Even the iPads Have Been Discounted for Prime Day

Apple is usually pretty well known for not discounting anything, ever. Not unless it's selling really badly and they seemingly need to offload the stock before moving onto something else. But recently they've been knocking a few pounds off the RRP when the big sales come up, and it turns out Prime Day is no exception. In addition to fairly generous (by Apple standards, at least) discounts on iPhones, you can also save some money on a bunch of different iPads. Read More >>

Those New iPad Pros Don’t Have Headphone Jacks, So You’ll Need to Buy Yet Another Adaptor

So it's been a while since Apple first removed the headphone jack from the iPhone, forcing people to use some sort of Lightning cable if they wanted to use wired headphones. The same is true for the iPad Pros that were announced this afternoon, but because they have USB-C ports you're going to need a whole new adaptor. Read More >>

What’s Going to Happen at Apple’s iPad and MacBook Event Next Week?

A month after Apple revealed a new smartwatch and a new iPhone lineup that finally does away with the home button once and for all, the company will hold a follow-up event next week that’s tag-lined, “There’s more in the making.” A new, home button-less iPad Pro seems likely, but what else does Apple have planned to round out 2018? Read More >>

Screen Time Helps Your Kid Become a Future Genius IT Warrior, Says ex-GCHQ Boss

Robert Hannigan, the former boss of security/spying hotbed GCHQ, has waded into the debate about excess screen time for children. In short, he thinks it's great as there's a small chance that some rectangle-eyed 12-year-old YouTube addict could turn out to be the cyber-defender this country may need in the future. Read More >>

iOS 11 Has a Secret Feature That Lets You Stomp Around Cities Like Godzilla

With the introduction of iOS 11 and a development tool called ARKit, Apple is betting that augmented reality could be the next revolutionary feature for smartphones. At the very least, it’s facilitated a secret feature that lets iPhone users pretend they’re giant monsters stomping through a tiny city. Read More >>

iPads Subdue Kids as Well as Hard Drugs

We all know that iPads and screens of various sorts are really quite good at shutting up annoying children, but a group of anaesthesiologists have been working on research that says iPads are so good at sedating kids they could be used as a valid stress-reducing tool before they undergo surgery. Read More >>

Apple is Getting Sued Over AppleCare+

Oops. Looks like Apple is facing another class action lawsuit. Read More >>

Prisoners Could be Given iPads to Aid Literacy, Numeracy and… Skype Chats

One of the government's justice advisers has gone there and said something that'll infuriate some sectors of society, suggesting that prison inmates ought to be handed iPads in order to help their rehabilitation through learning, while also letting them stay in touch with relatives on the outside and earning privileges through organising fruit. Read More >>

The iPad Pro’s Display is Great – But Not the Greatest

When people think of tablets, they think of iPads. To some people, the word “tablet” basically means “iPad.” So it’s a big deal when Apple creates a new one. With the new iPad Pro, Apple’s finally created a tablet that’s supposed to be professional grade, but does that self-imposed accolade stand up under extensive testing? Read More >>

Tablets Won’t Fry Your Baby’s Brain if You Follow These Rules

The “NO SCREENS UNTIL 2” guideline issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics raised eyebrows internationally in 2011. Now, the AAP says its position has “evolved,” and released a more nuanced set of guidelines when it comes to babies and screen-based media. Read More >>

Siri Has a Lot to Say About Apple’s Big Announcement

Apple’s next event is September 9 and there’s lots of speculation about what they’re going to announce. Instead of hanging your head about wondering, why not just ask Siri? Well, she’s not telling, and she is being quite coy about the whole thing. Read More >>

Catholic Collector Blows £20,000 on the Pope’s Old iPad

The quite possibly holy old iPad of Pope Francis has been sold at auction, complete with a certificate of authenticity to prove that the search history really was his. The tablet raised $30,000 at auction. Read More >>

Photoshop Challenge: Is There Anything Worse Than an iPad Selfie Stick?

Earlier today, we heard of a device that might be the very pinnacle of human garbage: the iPad Selfie Stick. But as we all know, things can always get worse. And that, dear readers, is where you come in. Read More >>

CNN Discovers Promotional Surface Pros Make Fantastic iPad Stands

Last night over on US news channel CNN, they weren't just covering the presidential mid-term elections. It was also a showcase for the Surface Pro 3, conspicuously placing a kickstand-bound unit in front of its commentators. The catch? They were actually just being used as iPad stands. Read More >>

UK iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Pre-Orders are Now Open

The skinny new iPad Air 2, and the mostly unmodified iPad Mini 3 are now up for pre-order from Apple. Just please don't pre-order that iPad Mini 3 because it is a Bad Deal. Read More >>