Photoshop for iPad Is Terrible. Here’s What Needs to Happen to Make It Great

A year ago, Adobe revealed a potential game changer for the iPad that could help turn the tablet into a legitimate laptop replacement: the full version of Photoshop was coming to iPadOS. A year later, the mobile version of the long-revered photo editing app is finally here, and it’s a near unusable disappointment. Adobe has promised a steady stream of updates and improvements for the app, but I have my own suggestions for fixing Photoshop on the iPad. Read More >>

You Can Now Download Photoshop For iPad

After almost a year of waiting, you can finally download Photoshop for iPad. Adobe announced in a blog that Version 1.0 of the software launches today – though bear in mind, it’s a good idea to temper expectations. Read More >>

Apple Pulls iOS 13.2 After Users Complain Update Bricks HomePods

While the HomePod delivers the impressive audio quality, it hasn’t quite enjoyed the widespread success of competing smart speakers like the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo. And now, things have just gotten worse now that Apple’s iOS 13.2 patch has reportedly started bricking HomePods. Read More >>

The Complete Guide to Using External Storage on iOS and iPadOS

Apple pushed out a host of new features in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, and one of the most significant is native support for external storage – it means you can plug in thumb drives, external disk drives, and digital cameras and bring up the contents of those devices in the iOS and iPadOS Files app. Here’s how it works. Read More >>

Report: EU Antitrust Officials Are Looking Into Apple Pay, iPhone NFC Chips

Officials across the European Union have already made their thoughts on Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project clear. Now those concerns have extended to Apple Pay, with EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager’s office probing whether the company’s pre-installed mobile payments software is playing dirty with the competition, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

Apple’s Rumoured AR Glasses Could Arrive in Early 2020, Analyst Report Claims

Following hints about a potential Apple AR headset found in iOS 13 earlier this autumn, a new report from a well respected Apple analyst suggests that Apple’s AR glasses could arrive as early as the first half of 2020. Read More >>

Major iOS Exploit Could Pave the Way to a New Age of Jailbreaking

Thanks to a new bootrom exploit that affects multiple generations of iOS devices, the iPhone and iPad jailbreaking community may have just gotten a new lease on life. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Looking to Reboot the iPhone 4’s Boxy Design for 2020

With the iPhone 11 likely marking the end of Apple’s current three-year design cycle, we’re due for new-look-iPhones in 2020. And if well-respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is correct, the next iPhone could feature a boxier design with flat stainless steel sides reminiscent of the iPhone 4. Read More >>

Adobe’s Fantastic iPad App for Drawing and Painting is Finally Available

Today Adobe has officially released Fresco for the iPad bringing an impressive set of drawing and interactive painting tools to Apple’s tablet, which will further help legitimise its use as a serious creative tool. The app was announced nearly a year ago in October of 2018, and we spent quite a bit of time with it ourselves last month. Read More >>

Stop What You’re Doing and Upgrade to iOS 13.1 Right Now

Apple just dropped iOS 13.1, and while these iterative versions tend not to be as fun as the big numbered ones, you should update your phone right now. Read More >>

augmented reality
Ikea Expands Augmented Reality App, Lets You Fill an Entire Room With Virtual Swedish Furniture

Augmented reality might one day be a crucial piece of technology, but for now, the best use we’ve found for putting virtual objects in real scenes is previewing how new furniture might look in your living room. Of course, Ikea is just fine with that, and the company just updated its Place app so users can try multiple pieces of Swedish decor in a room, instead of just one at a time. Read More >>

The Best Apps for Spending Less Time on Your Phone

Are you, maybe, perhaps, spending too much time staring at your phone? Those minutes spent scrolling through social media feeds and beating your latest high scores can really add up, and before you know it, you’re losing hours a week you could be spending more productively. These apps will help you strike a balance. Read More >>

19 Things You Can Do in iOS 13 That You Couldn’t Before

Happy iOS 13 day! If you’ve got an iPhone 6s or something newer, get ready for your iOS 13 update, which will roll out today. We’ve seen beta releases and on-stage demos, but here’s the definitive list of all the new features and settings you can now play around with on your phone. Read More >>

How to Install the iOS 13.1 Beta

Apple unveiled a bunch of iPhones yesterday and while it kept quiet about the upcoming iOS 13 update, it's coming on September 20. If you're all about being ahead of the curve, you can download the beta of the upcoming 13.1 version right now. Here's how to do it. Read More >>

Roland’s New iOS App Turns a Bunch of iPhones Into a Multi-Camera TV Studio

One thing that sets your home movies apart from what you see on TV and in the movies is that professionals film a scene from multiple angles to add drama and complexity to the final edit. It’s an extra step that can add a lot of impact, and with Roland’s new 4XCamera Maker app you can take advantage of all your friends’ iPhones instead of renting or buying multiple cameras for a shoot. Read More >>