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Hell On Earth Is Finland’s Heavy Metal Knitting Championship

Belinda Carlisle once said heaven is a place on Earth but I'm here to tell you hell is also here and it's found at Finland's Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship. The event, the first (and ideally, last) of its kind, was held in the small town of Joensuu in Finland this month and it's certainly unique. Read More >>

New Sci-Fi Short Watch Room Asks Who Is the Real Ghost in the Machine

Three genius friends build an artificial intelligence that seems to have a mind of its own. As we see in the new sci-fi short film Watch Room, the program they created is much more in control than they realise. Read More >>

Goose Claims He Could Defeat Thanos in This Totally Serious Captain Marvel Video

We all know that Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) could totally kick Thanos’ ass, but what about her cat? Marvel has released a Q&A with Reggie, the feline who played Goose in Captain Marvel, asking what goodies he stole from the set and what Avenger he wants to team up with. Surprise: It’s not Carol. Read More >>

Akira Is Getting a 4K Remaster, and a New Anime

Katsuhiro Otomo is returning to his seminal work for a brand new animated project – one that will go beyond what the iconic 1988 film already accomplished. Read More >>

An Aerospace Engineer Figured Out How To Get Lego’s Apollo 11 Lunar Lander To Fly

It’s not quite as challenging as actually landing a pair of astronauts on the moon, but aerospace engineer and talented toy hacker Adam Woodworth has managed to upgrade Lego’s Apollo 11 Lunar Lander set with all the motors and electronics needed to make it actually fly and recreate that memorable landing all over again. Read More >>

Wait, So What Does Gwyneth Paltrow Remember From the Marvel Movies?

It’s been established already that between her time as Pepper Potts just devolving into a series of extended cameos and her busy time peddling extremely questionable 'wellness' merchandise to women, Gwyneth Paltrow just can’t remember where she actually shows up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that’s apparently not the only thing she can’t remember. Read More >>

Why Scientists Trained a Seal to Sing the Star Wars Theme

Listening to grey seals recite vowel sounds and sing the melodies to Star Wars and 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' makes for excellent entertainment, but for the researchers who trained these aquatic mammals, it’s serious science. Read More >>

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Russian Propaganda Outlet Claims You Can’t Embed This Leaked Video of Julian Assange

RT has published leaked footage from inside the prison where Julian Assange is currently serving a 50-week sentence for jumping bail in 2012. And hilariously RT, a Russian propaganda outlet financed by the Kremlin, claims that news outlets and Internet users aren’t allowed to embed the video, despite the fact that RT has posted it on both YouTube and Twitter. Read More >>

11 Bank Holidays We Wish Politicians Would Let Us Have

This article was originally published in May 2017, but since it's a bank holiday we published it again. Read More >>

Our 15 Favourite Moments From the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films (Before Avengers: Endgame)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken us all on quite a ride. From assembling the Avengers to going cosmic with the Guardians, or visiting Wakanda with Black Panther, these past 11 years and 21 movies have produced a lot of incredible moments. But what are your favourites? The moments that have stuck with you years later? The Gizmodo staff has ours, and maybe they line up with yours. Here they are, in no particular order. Read More >>

How Queer Is Star Trek?

Star Trek is not just one of the longest-running sci-fi franchises ever, it is also the most hopeful. The Federation represents the pinnacle of humanity: the idea that we can and will make a better life for each other. Yet, despite Trek’s message of a better future for all, LGBTQ+ characters are few and far between, and this exclusion has led to more than a few clashes between Star Trek creators and fans in the past. As Star Trek: Discovery heads into its next chapter, let’s look back at the franchise’s history of LGBTQ+ representation. Does Discovery fulfill the promise of a more harmonious, progressive future? Or does it, too, fall prey to the pitfalls that have plagued Star Trek’s past? Read More >>

The Internet Is Fascinated by the Black Hole News, so Naturally, YouTube Is Recommending Space Conspiracy Theory Videos

The most popular thing on the Internet on Wednesday was the first-ever image of a black hole. It was everywhere and for good reason: this is a historic moment, it reinforces Einstein’s theories and it’s something that’s difficult to wrap your head around. Read More >>

Our First Impressions of Vader Immortal, the New Star Wars Story Told in VR – Plus the Trailer!

Darth Vader needs your help. But are you worthy? That’s the set up for Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series—Episode I, a new VR experience developed by ILMxLab for Oculus platforms telling a canon story set between Episodes III and IV. Read More >>

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YouPorn’s April Fool’s Joke is Actually a Tool the World Desperately Needs

When it comes down to the sexytimes, whether you have a partner or not, the last thing you need is someone disturbing you. Doesn't matter how. Whether it's your friend texting you memes, someone walking in on you in a compromising position, or any number of things like that. YouMode may be a tool for the budding masturbater, but it could work in all sorts of other situations too. Read More >>