We’ll Still Get a New 12-Inch iPad Pro in March, Say Rumour-Mongers

Despite the manufacturing problems it's dealing with as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Apple's traditional iPad Pro launch in March is apparently going ahead as planned. Read More >>

An iOS Game Where You Play Four Retro Games at the Same Time Might Break Your Brain

There may never be a more accurate way to sum up the experience of using a smartphone than Kieran Haden’s new iOS game: Quadracade. Players face a random collection of retro-inspired mini-games that on their own are each easy to beat, but here you’re challenged to play four of them at the same time. Read More >>

The iPad’s Identity Crisis

My computer needs are different from pretty much all of my coworkers at Gizmodo. I’m not a gamer, I’m not looking to build my own PC. I don’t even need to use it to word process all that much – I’m a social editor, only occasionally moonlighting as a blogger. So when the 2012 MacBook Pro I had died on me two years ago, just as I got my first full-time job as social editor, I wasn’t going to shell out more than £1,200 for a Netflix-and-iMessage machine. I considered Chromebooks, and there are a lot of Windows machines in the $500-600 range that could pack a punch for the functionality I needed. But being so fully enmeshed in the Apple ecosystem, switching over felt like paying a moderate price to be inconvenienced. After nearly two months using the £350 10.2 inch iPad, I’ve realised I’m essentially damning myself to the same fate all over again. Read More >>

Apple Plays Catch Up With Super-Lucrative Bug Bounties

Apple is opening its bug bounty program to all security researchers as well as expanding the systems they can be reported for. And, wow, Apple is willing to slide them a pretty significant amount of dosh for it, too. Read More >>

Apple Kills App That Made iPhones Look Like iPods Because No Fun Allowed

All good things must come to an end. Still, the end came swiftly for Rewound, a basic music player app that lets users download skins to make their iPhones look like ye olde iPods of yore – click wheel and all. Now it appears that Apple has summarily killed the app, saying it copied the iPod’s design and could be mistaken for an Apple product. Read More >>

You Can Still Save Up to 26% off iPads in Amazon’s Last Minute Christmas Sale

During the Black Friday season Amazon knocked a considerable amount of money off various iPads - including last year's 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the most recent 10.2-inch iPad. sales never really end, though, and that means you can now get similar deals on various different iPads in Amazon's Last Minute Christmas Sale. Read More >>

iPadOS vs a MacBook Pro in All the Tasks That Really Matter

For years now, Apple has been pushing the iPad as a laptop replacement; with the arrival of iPadOS, it might just have a serious shot at getting you to ditch your computer for good (or at least leaving it behind on trips). To test the current state of play, we put an iPad Pro up against a MacBook Pro in five key computing workflows. Read More >>

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iPads are Normally Too Expensive, So Take Advantage of the Deals While You Can

Apple products are notoriously expensive, overpriced even, and anyone who knows anything knows you're paying for the brand name not the devices themselves. That's not to say Apple devices are bad, just not normally worth the money. Especially iPads, because tablets aren't nearly as useful as their prices suggests. So when there's a chance to get money off, you should pay attention. Read More >>

Photoshop for iPad Is Terrible. Here’s What Needs to Happen to Make It Great

A year ago, Adobe revealed a potential game changer for the iPad that could help turn the tablet into a legitimate laptop replacement: the full version of Photoshop was coming to iPadOS. A year later, the mobile version of the long-revered photo editing app is finally here, and it’s a near unusable disappointment. Adobe has promised a steady stream of updates and improvements for the app, but I have my own suggestions for fixing Photoshop on the iPad. Read More >>

Apple’s New iPad Pro Will Be A Gateway For AR And VR Tech

Apple's newest iPad Pro, rumoured for release as early as 2020, is set to feature a new 3-D sensor system that could enable compatibility with Apple-developed AR and VR headsets. Read More >>

You Can Now Download Photoshop For iPad

After almost a year of waiting, you can finally download Photoshop for iPad. Adobe announced in a blog that Version 1.0 of the software launches today – though bear in mind, it’s a good idea to temper expectations. Read More >>

The Complete Guide to Using External Storage on iOS and iPadOS

Apple pushed out a host of new features in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, and one of the most significant is native support for external storage – it means you can plug in thumb drives, external disk drives, and digital cameras and bring up the contents of those devices in the iOS and iPadOS Files app. Here’s how it works. Read More >>

All the Best iPadOS Features That You Don’t Get in iOS

The big iPad-exclusive features (like the Dock) first started appearing in iOS 11, and now Apple’s tablets have a whole separate mobile operating system to call their own. To mark the debut of iPadOS, which starts on version 13 for continuity’s sake, here are the best features you can use on an iPad but not an iPhone. Read More >>

The New Cheap iPad is Better Than Ever

If you want to buy a brand new iPad for not much money, the choice is obvious: get the new 10.2-inch, seventh-generation iPad. It’s a great value! Unfortunately, however, Apple is not in the bargain business. Although this iPad is now closer in size to the 11-inch iPad Pro, the significant gulf in the quality of its components is still reflected in the £400+ difference in price. The new cheap iPad is still, by all accounts, cheap and, by many measures, better than the last cheap iPad. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Read More >>

Major iOS Exploit Could Pave the Way to a New Age of Jailbreaking

Thanks to a new bootrom exploit that affects multiple generations of iOS devices, the iPhone and iPad jailbreaking community may have just gotten a new lease on life. Read More >>