Skype Finally Hides Your IP Address

Way back in 2012, it came to light that a flaw in Skype made it easy for hackers to acquire your IP address. Now, finally, Microsoft has updated the software so those details are hidden by default. Read More >>

Government Wants Every Internet User’s IP Address Stored for Posterity

The latest attempt at pushing through UK internet security measures has been revealed by the government, which would like to see ISPs storing IP address data that could identify individual computers and mobile devices online. Just in case you go rogue with the death threats in the Daily Mail comments. Read More >>

UK Government Hoarding a £1bn Stash of IPv4 IP Addresses

A tech expert claims the UK's Department for Work and Pensions is sitting on a massive stash of unallocated IPv4 internet addresses, which could be valued at around £1billion. We could sell them to Germany to help reduce the deficit. Read More >>