenty of reason to celebrate. Read More >>

The World Cup is Taking People Off the Internet, Says EE

The internet is a big part of our life, and people do spend an awful lot of time online, mainly on our phones but also on the old fashioned computer. Just like you are while reading this. But the internet isn't everything, and there are ways to pull people off the web and do real things in the real world. Like watching football. Read More >>

MPs Will Debate Whether to Ban ‘Prostitution Websites’ for Aiding Sexual Exploitation

If you've been paying attention to internet law in the US recently, you'll know that there's been a crackdown on websites used to advertise prostitution services in a bid to tackle sex trafficking and modern slavery. The move has been criticised by sex workers and activists alike, and now MPs in the House of Commons will be debating whether to implement a similar ban on such websites in the UK. Read More >>

Wikipedia Italy Blocks All Articles in Protest of EU’s Ruinous Copyright Proposals

Last month, members of European Parliament voted to move forward with a sweeping overhaul of the European Union’s copyright laws that critics say will impede the spread of news, kill memes, bolster tech giants, and stifle innovation. Ahead of the final vote this week, Wikipedia Italy has joined protests across the continent by blocking users from viewing its pages. Read More >>

One of the Oldest Domains in the World, Stargate.com, Isn’t What You Think It Is

The race for domain names has been over for some time; as the adage goes: the good ones are all gone. So, back when the internet wasn't really a thing and you could pick any name for your website, what did people choose? Let's wind the clock back to 1985 and find out. Read More >>

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Uganda Goes Through With Social Media Tax and People Are Pissed

The Ugandan government has implemented a law forcing mobile users to pay taxes to use mobile money and social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Skype. Read More >>

Why Adult Content Creators Are Mad at Patreon

Patreon, the service of choice for independent artists and creators, has once again cracked down on adult content makers. This week, a slew of Patreon creators who make suggestive material received notification that their pages were suspended or shut down. Read More >>

Dude Talked So Much Trash Online About This Company, He’s Going to Jail—Again

A man in the US state of Texas has really shown up the legion of shitposters online. He’s gone to prison not once, but twice for writing a number of damaging posts online about a financial firm. Read More >>